We want YOU to help us design the next CorkSport Branded Ride!

As if it wasn’t obvious, we have a plethora of vehicles to work with around here. True to fashion of course, we at CorkSport have gone and done it again: We went and filled some of the last remaining shop space with ANOTHER CAR.

Not just any car. Say “Hello” to our newest addition: 2018 Mazda 3 Hatchback, touring 2.5L SKYACTIVE-G. Equipped with an automatic transmission and some of the nicer creature comforts.

We love the sparkle of the Eternal Blue Mica and of course her 18” gunmetal dancing shoes. However, as with all things good and standard in the world, we couldn’t help but think that the potential for upgrading is endless.

Do we strip it and go full race car? Perhaps something crazy and AWD swap of sorts? Or maybe we take it way out of left field and go rally-style with it?

With the opportunities being endless, it was starting to make our heads hurt, so we decided to take a step back and start with the basics. We asked ourselves:

“How would our average customer who just picked this car up dream of modifying it?”

And that is exactly what we are doing.

If you guys are anything like us, then you have several hobbies that extend beyond just cars. Some of our team’s personal favorite other hobbies include hiking, camping, traveling, water sports, chilling at the beach, and has recently included obstacle course racing. With all these interests taking up different aspects of our time, we would need a ride that can accommodate our lifestyle. While it would be awesome to have a 6-second drag car, we’d probably have to lose some creature comforts or find a pot of gold to cover the cost, and that’s just not what the average Mazda enthusiast is about.

This project, like we said, is for YOU. And if it’s for you, then we need your help in putting it together.

PIC: NWAPA – Vinnie Nguyen

This car, or as we are designating it: “Project CBR” (CorkSport branded ride), will be built by the people for the people.

We are going to take you with us on the full journey of this car; from the basic mods to the full on weekend task. From the daily driver to the long road hauler. From the car wash to the full service details. We are going to show you everything and anything on this car.

And through the whole process, everything is going to be built with your help.

Over the next several months as we put some miles on our test mule, we will want your guys’ feedback.

  • Do we put springs and shocks on it or full coilovers?
  • What type of wheels should we get?
  • Tint the windows, wrap it, get rid of the chrome?
  • The list goes on!

Every couple of weeks, we will keep you updated on where the car stands and what you think we should do next.

We will create a section on the CorkSport site so you can follow along, ask questions, provide suggestions, and fully immerse yourself into the car. Ever so often, we will also host a poll and you guys will vote on what happens next!

Think reverse sponsored: Instead of CorkSport’s name being the only one on this ride, we will be giving Sponsorship Cred to the Mazda Enthusiasts who give us the ideas for our mods. (first come, first credits).

We’ll put YOUR NAME on the CorkSport Branded Ride.

If you have a Dream Mod, and We pull it off on the CBR, you’ll get the credits… Remember: The CBR is By the People, For the People!

Stay Tuned, we’ll need your feedback soon!


Why CorkSport Loves Our Family Of Customers

Hey all!

Although normally we have a ton of technical information for you, this time around, we wanted to take an opportunity to share with you an awesome customer story we had happen a couple weeks back.

CorkSport is all about growing our family base, and constantly trying to connect with our community. Let’s be honest, we are here because of our family of customers, and we will continue to be here as long as our family is as well.

As most of you know, our company runs on internet-based sales, but we are also present Monday through Friday in the office to field any walk-in customers we may have. Anyone is welcome to come visit us at our HQ, and also to pick up parts we have in store. Most people wouldn’t guess that we have a showroom, but as you walk in you can see an exhaust hanging from the ceiling, and a handful of parts we display on the shelf, so people get an idea of what we do in-person.

We would love to see more people come through our front doors, and we welcome anyone from anywhere to come visit us.

A couple of weeks ago, we were paid a special visit from a customer named Rick and his wife, who came all the way from South Carolina on some business, and wanted to stop by CorkSport while they were in town.

