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KANATECHS Stereo Install Kit For 2003-2005 Mazda 6

Price: $393.99
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Kanatechs Install Kit for Mazda 6

CAUTION: Installation of these kits may involve cutting plastic parts and/or the handling of sensitive electronics. CorkSport recommends that the work be performed by a professional installer. Any damage to the kit parts during installation or damage to electronic parts due to incorrect installation are not covered under the limited warranty.

Note: If your car comes equipped with a BOSE Premium Sound System you will need to purchase an additional adapter for your new stereo to operate properly.

Note: In order to retain functionality of your steering wheel audio controls, you must purchase an additional adapter.

Changes from Factory Equipment:

  • This kit is compatible with the factory DVD navigation system but the TV function is disabled. (TV function on the aftermarket car navigation system should work fine.) The system sounds from the factory navigation system may be disabled.
  • Installation of this kit disables the center console clock and audio information.
  • The activation of the air conditioning system will become slightly slower and will no longer make a sound indicating its status.
  • When first starting the car the information panel in the center console and the LED on the heater control unit may flicker and/or be delayed.
  • The AMB (ambient temperature indicator) toggle switch becomes disabled and the temperature is continuously displayed on the left of information panel in the center console.
  • The interior lighting dimming function no longer functions.
  • The air circulation switch and rear defroster function as normal, but their status has nothing to do with the state of the light. The illumination is also lower than before.
  • Since the factory hazard switch is unable to be relocated, this kit includes a new alternative hazard switch.

Installation Notes:

  • Occasionally vehicle antenna cables are too short, antenna extension cables are available from most reputable car audio installation stores.
  • For installation, the factory heater control unit, hazard lamp switch, etc. need to be detached and reassembled on the panel included in this kit.
  • Car AV equipment with a front panel size of over 172mm in width and 100mm in height cannot be installed due to clearance issues.
  • Car AV equipment up to 172 mm in length may be installed. However, some equipment may be incompatible due to the position of wire connections on the back of the unit causing space conflicts behind the stereo.
  • This kit will NOT work in cars with manual climate control. We have no intention to develop a kit for manual climate control.

In Australia?
Kanatechs has an exclusive dealer in Australia, Audio Express. We are not able to ship Kanatech Products to Australia, please contact Audio Express to get you the Kanatech Parts you need.

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