Goodbye CorkSport Customers! Thank You!

Dear CorkSport Customers,

Thank you.

Thank you for over two years of being awesome customers and making my job incredible! If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll be leaving CorkSport on May 19th to pursue my next dream, which is exciting, and sad. After more than two years of being at CorkSport I have learned so much and worked with thousands of incredible customers!

With that said, I wanted to leave you all with a giant thanks, and some things I have learned:

1: Mazda has the most Zoom-Zoom

During my time here, I got to work on, drive, and chat about everything from Mazda 323 GTXs to 2018 Mazdaspeed 3s! Throughout the years of different cars, models, and generations, what I’ve learned is that Mazda really does know how to make some of the MOST FUN cars available. Not only do they make some of the best cars to drive, but they do it at a reasonable price and with incredible reliability (typically….. I’m looking at you timing chain…..). Whether you want cheap cornering (Miata MX-5), high-power (Mazdaspeed 3/6), rally car fun (323 GTX), continual 9000rpm buzzing (RX7/RX8), or need a family hauler that handles better than most sedans (Mazda 5/CX-5), Mazda had/has an option for you. Plus, with their latest generations you can get some of the most refined, practical, fuel efficient, and best handling cars around!

2: CorkSport has the best coworkers

A lot of people I talk to seem to just gripe and whine about their coworkers. Not me, I feel lucky to have hung out every day with awesome coworkers who love cars, love Mazda, and are genuinely cool people. “Business” trips with coworkers meant that not only was I flying to hang out with dozens of awesome customers, watch Mazda drag races, track days, and car shows, but also that I got to share some great beers with my coworkers in the airport and laugh during car rides. On top of these perks, I know that my coworkers would (and have) spot me cash for lunch on a regular basis, watch each other’s dogs when we were on vacation, borrow each other’s cars just for the heck of it, and throw regular Christmas, summer, Soup Cook-Off, and just regular hang out parties.

3: CorkSport has the best perks

I got to drive a Mazdaspeed, I got to work on engines, I got to talk to other car nuts, and I got paid to do it! On top of that I had great job benefits (retirement + medical and stuff) and a CEO and environment that cared about pushing me toward personal growth. CorkSport has an awesome work environment. Every month we have personal development meetings as a whole company where we would discuss things like Success Magazine articles, share self-help books (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), or participate in team-building exercises. We even had personal life coaches for awhile! As if that wasn’t enough, we often had “OPTO FUN” breaks. These could be anything from surprise ice cream breaks for everyone, to foosball tournaments, RC Car Racing, or games of Charades in the middle of the day….. that we got paid for! Talk about FUN!

4: CorkSport has the Best Customers

Everyday at CorkSport I was privileged to deal with dozens of car enthusiasts. From picking up the phone and talking to someone about their brand new Mazdaspeed 3, to writing 50 emails back and forth to the same customer about their entire process, to turning wrenches with customers at install days, I got to help, hang out with, and chat with the car guys that shared the same thing as me…. a love of their Mazda. Over the course of two years I answered over 20,000 emails from you guys, spent over a month straight on the phone (close to 950 cumulative hours), and broken several knuckles while wrenching with you. I consider that all great, but even better, I was able to attend several Mazda Meets and meet hundreds of you face to face, go-kart with you, drag race with you, drink with you, eat with you, and mostly, share our love of cars with you.

So thanks! Thanks for being the best damned customers in the whole world!

See you around, and stay Zoom-Zoomy.





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  1. Dude, Mazda is the vehicle that brought you to us and us to you. I really enjoyed meeting and hanging with you in Maryland,Virginia and Michigan. Enjoyed watching you help my son with his summer homework on a picnic table at the Midwest Nator meet. To tell the truth Corksport has had and continues to have some great people working under its roof. So Rich and Derrick must be doing something right up in the PNW. But back to you, if you find yourself in NY you always have a place to crash, so g lad to have met you and good luck in your next endeavor I know you will succeed.

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