Rick and I had a conversation about adding some Drag Bags to the rear of his MS3 in order to keep it from rubbing. He later called and told me it worked perfectly and thanked me for my recommendation. Rick has a first generation Mazdaspeed 3, and he was wondering what type of modifications he would need in order to make a certain whp. After chatting with him for a bit, and giving him a list of parts he would need to reach his goals, we decided it would be a good idea to snap a couple pictures to make sure we saved the memory!

After Rick and his wife had left, I realized that those are the types of experiences and interactions that our team at CorkSport loves.

It was very refreshing to talk with a customer multiple times, and then be able to put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone. This is what CorkSport is all about. We are here for YOU. We want to see you succeed.

CorkSport takes a lot of pride in making sure our customers come first. It’s also our highest priority that if you as the customer ever feel like you are not being valued like you’re “Number One”, we will do what we need to in order for you to feel that way.

CorkSport wants to make sure the entire community is part of our family. We would love nothing more than to hear our customers feeling like they can come to us for anything, just like Rick did, because well… that’s what family is all about.



The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Modding Your 2017 Mazda 6

If you just bought a 2017 Mazda 6, these are the mods you need to upgrade your ride.
Time to take this 2017 Mazda 6 to the next level.

You’re the proud owner of a new Mazda 6, so we know you’re a discerning customer when it comes to cars. Off to a good start. And while modding a new vehicle might not be something you’ve considered (“It’s brand new, what could it need?“), there are loads of benefits that your ride can achieve with some simple modification. That’s where CorkSport comes in. Or, if you’ve upgraded your ride to something that looks a bit more professional in the parking lot of your new job, but you still want to tear up the road to and from the office, well … that’s where CorkSport comes in, too.

In the past, we’ve shown you how to take a 2014 Mazda 6 and upgrade it to your liking. We’ve even showcased some great customer success stories when it comes to modding the Mazda 6. Our commitment to our CorkSport family — that’s you guys — doesn’t stop there. We wanted to create the ultimate starter kit for folks that may be new to our family. So here’s where to start if you’re a Mazda 6 beginner looking to mod your new 2017 Mazda 6.

Mazda 6 power mods

Power mods like our 2014+ Mazda 6 SkyActiv Power Series Short Ram Intake are a great place to start.
Our 2014+ Mazda 6 SkyActiv Power Series Short Ram Intake is a great, efficient power mod for your Mazda 6.

Let’s start with speed. You’re not taking your Mazda 6 out racing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a little fun from time to time. CorkSport’s power mods for the Mazda 6 add impressive improvements in RPMs, throttle response, and other performance aspects of your new ride. That means you get speed, but you’re also getting efficiency from your vehicle. We’ll get into handling next, but let’s get you set up with some power that requires handling adjustments first.

  1. 2014+ Mazda 6 SkyActiv Power Series Short Ram Intake 2.5 Engine: Reduce your ride’s intake restrictions for some dramatic power improvements throughout the entire RPM range. Bonus: This mod improves your gas mileage, too!
  2. 2014+ Mazda 3/6/Cx5 Short Shift Plate Kit: Reduce shifting throw by 33 percent and get more control over the weight of the knob to hone in on the perfect shifting experience.
  3. 2014+ Mazda 3 And 6 Crankshaft Pulley:  This part reduces the weight of the engine’s rotating assembly to increase throttle response, horsepower, and torque.
  4. Rear Motor Mount for 2014+ Mazda 3 and 6, 2013 Mazda CX-5: This part works with many Mazdas, but for your Mazda 6 it decreases engine movement to boost power transfer from engine to tire. In short, better throttle response, gear-shifting, and driver feedback.
  5. Mazda 6 2014+ Power Series Exhaust: If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, you can give your ride some aggressive sound and power with this part that also adds some nice style.

Mazda 6 handling mods

See how CorkSport handling mods can increase your Mazda 6's drivability.
Drive quality is something that handling mods can boost on a daily basis.

