Flow Test Results – Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC for SRI vs Ram Air

We recently released our 2010 Mazdspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler kit for Short Ram Intake and will be releasing our 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC for SRI at the beginning of October. Since releasing the gen2 kit, we have had some questions about flow comparisons between the two FMIC kits we offer, the FMIC for Ram Air Kit and the FMIC for Short Ram Intake Kit.

We did flow testing on the stock air box, CorkSport Ram Air Box, and CorkSport Short Ram Intake to clarify the differences and benefits of both our Ram Air and SRI kit. In addition, we did flow testing on our CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe against a stock turbo inlet pipe so we could give you figures on just how big of a difference that will make as well.

Before going into the data let’s look at the obvious differences between the two kits. The ram air box has the obvious advantage of being able to draw in colder air in using the factory hood scoop. This is especially noticeable at speed as air is being forced into the air box, however the air path into the turbo inlet pipe isn’t as direct as it is with a short ram intake. This is where the short ram excels. It provides the most direct and shortest path for the air to flow from filter to the turbo inlet pipe. As we all know the path of least resistance is usually the best path, but it comes with a caveat. The short ram intake’s drawback is that it is pulling air straight from the engine bay, which in turbo cars can become quite hot. So even before looking at the flow data both of these setups have certain advantages over one another.

Flow Test Results

Test Result Comparisons without Turbo Inlet Pipe

We tested a stock air box, the CorkSport Ram Air Box, and the CorkSport Short Ram Intake, up to the turbo inlet pipe connections to get baseline results which indicated the following:

  • Coupled with the benefit of optimal placement by the factory hood scoop which results in reduced air temperatures, the ram air box showed a significant improvement in air flow with a result of 28.4% better than the stock air box.
  • The short ram intake flowed almost 50% better than a stock air box which is a substantial increase in air flow and will definitely make a difference in the power of your Speed3.

Test Result Comparison: Turbo Inlet Pipe Only

We also decided to flow test the stock turbo inlet pipe against the CorkSport Turbo Inlet Pipe. The CorkSport turbo inlet pipe showed a 14% improvement in flow over the stock turbo inlet pipe and the stock turbo inlet pipe proved to have a very turbulent airflow due to the restrictive shape of the pipe. So, not only are you getting more airflow but you are also getting smoother airflow.

Test Results with Turbo Inlet Pipe (the best simulation of real world performance)

For the final test, we hooked up the stock turbo inlet pipe to the stock air box and a CorkSport turbo inlet pipe to both the ram air box and short ram intake.

  • The CorkSport ram air box and turbo inlet pipe showed a 40% increase over the stock air box and stock turbo inlet pipe. This is a big jump and shows just how restrictive the stock intake assembly can be!
  • The CorkSport short ram intake and turbo inlet pipe flowed 54% better than the stock air box and stock turbo inlet pipe. This is an incredible performance gain and will definitely make a noticable improvement in your car’s performance.

In conclusion, the SRI will provide better air volume flow, but with higher intake temperatures than the ram air box. No matter which way you decide to go with your Speed3 modification, the CorkSport FMIC kit for SRI or the CorkSport FMIC kit for Ram Air Box, will be a huge improvement over stock and either kit will provide you with more than enough power to give you a grin on your face that will match the front of your 3.