Dear Car Guy: Engaging with the CS Fam

Dear Car Guy,

I was admiring how different all of your rides are. As a general statement, there are lots of ways to make your baby unique and personalize it to your style. At CorkSport, we try to do the same thing with our brand, our name and our reputation.

We love when we hear back from you that we’ve done great things with customer service:

  • Following up with your questions via email, phone calls, Facebook, forums, and face to face.
  • Sending out a little bit a joy with some of your packages.
  • Supporting you when something goes wrong and keeping in touch throughout your order fulfillment.
  • And just being a part of the conversations that happen within the Mazda platform.

We want (and try) to get you to engage with us too!

You frequently make us laugh by telling a joke or letting us know what you’re thinking in the comment section that comes with your order.

WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU and often we find a fun way to show you that we read your note, joke, sarcasm, or saw that you had a question.

Here are some of my favorites from recent months:

Jennifer sent out a “few” valentines to bring a smile and some happiness when you opened your order:


Our shipping team drew on some of your packages:


We sent out some extra goodies for you and your loved ones:


And we even shared a little bit of Mazda history with you!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It makes the day go by that much faster and gives us an opportunity to really connect with you and figure out what we can do to best serve you and your ride! We’re here to help by bringing knowledge, parts, supplies, support, and hopefully good-natured humor and joy every once in a while!

ALWAYS leave a comment in your order. The more original you are with your notes, the more fun we can have in return!

Thanks for passing along the joy! Stay safe, stay fast, stay happy!

Kim Russell-01

Dear Car Guy: The Perfect Relationship

Dear Car Guy,

It’s been some time, and I’m hoping this finds you well and happy. I’ve been thinking more about the topic of “Car Girls,” and I realized a Car Guy would be so lucky to find himself with a Car Girl. A true match between a couple of pretty awesome people (in my book, being a car person makes you awesome in the first place).

Car guy sees car girl

Dating a Car Girl has a ton of perks. Not only does she understand your obsession and passion for cars, she SHARES IT. Yes, it’s likely the two of you in a long relationship will have spent more on parts and beer for install meets than on actual dates, but isn’t that the point?! To share your hobby with someone who gets it and supports it!

Car girls buy you parts

Nothing sexier than a car girl

Also, I’ve never met a Car Girl who wasn’t willing to still be herself and be the feminine side of your duo. I think you’re getting the best of all worlds: track buddy, install help, partner in crime, and love of your life, all in one!

Car couple

You’re not the first Car Guy she’s known, so your weird quirks and silly antics are unlikely to faze her. She’ll either friend zone the sh** out of you, or you’re in it for the win. The fact that there’s a bit of immaturity as a pre-requisite for being a true Car Guy, means she’s happy to play along and get excited too.

Car guy toys

And to all the Car Girls out there, there’s definitely something to be said for your dating pool as well. I’ll just scratch the surface for now…

Guys who know nothing about cars and could never understand your passion…

It's NOT just a car Car girl reactions

Guys that barely know anything, but think they know a lot…

Those darn non-car people

Non car guys

Car Guys that are real Car Guys, aren’t even the big find.

A true car girl

For a Car Girl, the true unicorn is a Car Guy who knows about cars, but also respects her desire to deal with her own car things.

Car people relationship

Looking for the ultimate car guy

Girls that love cars

Until next time! Good luck dating and stay safe (please), stay fast, and stay happy my friends!

No, not all of this should be applied in your dating life….

Kim Russell-01

Dear Car Guy: What You Should be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Dear Car Guy,

Hope all is well with you this fall season. The holiday season is upon us, and I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of the things we should REALLY be thankful for.

I could go all sentimental and remind you how awesome it is to be involved with one of the greatest group of Car Guys ever, but being Mazda fans we already know that it’s a given.

I could go into the depth of how great it is that Nator and clubs like it pick up the slack, build relationships, help each other out, and support their brothers and sisters in need.

I also have the option to take the time and call out each and every one of the individual people who make our involvement in the Mazda community amazing.

The ideas and possibilities of what to be thankful for this Holiday season are limitless Car Guy, but I want to point out just a few for your enjoyment, and possibly a laugh or two.

Car Guy, remember to be thankful for:


1. Be thankful for long winding back roads.

These allow for less cops, higher speeds (not specifically recommended by CorkSport), and a great place to hone in your driving skills. I would say “the wind in your hair”, but I know that just reduces aerodynamics, so your windows are normally up. With your music low in the background so you can hear the deep rhythmic sound of your exhaust, be thankful for the alone time, because we all know there’s not much that’s more relaxing than a long drive to clear your head.


2. Be thankful that you’re no longer a NOOB on your specific forum.

You’ve learned to SEARCH first, and find the source, instead of asking questions in shout or getting owned in a thread that you posted under the guise of ‘seeking information’. You’ve learned the value of finding things out for yourself and, when you’re in a good mood, sharing it with those around you.



3. Be thankful that BOOST +COLD WEATHER= a little slice of heaven.

Enough said.