Maybe you needed a more family-friendly ride than your souped-up Mazdaspeed. Maybe you just wanted some of that Mazda kick in your new daily driver. Regardless, CorkSport handling mods are going to make driving your new Mazda 6 a joy. Whether you’re on the morning commute or picking up the kids from soccer practice, we know the urge to accelerate into that turn is strong. Here’s how you can get the handling you crave.

  1. Mazda 6 Adjustable Struts and Shocks: Let’s kick things off with our newest part! With 15 adjustable positions, these shocks and struts reduce rebound up to 70 percent so you can achieve the smooth ride you want. Easy to install and adjust!
  2. 2014+ Mazda 6 Lowering Spring Set: Not only will this part give your car a sleeker look, but by lowering your ride you get faster turn response — great for ride quality and responsive, safe driving.
  3. 2014+ Mazda 3/6/CX5 Big Brake Kit:  Not only does this mod reduce your vehicle weight for better handling, it adds brake power as well. Pretty nice when you can get a mod that improves drivability and boosts safety at the same time. That’s an easy one to talk your wife into!
  4. 2014+ Mazda 6 Rear Sway Bar: Crank that handling up a notch and fine-tune to your heart’s content with our sway bar. Take those corners exactly how you want, no holding back.

Mazda 6 style mods

CorkSport style mods, like our headlight level adjuster, are a great addition to your Mazda 6.
Style and safety come together in our Mazda headlight level adjuster.

If you’re already set on power and handling, or maybe you just want to tweak the look of your vehicle, CorkSport style mods are the next thing on the list — because you want to look at a car you’re happy to drive. From interior improvements to external upgrades, adding a little style and luxury is a nice way to treat yo’self. Here are a few ways to get started.

  1. Mazda Headlight Level Adjuster: A good call (especially if you’ve added our lowering springs) is making sure your headlights are illuminating the road properly. It’s safe, it’s functional, and it gives you the ability to make quick strut and shock adjustments.
  2. Leather Shift Knob for 2014+ Mazda3/6 and Cx5: Let people know you’re part of the CorkSport family and pick up this smooth-as-butter black leather shift knob.
  3. Fog Light Kit: Powerful LEDs that look good while brightening your way, uniting function and style in one mod.

These mods should get you started, but the CorkSport fam knows that there’s always more you can add. Check out the rest of our Mazda 6 parts and, if you plan to mod on the regular, make sure to check out 7th Gear, our new exclusive membership club.

If you’ve got questions as you’re modding your 2017 Mazda 6, give us a call. And follow the CorkSport blog for regular news, modification advice, Mazda tips, Mazda lifestyle talk, and much more!

CorkSport’s Guide to the Mazda 3

CorkSport's Mazda 3 guide.
Ready to mod your Mazda 3? You will be after you read this!

New to modding your Mazda 3? No worries! CorkSport has you covered. Check out this guide to the parts that can turn your Mazda 3 into something special — and something more fun. I’ll be covering the main Mazda 3 performance checkpoints: power, handling, and styling. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions along the way!

Let’s get started …

Power mods

One of the first questions I always hear when Mazda 3 owners call me on the phone is, “What can I do to get some more horses out of this?” As many of us know, the SkyActiv engine that comes in these Mazda 3s wasn’t exactly designed with big power in mind. It was built for fuel economy and efficiency. Even so, Mazda 3s are still very enjoyable to drive, and with some bolt-ons and a tune you can definitely squeeze out some more ponies.

Short ram intake

One of the most restrictive parts of these cars’ induction systems is the factory air box and paper filter. We offer a much more free-flowing solution. It looks a little something like this!

CorkSport's short ram intake.
Our short ram intake is a great power mod.

Utilizing a machined billet aluminum MAF housing and a Dryflow filter, we saw gains up to 6 HP on the 2.5 L models and 2.0 L models on an untuned ECU. On top of achieving these gains, the intake also provides amazing induction sounds — this probably won’t help you lighten your lead foot, though!


If you’re considering any brand for an exhaust, be sure you keep us in mind. We spent a lot of time creating the perfect exhaust for these cars, including the sedan model and the hatch.

CorkSport's exhaust system.
Axle back? Full catback? We have exhaust options at CorkSport.

