Dear Car…GIRL

Dear Car… Girl,

Recently our marketing team sent out a Dear Car Guy email newsletter, instead of just posting it in the blog like they normally do. Simple click, and apparently a larger number of people see my ridiculous antics/blog. End result… my inbox FLOODS!

Floods, I say for a reason. It was a flood of email replies, the majority of which merely stated:

“Dear Car Guy, I’m a Girl.”

So, of course the consensus was to write a reply… to you, Car Girl.

Car girls are an even more rare breed. What it means to be a car girl.

We’re a rare breed, Car Girls that is. There are many who claim to be purebred, but it’s like being Irish on St. Patty’s day… you either are, or you’re faking it for the attention. Either way, no one will call you out, and you’ll get through the night just fine, but it’s not entirely true.

Being a true Car Girl is a lifestyle. It shows up in random ways throughout our lives, and can be misinterpreted by those who just don’t get it.

1. We really want the driver seat.

A car girl always wants to be in the driver's seat. If she lets you drive, she must really like you.

If we are going on a date and we let him drive, we really (and I mean really) like him. However, one wrong move, or one boring ride, and it’s likely he’ll lose the privilege for quite some time. We don’t judge guys by their car… ok, yes, yes we do… but even more so the care they take of it. It’s not about the income, it’s about the attention to detail, organization, and cleanliness. (Speaking of: If the car is dirty, and we’re truly a car girl, we IMMEDIATELY KNOW he doesn’t have what it takes to take care of us.)

2. We’re not afraid to get dirty.

A true car girl knows how to care for her car, including changing her oil.

We may have control issues, this is probably where it stems from, but we would rather do it ourselves than have you do it for us. Which is why, whether we know how to fix it or not, we’re the ones handeling the tools (despite a recent $50 manicure). More likely, you’ll never get to be the ‘lead mechanic’ again, especially after we’ve seen you do it once or figured it out ourselves. “Thanks for the help, I know how to do it now…”

3. We’re in it for the community.

Us car girls need to stick together.

It’s not about what we look like, or if our car is the best. For a Car Girl, it’s about the people. We love our cars and will always take great care of them, but we go to install days, Nator meets, cars and coffee, or weekly Red Door meets for the people. We know you’ll love our car and of course we’ll talk crap about yours, but we’re there to hang out and talk cars. Not many people get us but once we’re hanging with our Car People, we remember where we belong.

4. We get offended by fake.

Car girls can't be fooled. We know a fake car person when we see one.

Guy OR Girl, if you’re faking it, we can spot you a mile away. So please, don’t spout off all the facts you randomly heard from a boyfriend you once had, or repeat an opinion that you read on a forum. We’ve read it as well and are more interested to hear what you’re learning, even if you’re a noob. Tell us about YOUR MODS, not what you watched your buddy or bf do last weekend. Own your knowledge, even if it’s limited, be real, and you’ll fit right in!

5. We’re pretty freaking protective.

Car girls are protective of their cars and their fellow car girls and guys.

We have our guys. NO, it’s not likely we’ll be dating any of them… EVER. However, when a new girl shows up on scene, don’t be surprised if your first impression of us is that we’re kind of bitchy. It’s a natural reflex. Waiting to find out if you’re a real Car Girl too, and if you are, you know the drill so be patient. We’ll probably end up best friends. If you’re not, we will only respect you after you’ve settled down into the group and picked just ONE of our guys to hang out with.

There's nothing quite like the bond between car people. We get each other, we understand each other, and we support each other.

We’ve seen girls come and go in the car scene. Like I said before, we’re a pretty rare breed and finding a purebred is like finding a unicorn.


Here’s to you, Car Girl! You’re a rare find, and we’re happy to know you!

Stay safe, stay fast, stay happy!


Dear Car Girl: You are noticed. You are appreciate. And you are pretty freaking awesome. From your fellow car girl, Kim.

Kim Russell-01