What A Difference

One thing I have noticed over the years how much the little things can make a big difference in the appearance of a car. Take our Mazda 2 for example, as we got it ready for the Portland Auto Show.

CorkSport Mazda 2

Before the AutoShow

Our Mazda 2 has H&R lowering springs, a CorkSport license plate relocation kit, H&R wheel spacers, J-Spec tail lights, and a CorkSport LED light kit installed for the visual/exterior mods but it still looked like a Mazda 2 you would find on the street. To spice up the car we added the CorkSport graphics, 5 Zigen wheels with Kumho tires, and replaced the hood which had some minor damage from a re-tread incident. Those items really transformed the look of the 2 into something that really gets attention while driving. I can see people giving the car double takes while I am driving past which makes driving the 2 even more fun.

CorkSport Mazda 2

Auto Show Prepped

To get a whole list of what we have done with the Mazda 2 be sure to check out our Mazda 2 Project Page for a step by step modification list of what we have done.


4 Replies to “What A Difference”

  1. Can you guys please update the M2 Project page whenever you get a chance? I just bought a 2 and I’m trying to decide what to upgrade first – springs, air filter or add a torsion bar?


  2. This car needs LEDS in the grill to give it a mean look.Is it lowered with springs?Do you guys sell a HID kit for the 2?Canards would look nice.Just a thought.I just got a pearl white 2012 and love it.

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