Featured Car of the Month October 2011 – Will Buck

Former Army Sergeant and 25 year old Iraq War Veteran, Will Buck caught our attention a little while ago when he sent along an impressive graph from a dyno of his 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 that logged 314hp and 349 torque with a stock turbo.

This Speed 3 is his first Mazda, but this Buffalo NY native has been modding cars since he started driving. Even his first Honda Civic ended up with a Zex Nitrous Kit on it.

After blowing up a couple motors on his supercharged Scion TC, Will finally decided it was time for something with a little better performance and reliability and his research led him right to the Mazdaspeed 3.

Since purchasing his car some of the modifications he has added include a CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake, CorkSport TMIC, CorkSport Downpipe, and CorkSport Racepipe along with 50/50 E85 and 93 Octane, Autotech HPFP Internals, Forge V2 BPV and JBR EGR Blockoff. He also has a self-tuned Cobb Accessport @23 PSI.

He recently won the highest horsepower stock turbo MS3 in Georgia award, but is ready to upgrade the turbo to a GTX3071 as his next project.

“I live just outside of Fort Benning, GA now and there is not much of a tuning following out here so I drive the two hours to Atlanta monthly to stay involved with fellow NATOR Georgia members,” said Will. “I spend my free time split between working on the car, home improvement, the Army Reserves and I spend a fair amount of time being active on mazdaspeedforums.org

He is also passing along his love for speed to his two year old daughter who loves riding in the Mazdaspeed and is often egging her dad on by saying “go, go, go, go,go!” If Will’s dyno chart has anything to say about it, his speed 3 doesn’t disappoint when she asks him to floor it!

Gwynne –

Featured Car of the Month – Michigan Speed3

On Friday nights, you are guaranteed to find Robbie Stiff’s 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 on Woodward Ave in Royal Oak, Michigan meeting up with all kinds of other tuner cars, from Evo’s, STI’s, SRT4’s and Cobalt SS’s. This work hard, play hard, Farmington Hills, Michigan family man has always had a need for speed, but it was the three years that he spent working in Marketing for Mazda that lead him to his love for the Mazdaspeed3.

There was no question in his mind what he would be purchasing when de decided to trade-in his SVT focus. The speed3 was a natural choice for this 27 year old that grew up racing on the Waterford Hills Racing Course with his father, a life member of the Oakland County Sportsmans Club.

Though he says he is not even close to being done with the mod’s on his speed3, Robbie has already invested in a CorkSport Turbo Inlet Air Intake, CorkSport Racepipe, and CorkSport Cat-Back Exhaust.

“The sound of the 2.3 with the full exhaust is amazing!” said Robbie, “I love to hear that little K04 turbo spool up and smash whomever I am racing”

To prevent compressor surge and get a nice distinct hissing sound, Robbie has added an HKS-SSQV BOV set to BPV and installed some CorkSport Motor Mount Inserts to reduce wheel hop and torque movement under high performance conditions.

In addition to his plans to drop the car, he has also already invested in styling that includes CorkSport Mud Flaps and CorkSport Vinyl, a 3M wrap for his hoodscoop, and window tinting courtesy of DJ’s window tinting and graphics in Eastpoint MI.

What’s next for This Michigan Speed3? His future plans for the car include a Cobb Access Port, Corksport TMIC, Corksport Lowering Springs, a fuel pump, and injector’s (just to name a few).

When asked what Robbie loves about his Mazdaspeed, he said “I view my 2010 Speed3 as an extension of myself. It’s fast, a go getter, and never lets you down. With a little help from Corksport my MazdaSpeed3 is becoming a monster and this car has not even scratched the surface of mod’s. Breaking 400whp is the goal.”

Well put Robbie!

Full List of Modifications
CorkSport Turbo Inlet Air Intake
CorkSport Racepipe
CorkSport Cat-Back Exhaust
CorkSport Motor Mount Inserts
CorkSport Mudflaps
Window Tint
CorkSport Vinyl
3M Hood Wrap

Pictures by: Chris Blunden