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2022+ CX-50 - Short Ram Intake System for 2.5L Non-Turbo

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Enhance the power, torque, and sound of your 2022 and later Mazda CX-50 with a Short Ram Intake specifically designed for the non-turbo 2.5-liter engine. The factory airbox and filter limit the airflow and produce subdued sound, depriving you of the thrill and energy you desire out of your CX-50. The high-performance intake system replaces the original components with a high-flow filter, billet MAF sensor housing, and a custom-reinforced silicone coupler to provide an exhilarating driving experience. For more information on this cold air intake and how it can enhance the performance of your non-turbo CX50, please continue reading.#MazdaCX50!

The CorkSport Advantage

2022-up Mazda Cx50 performance Intake Dyno Sheet

Performance Gains:

The CX-50 horsepower performance could use some improvement. If you're seeking a modest boost in power, we've got you covered with short ram intake. Our dyno testing shows that installing the Short Ram Intake resulted in an increase of 5-7WHP and 5-7WTQ without any tuning changes. It's important to note that the vehicle we tested had a prototype CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust installed for both OEM and CS intake tests.

2023 CX-50 Short Ram Intake

Sound and Style:

The CorkSport short ram intake has “show” to match the “go”. You gain a nice visual boost to your engine bay with the CS intake, especially since you can personalize your look by choosing your silicone, filter, and clamp color. The appearance and power comes with a nice boost to sound too. When you get on the gas a nice growl from the engine can be heard which adds some excitement to driving your Mazda CX-50. The CorkSport short ram intake not only enhances your car's performance but also adds an aesthetic boost to your engine bay. The CS air intake offers a customizable appearance, allowing you to select the color of your silicone, filter, and clamp, providing a unique look to your vehicle. The improved sound is an added benefit of the intake, providing a pleasing growl from the engine when you accelerate. An easy mod to improve the style and sound of your Mazda CX-50.

Non Turbo CX50 performance Intake System

Precision Machined:

The CorkSport CX-50 SRI includes a precision-machined billet MAF housing. The billet MAF housing is utilized to ensure that the intake's diameter where the MAF sensor is placed is precisely the same as the OEM intake. Due to our engineering, there are no check engine lights triggered and fuel trims are regulated. We went the extra mile and conducted prototype intake tests on five vehicles, which have been driven hundreds of miles, to confirm that no check engine lights are triggered.

Cx50 Cold air intake Horsepower

Dryflow Filter:

To ensure a long-lasting intake system the CorkSport SRI uses a Dry-Flow filter. This style of filter offers high flow capacity with great filtration to keep your engine breathing clean air and without the use of oil for filtration. Designed to keep your MAF sensor from getting dirty and compromised. Plus, the filters are washable and reusable!

2024 Mazda CX50 Intake Dyno Sheet

Fit and Finish:

Rounding off the CorkSport intake is a custom designed silicone that connects to the throttle body and valve cover breather hose. This silicone is reinforced with 4 layers of nylon weave so you know it will stay strong for years to come. It also is completely smooth on the inside as opposed to the ribbed OEM rubber to encourage air flow. Finally, everything is tied together with stainless steel t-bolt clamps to ensure a leak free install!

advisory notice
  • No tuning required.
  • 2.5L petrol non turbo engine.
  • There will be some minor added engine induction noise as a result of installing this intake.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2022+ Mazda CX-50 with 2.5L Gas Engine
  • Designed & Developed in America: Designed, tested, and validated in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2 year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.

How To Install 2022+ Mazda CX-50 Short Ram Intake

It will take you 30 minutes to install the CX-50 SRI with our easy-to-use instructions.

30 minute Install Time

30 minute Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



How to install 2022-2024 Mazda CX50 Intake System

Just installed on my CX-50. Very easy installation. Instructions were simple. Added a nice little boost and sound.
I enjoyed this on my 2019 and 2021 3s. When this came available for CX-50, I jumped on it. Glad I did. Smoother acceleration, upper RPM range power, and I have 2 more mpg average over 5 tanks now. Very happy
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2022 Mazda CX-50 2.5 Non Turbo