Getting the Balance Correct

Getting the Balance Correct

 We all have seen the rumors,  and the renderings, but finally  we have some spy shots. Don’t be deceived by the NC style look, Mazda has gone to great lengths to hide the next generation MX5. Yet under that deceptive exterior we have noticed and heard some exciting things.


Photo credit to Motor Authority for the spy shot

One of the most exciting reports we have heard is that the next MX5 should be weighing in around 2200lbs and possibly less. That is about 200-300 pounds of saving over the current NC model. Of course the original NA model in 1989 was 200lbs less than that, but we doubt the next Miata will be lacking power steering, ABS, AC, Power locks, power windows and other modern conveniences. We also noticed that upon close inspection of the spy shots, it appears Mazda is going back to the 4 bolt hubs/wheels to lose weight.

All this with the Skyactiv power-plant for weight loss and improved gas mileage should make the next MX5 a winner.


I predict that with the next generation MX5 we should see a variant of the Mazda 2 SkyActiv engine, but with forced induction. Who wouldn’t want a direct injected SkyActiv with a turbo that dishes out 200 wheel horsepower, or more?

The sum of all this can be shown in the following equation.








Clearly the next Mx5 has some big changes, but ultimately I believe Mazda is going back to the basics. Make the most fun, and best, 2 seat sport car in the market. I personally cannot wait to be first in line to order the next Mazda Mx5 as my daily driver. Come on Mazda, I’m waiting.