Constructed of 65 mm piping and made from T304 stainless, this will provide long lasting durability and performance! We can sell you just the axle back if you are going more for sound or you can pick up our full catback if you want to get as much flow out as possible. (Please note: The catback does delete the second unmonitored cat, so it can be illegal based on your local emissions laws.) We saw 5 Whp out of the 2.0 L and 10 Whp out of the 2.5 L with our catback on an untuned ECU!

Handling mods

One of the things that Mazda really hit out of the park with the Mazda 3s is the suspension and handling department. For a FWD econobox, these things carry their momentum through turns really well. We offer some mods that cater specifically to this aspect of the car!


Dropping the car a bit on some adjustable damping shocks and struts with some lowering springs is a great place to start. Lowering the center of gravity while upping the spring rates will help improve your handling responsiveness. Slap a rear sway bar on there as the cherry on top and help the car rotate around corners while reducing the infamous understeer problems that FWD cars are often cursed with!

Our shocks and struts are 15 way adjustable, with 70 percent higher rebound damping. They allow you to run stiffer springs without needing to worry about the life of the strut being deteriorated.

The springs drop the car a tasteful 1.75” in the front and 2.00” in the rear.

CorkSport suspension springs.
Drop that Mazda 3 with our springs.

The rear sway bar comes paired with some very nice billet aluminum brackets with Zerk fittings for servicing. The bar is a solid piece so you’ll never have to worry about breaking it. It’s also two-way adjustable, allowing for stiffer or softer settings depending on how you like to drive and what you’re driving.

CorkSport's rear sway bar.
Our CorkSport rear sway bar is a must.


Not only do these suckers stop, they’re also lighter, removing 7 pounds of unsprung weight. Stainless lines are also included to help improve pedal feel.

CorkSport's Mazda 3 big brake.
Here’s the breakdown on our brakes.

The brakes are 4 pot calipers made from 6061-T6 aluminum, which comes anodized for a long lasting finish. The rotors are 28mm larger than factory.

Styling mods

Although these cars already look great, we offer a few tasteful touches that you can add to your car to really help tie the whole package together.


Every car enthusiast hates a front license plate, but we also hate getting pulled over for not having one. A good compromise is choosing not to drill into your bumper, offsetting it poorly and blocking your car’s sexy curves. Our license plate kit utilizes your factory tow hook so it’s easily removable if need be!

CorkSport's style mods.
A much more stylish way to showcase your plates.

Also, check out our fog light kit to replace those yellow factory ones. They consist of a very crisp 6000K LEDs that will definitely add to the front end and provide that high line look you want.


The average American spends approximately 17,600 minutes in the car every year. That’s a lot of time to spend holding onto your shifter and steering wheel. So, treat yourself to an upgrade! Our leather steering wheel features a much thicker ring, flat bottom, and aggressive thumb grooves, all while maintaining OEM fitment, stereo controls, and an airbag. As most people come to find, it’s your favorite mod — you just don’t know it yet.

CorkSport's Mazda 3 steering wheel.
Look at this beauty of a steering wheel!

Our leather shift knob (for those of you with manuals) is an incredibly nice touch that ties in with the steering wheel perfectly. At 325 grams, it’s heavier than stock to help you smoothly change gears. The leather is also much nicer to the touch.

CorkSport's leather shift knob.
Shift into high gear in style.

Also, If your car didn’t come from the factory with LED lights, then you don’t need to miss out! We sell a full kit for the interior that features all the lights you need for the inside as well as the license plate. You’d be amazed at how much better the inside feels with that extra touch of ambience.

CorkSport's LED light kit.
See the light with our LED light kit.

I hope that this helps you figure out some awesome things to start doing to your 2014+ Mazda 3. We have plenty more that I didn’t even get to talk about, so check us out at www.Corksport.com!

And if you have questions, just give us a call at 360-260-2675.

Brett @ CS

All About the 2017 Mazda3: Updates, Mods, and More

Mazda has updated the Mazda3 for 2017, so we’re taking a look at the changes and what mods you’ll want to add first.

