What It Means to be a Car Girl

Lindsay Cardwell's Mazdaspeed.

Most of my car parts were purchased from local and distant NATOR and installed with local or distant NATOR. None of the work on my car, outside of an oil change or two, has been done by a car dealer of any kind.

Our car girls know how to get shit done.

What does being a car girl mean to me?


It means you’re willing to get your hands dirty, walk away in clothes covered in dirt, coolant, and maybe even some oil, shed some blood, tear some skin, get gasoline in a few cuts, get frustrated, cuss a bit, and want to give up. It means you’re going to get frustrated, throw a few things, make some stupid mistakes, ask some stupid questions, and you’re going to get laughed at. But even after all of this, at the end of the day, you’re still there trying to help others, trying to learn, and not trying to please anyone but yourself. You’re not trying to get attention from everyone or impress everyone, but you’re there because you’re working towards a goal — whether it’s for speed, the look of your car, or just to make some friends that share the same interests. It also means you’re thankful for the help that was given to you and willing to give the same help in return.

There's no stronger bond than a Mazda family bond.

Three years ago, I wasn’t the same person I am today and I can thank these guys and gals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for over three years for that. They’ve helped show me what it means to be a true car girl and they have accepted and loved me even through my stupid mistakes and questions. Now I have a friend group that is more like a family.



Lindsay Cardwell

Occupation: Administrative Assistant/IT Help Desk, Car: 2012 Mazdaspeed3

Car Modifications: COBB AccessPORT, COBB Intake System, HTP, CP-e TMIC, Autotech Internals, Forge V2 BOV, Speed Daddy Down Pipe, Corksport Axle Back Exhaust, Saikou Michi OCC, Edge EGR Blockoff Plate, Corksport Lowering Springs, JBR 88 Duro RMM, JBR 80 Duro TMM, JBR 70 Duro PMM, Whiteline RSB, DamondMotorSports Short Shifter Plate, JBR Shifter Weight, Maisonvi Turbo Bolt, NGK Plugs, Rally Armor Mud Flaps, Corksport Rear Bumper LED’s.

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