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Split Second Injector Controller AIC1-V4H EV6

Price: $349.99
Price in points: What are Points?350 points
Spilt injector for Mazdaspeed controller will control up to 4 extra injectors for port injection kits
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If your goal is to push your Mazdaspeed 3 beyond the restrictions and limitation of the OEM Direct Injectors alone AND you don't want to mess with a Methonal kit...this is an essential component you need. The Split Second Additional Injector Controller is design to independently operate and control up to 4x extra injectors. This Split Second is setup with EV6 injector connection which are perfect for Injector Dynamics Port Injectors. Paired with ID1050x injectors and the CorkSport Port Injection Fuel Kit, you will have fueling capacity upwards of 750+whp.


Programmed with R4 Engine Management Software, disc Included

Harness is pre-made by Split Second with EV6 Wiring Connections.

advisory notice
  • For off-road or racing use only. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the risk associated with adding and operating additional fuel systems on the vehicle.
  • EV6 Connection Option Only
  • NOT Included: A Serial to USB Cable is required for programming the Injector Controller
  • Injector Controller does NOT come pre-programmed, a fueling map must be installed for proper operation

Additional Features

0.5 Hour Install Time

30 Min Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty



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