The Mazda3 is, obviously, a favorite around CorkSport HQ. And now that the best handling front wheel drive car on the market has been updated and upgraded for 2017, we wanted to break down what’s new and what you can mod.

The rundown

The 2017 Mazda3 has a few styling updates, like an updated front bumper and grill that’ll look very similar to CX-9 drivers. Speaking of the CX-9, the steering wheel is comparable to the CX-9, as well. Back to the exterior, the new bumper and grill features excellent LED headlights and an LED fog light option. There’s an option for 18-inch wheels, though you can stick with 16-inch wheels, and two new colors are available: Machine Gray Metallic and Eternal Blue Mica, which replaces the previous Blue Reflex Mica.

The interior is updated to include heated steering wheel and upholstery upgrade options. The heads up display is now in color and there’s an electric parking brake, as well.

The Mazda3 engine remains unchanged: 3 i models feature a 155-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder, while 3 s models have a 184-hp 2.5-liter inline-four. A six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission are available. But, the big addition is the G-Vectoring Control, which is a software-based torque-reduction system. Savage Geese has a great rundown of all the Mazda3 updates that has an excellent explanation of what GVC does and what it adds to your ride, starting at the 7:38 mark. Check out MotorTrend, Car and Driver, and Road and Track if you want a few more informative explanations of the 2017 Mazda3’s updates.

All the reviews agree, this is the best Mazda3 yet. Now, let’s take it up a notch.

The mods

While the Mazda3 has some nice new features (and who doesn’t like new features?), what remains undeniable is that this is a damn good car. But good can be the enemy of great, and that’s where CorkSport comes in. With some performance and style mods, a 2017 Mazda3 can go from a satisfying award-winning vehicle to a high-performance, fun-to-drive dream!

2014+ Mazda3 Lowering Spring set

Our Mazda3 Lowering Springs deliver an aggressive appearance and a performance edge without sacrificing ride quality.

Our Mazda3 Lowering Springs deliver an aggressive appearance and a performance edge without sacrificing ride quality. Begin taking that 2017 Mazda3 where you want it by making your ride a little lower.

Mazda Headlight Level Adjuster

CorkSport’s Headlight Level Adjuster makes sure the road stays well lit ahead of you while you roll in your lowered ride.

Your lowered 2017 Mazda3 looks dope, but the self-leveling headlights sometimes have difficulty with this suspension geometry change. CorkSport’s Headlight Level Adjuster makes sure the road stays well lit ahead of you while you roll in your lowered ride.

Mazda 3 Adjustable Struts and Shocks

With 15 different positions to choose from, our Adjustable Struts and Shocks can take your 2017 Mazda3’s handling to godlike levels of precision.

With 15 different positions to choose from, our Adjustable Struts and Shocks can take your 2017 Mazda3’s handling to godlike levels of precision. Sure, the 2017 already has great handling, but what did we say about good and great? Make that great handling truly exceptional with this adjustable upgrade.

2014+ Mazda 3/6/CX5 Big Brake Kit

Shave weight off your ride without sacrificing stopping power thanks to our Big Brake Kit.

Shave weight off your ride without sacrificing stopping power thanks to our Big Brake Kit. Combined with the GVC, this added braking ability will lead to some next level curve handling.

2014+ Mazda 3 Leather Steering Wheel

Our leather steering wheel has a hand-wrapped and stitched racing-inspired grip — and it only takes an hour and a half to install!

Not a fan of that new OEM steering wheel? We got you covered. Our leather steering wheel has a hand-wrapped and stitched racing-inspired grip — and it only takes an hour and a half to install!

And that’s just the beginning. Check out the rest of our Mazda3 parts and modify your new 2017 Mazda3 to your heart’s content.

If you’ve got questions, drop us a line before you get started on your 2017 Mazda3 mods and we’ll help you out. And keep following the CorkSport blog for more modification advice and tips, Mazda lifestyle talk, and help taking your new ride from great to outstanding!