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  1. Korben Alan Helton
    September 7, 2018

    Corksport’s 7th Gear is the Playboy Mansion of benefits Corksport offers to its members; and I am Hugh Hefner. Not only do members receive free shipping on orders (Do y’all know how heavy and bulky some of these car parts are!? $aved). When you choose to take the step forward and become a member of Corksport’s 7th Gear; you gain access to an exclusive Facebook group where they tell us FIRST about new products they are working on including information on prototype assemblies, special links to pre order new products before the general public, and very intimate communication with all the Corksport employees. You also get a special thank you box filled with Corksport branded goodies you can use daily! If you renew your 7th Gear membership after the first year, you get even more impressive thank you gifts like this years Torque Wrench. Let me tell you this thing is a beast!! Not only can you use it to tighten or remove lug nuts, this thing is Legal to Carry in states like California and New York, it passes all emission standards and could knock someone out cold… you know from the reflective sheen and amazing build quality. All in all, as a continued and loyal customer, this program has saved me hard earned money. I do not feel like the membership fee is over the top in any way. It is worth every penny. I highly suggest anyone looking to order themselves products from this company, you go ahead and include Corksports 7th Gear in that purchase. Most likely it will be the cost of shipping that very first time if you’ve been saving up for an intake to exhaust system. Corksport products are above par: To Infinity, and Beyond as Buzz Lightyear would say. Did I mention I feel like Hugh Hefner and Corksports rolled out a red carpet at my feet? Now it’s said. Say no to drugs, and Yes to Corksport 7th Gear.

    Sincerely and Lovingly,
    Korben Alan Helton
    Vehicle: 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 otherwise known as “Project Phoenix”


  2. John M Rubenstein
    September 7, 2018

    I’ve been a member of 7th Gear for over a year now and I’m beyond satisfied! I cannot recommend it enough!

    If you’re planning on buying any significant parts in the next year, the savings on shipping alone pays for membership. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as MOST of the benefits would individually make membership worth it.

    Upon membership in 7th Gear, CorkSport (already a friendly, helpful and generous company) showers you with exclusive gifts, attention and quite frankly even camaraderie. I’ve learned more about Mazdas (and cars in general) after one year in the 7th Gear Facebook Group (and networking therein) than I’ve learned from years of scouring Mazda specific forums (owners & administrators thereof you’ll find in 7th Gear) or even in decades of discussions with workers at tuner shops & dealerships alike (again, not-uncommon employment among members); the result of a Group who’s membership is exclusively Corksport employees, the CS race team and customers dedicated enough to their rides to pay for this access. The collective knowledge-base and timely, constructive assistance from CS staff AND fellow members of the Group is phenomenal & beyond any comparison I can bring to mind. On top of this, CS is often feeding the group tantalizing exclusive behind the scenes info & videos about projects in the works or being considered and even seeks advice from the membership on things like the direction development should take. One of the nicer perks is occasional access to products before their release has even been announced to the public! Bottom line, 7th Gear membership like becoming royalty among CS’ already spoiled customers and we are treated as such by the staff.

    If you have a Mazda you’d like to perform better, this is the most valuable $99/year you can spend on it (you likely spend more than 15 times that just keeping the tank filled). If your Mazda has a name, you belong in 7th Gear. If your Mazda is counted among your children, it deserves 7th Gear. If you want to build a sub-15 second quarter-mile Mazda, you practically HAVE to join 7th Gear. If you want to find a place that loves working with, driving and racing Mazdas while spreading that love as much as you do, congratulations! Welcome to 7th Gear. Drop the $99 and get in here!


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