A DIY Mazda Maintenance Infographic for You

Guys, we know you know how to take care of your Mazda.

If you’re mechanical enough to mod your baby out, you’ve probably been changing oil filters since you were yea high *hovers hand about two inches off the ground*

That said, we also know there are a lot of noobs just getting into Mazda maintenance, and that even the best drivers among us don’t always know how much it pays off to take care of your Mazda yourself.

So, to illustrate the point (and a helluva lot of statistics), we created this handy Mazda maintenance infographic. In the small chance you’re not already doing these Mazda fixes yourself, you should be; and in the big chance that you are a DIY Mazda guy, here’s a nice graphic to share with all your new Mazda driver friends.

So, behold, the DIY Mazda maintenance you better be doing if you consider yourself a car guy:

We know you know DIY Mazda maintenance, but a nice, clean Mazda infographic never hurt anyone, right?