2017 Mazdaspeed Engine

I noticed something interesting today while checking out the “Spy Shot” Cx9, which has been driving around for road testing here in the U.S. Check out the intercooler parked in the front end of the vehicle.

What will the new Mazdaspeed engine look like and what can we expect from Mazda?
Photo Credit: caradvice.com.au

This can mean one of two things. The first, which is massively unlikely courtesy of VW, is a 2.2 SkyActiv diesel engine. The second, is that we’re looking at a 2.5 turbo engine out in the wild, which means all those rumors of the future Mazdaspeed 3 are looking better and better for next year.

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  1. First the CX-3 comes out with a new AWD system. Then this. It looks like the essential parts of an AWD turbocharged MS3 are in the works!

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