Your Suspension Questions, Answered

We get quite a few comments (okay, a ton) on our reviews and FAQs page asking questions like: will these wheels fit, will my car scrape, what do I do after I instal, etc. With so many questions coming in recently, I wanted to address this topic.

Will my car scrape speed bumps?

With any of our CorkSport springs sets, you shouldn’t have any problems with normal traffic control devices if taken at the posted speeds with stock Mazda body work. If you try to be Ken Block in your Mazdaspeed 3 and launch the car at 75mph you will scrape on the launch and landing.


Will my wheels rub?

With the OEM wheels, you won’t have any rubbing problems with our springs. We engineer our springs to be comfortable and most have an increased spring rate of 5-15% over OEM. With the car sitting lower, it’s possible to hit bumps with a heavy load but you shouldn’t rub unless you have a suspension alignment problem. On the second gen Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3s, the rear acceptable suspension range is already wide and if you plus size the diameter and wheel width you can run into some clearance problems. We found after an installation of the springs, the rear camber was -2.2 degrees on one side with no rubbing and -1.0 degrees on the other side with rubbing. To fix this, a set of adjustable rear camber arms is required to set the suspension even between both sides to give the wheel clearance and keep the alignment within specs.

Will these wheels fit my car?

Let’s make this easy. Go to and punch in the numbers. Google is your friend. Use a tape measure to see how much clearance you have on the inside against the suspension and the outside against the body work.

Will I need aftermarket wheels to run your springs?

You will not. We test our springs on the OEM wheels for all Mazda models we offer springs for.


Will I need to align my car after installing the springs?

Yes, you will. The toe settings on the suspension will be affected which will cause excessive tire wear if not corrected after installing any lowering springs.


Will I need to roll my fenders/guards/wheel wells?

If you want to run a different offset wheel, and the clearance is going to be tight, it’s a good idea to roll them. You won’t have to roll your fenders with the OEM wheels.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Feel free to post a question in the comments or in the FAQs page of our website.

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6 Replies to “Your Suspension Questions, Answered”

  1. I was having (am) having a similiar issue on my cx5 after installing coovers. With springs I didnt scrape but I did bave uneven camber. I just got a camber arm to address the issue.

  2. What about adjustable end-links? Are these required when the ride height is adjusted just a little (1-1.5″) or only for extreme drops?

  3. I have BC BR lowering kit and I get noise mostly from the right passenger side and only on low speed 15-20 mp/h. Can anyone point me what to look for ? I found no obvious problems when I did visual check.

  4. I Have Ksport Coilovers – Rally Spec AR Damper System , after installing it, i had to go to a local race shop, where they charged me 120$ for a full alignment,/adjustments since this kit is adjustable they ve put it at a medium hight and stiffness, i also had adjustable control arms, and rear camber kit with , toe kit and F &R anti roll bars, so the whole thing had to be professionally adjusted, my wheels were 225/45/18x 8 , had no problems rubbing anything, however i still pulled the fenders to be on the safe side.
    Its a good idea to have all the suspension components then its easy to have one pro alignment done, and no more headaches 🙂

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