4. Be thankful you’re a MAZDA ENTHUSIAST, and not one of the following.

  • The tin and fart can Honda ricer philharmonic orchestra.
  • The snobby and expensive BMW  crew.
  • The “mine’s bigger than yours” truck crowd.
  • The “I don’t understand my car, but it’s AWD and I paid for someone to do all the work for me, so it’s clearly unbeatable” Subaru Sect.
  • The “let’s trade parts and figure out how to and keep your car running” vintage car group.
  • The “everyone has one” Mustang, Camaro, and other muscle car connection group.





Just remember Car Guy, there are TONS of things to be thankful for, and these are just a few. Enjoy the Holidays.

Stay fast, stay safe, and stay happy!


Written by Kim Russell. Kim works in our HR/CustomerService/Training/Accounting departments and manages a little bit of everything here at CorkSport. Many of you have enjoyed the artwork and little “extras” Kim throws in with your orders. Yep, CorkSport would pretty much fall apart without Kim.



Dear Car Guy: 10 Ways You Know You’ve Made It

Dear Car Guy,

I’ve been thinking about you lately. About how much you invest in your car, your community, and yourself. I wanted to point out some of the best ways you’ve grown, so here are 10 of them.

1. You spend your time researching the best parts, not just the cheapest.

There was a time, in your beginning stages of modding, that you would go for the cheapestand not necessarily the most reliable. Over time being cheap bit you in the butt, and now you take your time and put more research into parts before you make a decision for your baby…I mean, car.

2. You can’t stand loud exhaust drone on the highway.dear car guy

What used to be music to your ear – that amazing sound or missing muffler – is now an annoyance to you on your drive. You like the throaty growl of a deep exhaust, in replacement of the high pitched overpowering scream of “yeah that sure is loud, but is it healthy?” of days gone by. Yes, your exhaust could be considered loud, but when the cops are called by your neighbors’ complaints, they laugh it off and say, “That’s not loud, that’s just sexy”.

3. You are spending more money on parts, than payments.upd2

You’ve come closer to paying off your baby, and now are putting money into making her everything that you have always dreamed for her to be. Your hard earned cash goes towards the things you want, not just back to the bank. You feel free, mostly because your warranty is over at this point anyway, to do whatever your heart desires to your car (within the realm of your preferred tastes of course), and could care less what others have to say about your taste in mods.

4. You find yourself concerned with power and handling over the latest looks.

It’s been awhile since you’ve added any new stickers, and you’re a bit more picky about who you rep while you drive anyway. You’ve scraped off and replaced those that were placed on your beloved ride without much thought, and actually calculate how much ‘sponsorship’ you give on your vehicle. When it comes to form and function, you prefer to make sure that your ride handles appropriately so you can back up your words first, before throwing cash at the outside.

5. You max out the current potential of your current mods before adding others.

It’s pretty easy to continue to purchase new mods, but when you do, you make sure that you’re doing everything to get the full potential out of each and every enhancement. Instead of installing and moving onto the next part, you log for weeks making sure you’re getting the max of every single installation. You enjoy the time under your car, but you won’t do it if it’s not worth it.

6. You start investing in your driving skills, instead of changing your car.mazda meme

Days spent on the track, or long winding roads are where it’s at for you these days. You know that spending time honing in your personal handling abilities is just as important as making sure you have the right bars, braces, and parts in place in order to drive appropriately. Be it auto-x or straight track you keep yourself as tuned in as you do your vehicle.

7. You’re more aware of the miles per gallon on your daily driver, which is why you now own a ‘daily driver’ and a ‘race car’.

Yes, it’s been awesome growing up and spending WAY too much money to make the fastest car around, but these days you keep that one in the garage, and settle for a daily commute in something a little more reasonable on the wallet. It’s an ego check, but a justifiable one, for when you’re driving whichever gas-save it is, you’re thinking of how much cash you’re saving to spend on your next mod.

8. You know the true meaning of a Car Club, and aren’t afraid to pitch in or ask for support.

You understand that as much as you love your car, it’s not just about her. It’s about the people you connect with and spend time with at the shows, meets and installs. Those that you talk shop with, enjoy life with and find yourself missing after only a day away from the latest meet. You look forward all year to summer time and fun road trips, flights, and weekends spent with people you wouldn’t even know if it weren’t for your car.

9. You know that it’s not just about the cars.

You get that it’s your connection to a world of people who are genuine, caring, and supportive. People who will jump in at a moment’s notice to put together a donation thread for your sick kid, hurt puppy, or after an intense accident. That no matter where you are if your car breaks down on a road trip, there will be someone on their way shortly to help you sort through this mess, whether you’ve met them before or not.

10. You know when to be content.mazdaspeed shifter

You’ve hit the mark, and leveled off. You love your car and all the time spent underneath it making it exactly what you want. So you slow down. You can honestly say that you are content with your car, you don’t “need” that part, but there is nothing wrong if you want it. The latest and greatest will be the dashboard hula girl mod for a week or two, or the “oh crap the kids spilled all over the back and now it’s time to detail the car completely”. You become the ‘go-to guy’ for your car friends on install day, and now you go for the food and fun, and find yourself helping just for kicks.

Sit back and enjoy, Car Guy. You’ve earned it.

Until Next time, stay safe, stay happy, and stay fast.

– Kim