Mazda Ruined the Mazdaspeed 3

Whoa! How could we say that?? The Mazdaspeed 3 is one of the most cherished Mazdas ever created and CorkSport is one of the biggest aftermarket manufacturers of performance parts for all Mazdaspeed models so why would they possibly make that statement? I’ll tell you. The Mazdaspeed 3 uses some of the worst motor mounts Mazda has ever made attached to one of the best engines they have ever made. Just about all stock motor mounts on production cars are compromises. They need to hold the engine securely but also keep noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) from being transmitted into the passenger cabin. To achieve this goal, many manufacturers turn to rubber. In doing that, the compromise is that while the cabin is a more relaxing place for the passengers, the engine is also in a relaxing place and allowed to move much more freely. In a front wheel drive car with a performance engine, flexible motor mounts can cause a host of problems including: wheel hop, hesitation, poor handling and poor turn in.

That is a fairly common issue among auto manufacturers and would have been excusable if the Mazdaspeed 3 didn’t also have another fatal flaw: the motor mounts simply do not last. We have seen failures on stock motor mounts on cars with fewer than 30,000 miles! The rubber is soft and even simple bolt-ons can destroy them. You can see the stock mounts and see the issues that can arise with them.

Mazda Rear Motor Mount

Mazda Passenger Side Motor Mount

With many of our customers making much more power than stock, we needed to come up with a new way to mount some of these powerful engines. We started with our rear mount. We used a factory style mount with a much improved urethane and a much larger thrust surface that allowed us to support the engine much better while transmitting very little extra NVH to the cabin.
CorkSport Rear Motor Mount for Mazdaspeed 3

Now we’ve designed our Passenger Side Motor Mount with those same ideals in mind. Designed to withstand serious abuse, the CorkSport Passenger Side Motor Mount is crafted from billet aluminum and performance urethane and uses top grade hardware to make sure you are covered at any power level all while allowing you to have a conversation and use your rear view mirror!

CorkSport Passenger Side Motor Mount

For those of you who want a big improvement with just a small investment we also crafted performance urethane inserts for many of the stock mounts, including the new transmission mount insert we are offering soon.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Transmission Mount Insert

So… Maybe Mazda didn’t ruin the Mazdaspeed 3, maybe they just made one too many compromises for many of us. Wheel hop and poor handling can be a serious problem with a powerful front wheel drive car like the Mazdaspeed 3, luckily, CorkSport is here to help. Keep checking this blog for important new product releases and tips for getting the most out of your Mazda.




12 Replies to “Mazda Ruined the Mazdaspeed 3”

  1. This is why I like you guys even if there are less and less parts for my car. Also your writer is very very good! I was hooked from the moment I saw the title.

  2. ive driven many of the mazda speed cars like the 3 and MANY protege’s and i have to say the mazda 3 is the best TO DATE however that being said, while working as a technician i have had many friends and customers come in and actually have the beginning signs of tearing on these mounts because of the material being so soft. that being said most of these people track their cars on a regular basis OR just beat the supreme crap out of them (myself included) so im VERY glad i now have a better alternative for those people! thanks guys!!!

  3. Your products and writing are highly respectable, extremely beneficial to my first place finishes in Autocross and just plain awesome. May I suggest another color scheme other than white text on black background, it is very difficult to read.

  4. No mention of the super restrictive stock airbox? Mazda made several bad decisions to turn this beast into something normals would want to drive.

  5. I owned a 2008 ms3. Ripped the rubber in the rear mount before the first oil change, had to upgrade. Bolt ons and tuning later, upgraded the upper mounts, and hit the ditch at an insane speed causing 17k in damage and totalled the car. The only reason the motor didn’t fall right out was aftermarket mounts. Glad to see more options coming to the market

  6. Buy a Subaru, problem solved. Great hatchback with lot’s of practicality and can be driven in any weather condition.

  7. And cheap interior. Last I checked a MS3 with proper tires can be driven in any conditions as well. I have seen tons of Subarus with all seasons go sliding off the Roads or intersections as AWD does nothing to help you stop but the driver thinks it makes them immortal. If Subaru ever wants to emerge as anything more than a niche car they need to install an interior to justify their MSRPS. You get nicer features out of a Kia Forte or Ford Focus at sticker prices 50 percent of Subarus

  8. I am a technician and have driven both Subaru and Mazda. Found this true for the Mazda but that still doesn’t stop me from owning one. Why you ask? Because Subaru’s are one of the biggest pain in the butt cars to work on right up there next to a VW. Not only that but parts are more expensive fore them as well.

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