What’s a Meebo?

Several months ago we put up an instant chat screen on our web page for people to contact us. If you have not seen it, take a look at the picture below from our main page. The chat is available in all locations of our web page at the bottom left of the screen.


If you look at the box and it shows “CorkSport is online” give it a try. There are 3 fields which you can use in Meebo. The top box is the chat history. It shows the conversation between you and CorkSport. The second box is where you enter you text which we receive on our end and is displayed on the chat history box. The last box is where you can enter your name. Meebo automatically assigns a random name but you can change it to something more personal if you like.


We have Meebo running during our normal business hours. Please note if you do enter a chat and we are not online we will not receive your message.

The nicest feature of Meebo is the ability for customers to have a conversation with us which can start and stop without a phone call. If you are in a location where a telephone call is not possible but you can access our web page you can ask us questions about our products.


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