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Mazdaspeed 3 8th Port Auxiliary Fuel Kit

Price: $1,299.99
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The CorkSport Port Injection Fuel Kit provides just about everything you need to setup port injection on your Mazdaspeed 3.

Products in package

Add the tank to make the complete Aux fuel kit
Simple and proven, this controller will control up to 4 extra injectors for port injection kits

Injector Dynamics port injectors for up to 750whp

Introducing one of the most complete and ready-to-run Auxiliary 8th Port Fuel systems for the Mazdaspeed 3. Just add your fuel controller and preferred injector for a complete setup to go beyond the limits of the OEM fuel system.

What is an Auxiliary Port Injection System? – This system provides additional fuel capacity to your engine via 4x port injectors and completely separate fuel pump, tank, and fuel lines.

Why do I want this for my Mazdaspeed 3? – The OEM Direct Injectors reach their power capacity around 360-390whp depending on supporting components and fuel type. To produce power beyond the OEM direct injector limit, a secondary or auxiliary fuel system is required.

How is this system different than others? – The CorkSport Fuel System is a “return” style port injection kit and is also a completely standalone fuel system. “Return” means the system uses a rising rate regulator so fuel pressure increases with boost pressure; this is the best setup for reliable and consistent power. Standalone means the fuel system is completely separate from the OEM fuel system using its own fuel pump, filters, fuel lines, tank, and regulator. This is great because you can run normal pump gas in the OEM tank for daily driving and exotic race gas/ethanol in the standalone tank for on-demand power.


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Mazdaspeed 3 Auxilary Fuel System

The CorkSport Advantage


Bonus Power Potential:

With the Mazdaspeed 3 being equipped with an early direct injected fuel system, there is no support for upgraded injectors. When modifying your speed and taking it towards the 400WHP mark, you will eventually maximize how much fuel you can flow and need to add supplemental injectors to be able to make additional horsepower. This is where the CorkSport Port Injection Fuel Kit comes in. One injector is placed in each runner of the intake manifold, injecting additional fuel in through the intake ports of the engine, setting you up for additional power!

Complete Speed3-PI-Fuel-system

Standalone Fuel System:

The CorkSport Port Injection Fuel Kit is a little different than most kits on the market and that’s for good reason. Instead of using the fuel that is in your regular tank to feed the PI injectors, we use a complete standalone fuel system with its own tank, pump, and lines. This means no annoying math for mixing ethanol. Plus, the PI system is only active when in boost, so you can cruise around on pump gas, and when the time is right, make power with the expensive fuel of your choice in the standalone tank.


Maximized Fuel Flow:

The CorkSport PI fuel kit designed for a set of four 34mm/14mm/14mm Injector Dynamics Port Injectors; we recommend the ID1050x for 750+WHP which you can get here. The injectors are fed by a Quantum Fuel Systems 380 liter per hour inline pump. Paired with your OEM direct injection fuel system, you will have the fueling capacity for 750+WHP, assuming you have the right surrounding parts to make that power!



With all the fuel flow, you need proper filtration to ensure correct and long term operation of your pump and injectors. The CS port injection fuel kit includes two filters, both made by DeatschWerks. The pre-pump filter is a 100 micron unit meant for filtering out any larger particles present in your tank and fuel, to keep your pump functioning at its best. The post-pump filter is a 10 micron unit meant for a final catch of any particles to keep your injectors healthy. Both filters use stainless steel filter media and are fully serviceable and rebuildable for easy periodic maintenance.

8 port Mazdaspeed 3 fuel system

Included Fuel Tank, Lines, & Fittings:

To make the CS fuel kit even simpler, we include all fittings, fuel lines, and even a CorkSport Aux Fuel Tank with every PI kit. The tank holds 2.6 gallons of fuel in the driver’s side of the front bumper, underneath the headlight. Check out the Fuel Tank for full details. All fuel lines are braided stainless steel -6 AN lines with a coating for a great look and to prevent any fuel smells. We also include all AN fittings you need to connect all the components together. Plus, all components are safe with E85, race gas, or just regular pump gas so the kit suits your preferred fuel.

MPS 3 Complete Aux Fuel System

Regulated Fuel System:

For maximum power capability, the CorkSport Aux Fuel Kit uses a return style setup. This is very important because it allows the fuel pressure to rise as boost pressure rises. This is the safest and more consistent setup for a Port Injection Fuel System. We us an AEM fuel pressure regulator to ensure correct fuel pressure in the fuel rail and pressure verification is done with the included Analog FuelLab engine bay fuel pressure gauge.

MPS3 8 port injection kit

Specialized Electronics:

To remove some of the guess work out of your port injection fuel kit, we included an AEM relay kit and Hobbs switch for powering the fuel pump. These are critical parts of the fuel system to keep it reliable and daily friendly. The relay allows proper current to the pump and the Hobbs switch acts as a boost-activated switch for the pump, so you only run the pump when boost starts to build.


Miscellaneous Hardware and Accessories:

Lastly, each kit comes with all the hardware, brackets, and boost/vacuum hose you need for a clean and easy install!

What Else Do I Need?

Each CS kit is extremely comprehensive, including just about everything you need to get PI up and running on your speed. However there are a few things you will have to purchase/setup separately or you may already have:

  • #1 Port Injection ready Intake Manifold & Fuel Rail: The OEM intake manifold does not have provisions for port injectors. We recommend the CorkSport Intake Manifold & Fuel Rail Kit Bundle! Most other options on the market will also work; however, the fuel rail must be sized for -6AN fittings for proper function with the CS PI kit.
  • #2 Split Second Additional Injector Controller: This is essentially a simple ECU that controls the added injectors for your port fueling. The Split Second AIC1 is recommended and can be bundled with your PI kit with a small discount vs. buying each separately.
  • #3 Fuel Injectors: We recommend using Injector Dynamics ID1050x injectors with the CS Fuel Kit. They are proven to perform and be reliable for cars up to 750+whp. We stock the correct EV6 34mm/14mm/14mm ID1050x here at CS in case you don’t have them yet.
  • #4 Wiring: The Split Second AIC includes wiring for your new injectors however some additional wiring is needed to finish the CS PI fuel kit. Full wiring details can be found in the install instructions at the bottom of this page.

advisory notice
  • For off-road use only. Buyer assumes all responsibility for risk associated with adding a fuel cell to the front of your vehicle.
  • Port injection ready intake manifold and -6AN fuel rail are required for installation of the CorkSport PI Fuel Kit. Check out the CorkSport Intake Manifold & Fuel Rail Kit Bundle!
  • Additional injector controller such as the Split Second AIC1-V4H is required for the correct operation of the CorkSport PI Fuel Kit.
  • 4x Port injectors are required for the correct operation of the CorkSport PI Fuel Kit. ID1050x size 34mm/14mm/14mm with EV6 connections are suggested.
  • Not all wiring supplies are included with the CorkSport PI Fuel Kit. Check the instructions at the bottom of this page for suggested wiring supplies.
  • Minor drilling is required for the installation of the CorkSport PI Fuel Kit. Check the instructions at the bottom of this page for full details.
  • CorkSport Fuel Tank has not been verified with all intercooler piping setups.
  • We strongly encourage a “wire tucked” wiring harness for ease of installation. Check out Mazdaspeed Wire Tucks!
  • Supporting engine components and Tuning are required for 750+WHP operation.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment:2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3.
  • Designed & Developed in America: CorkSport Mazda Performance resides in Vancouver, Washington in the middle of the beautiful Pacific Northwest
  • CorkSport Service & Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support at(360) 260-2675.
  • Other Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty on Non-CorkSport Parts.

How To Install The Mazdaspeed 3 Aux Fuel System

It will take you 6+ hours to install the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Auxillary Fuel System with our instructions.

6 Hour Install Time

6 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 5/5

5/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



2007-2013 Mazdaspeed3 how to installation instructions for an Aux or E85 fuel system

Is there a way to have this run off the main tank? Instead of the aux tank?

Asked by Edwin Jeremy Garcia Perez | 10/10/2023, 03:44 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this fit a Speed6?

Asked by Dylan Steiger | 08/21/2022, 04:31 PM | 1 answer(s)

Seeing the Aux fuel cell is completely separated i am assuming there is no way to fill the aux tank from the main line? ***please edit the question as you see fit***

Asked by tomas | 05/18/2021, 11:21 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a RHD model?

Asked by MPS 3 Down Under | 04/28/2021, 10:19 AM | 1 answer(s)
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