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2021+ Mazda 3 Turbo NotSoLow Springs - Hatchback & Sedan

Price: $279.99
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Mazda 3 Lower Springs your car without the need to upgrade to a coilover kit.
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Looking for lowering springs for your Mazda 3 Turbo but only want a mild drop in height compared to our existing turbo springs? Well that is exactly what we have done with these new springs. They are 0.5 inches higher in the front and 0.3 inches higher in the back (vs the red turbo springs) to provide a less aggressive drop in ride height. The lowering springs still add the boost in style and handling performance to your Mazda that is much needed. They also retain the same spring rates of the previous springs, which we found to be just right for both daily driving and carving the backroads. Check out the details of these springs below along with pictures showing the new ride height.

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The CorkSport Advantage

Mazda 3 Turbo Spring Lowering Kit

Stylish Ride Height:

The CorkSport Notsolow lowering springs offer a drop in ride height that is not as aggressive as the original lowering springs. This gives you another height option depending on how you want your Mazda to look. For hatchback models, the ride height drop should be approximately 1.0 inch front and 1.5 inches in the rear. Sedan models come in with a drop of approximately 1.0 inch front and 1.6 inches rear.

4th Gen Mazda Turbo Springs Not So Low

Ride & Handling:

The CS lowering springs provide even more than just a better stance, they also offer improved handling characteristics and give you more confidence through the corners. Lowering your Mazda also lowers the center of gravity which helps reduce the amount of movement seen while going around corners. The increase in spring rate also contributes to a reduction in body roll, so the car feels more planted while cornering. The spring rates were also stiffened more in the rear to help promote less understeer when the car is at the limit of traction.

Not So Low Mazda BP Handling Suspension

Spring Rates & Comfort:

During the development of the original turbo lowering springs we tested multiple spring rate combinations and came to the conclusion that they should match the rates of the non-turbo Mazda 3. This means that the CorkSport NotSoLow springs have a spring rate of 3.4K in the front and 5.9K in the rear. These spring rates pair nicely with the stiffer dampers found in the turbo model and help control the extra weight of the turbo motor. Out on the road, these springs give you the performance you want when taking the backroads, while still providing a comfortable ride on the daily commute.

2021 Mazda 3 Stance Springs

Fitment & Function:

The CS lowering springs install just as the existing springs do, which means they don’t require any additional parts and simply replace your OEM springs. Modification to the factory bump stops is the only modification required to fit the lowering springs. Trimming the bump stops ensures that the suspension will continue to have the proper suspension travel. Since these springs don’t drop the car as much as other springs, your Mazda 3 should have minimal issues going up driveways and over speed bumps.

Lowering Suspensions Mazda 3 Turbo NSL

Materials & Manufacturing:

The material used in the CS lowering springs is a high-tensile strength spring steel that is designed to perform consistently without sagging over time. The springs are then powder-coated black to provide a nice look and great protection from corrosion. The lowering springs also feature spring silencers so that during suspension travel there is no added noises.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2021+ Mazda 3 Turbo Hatchback and Sedan
  • Developed in America: Designed, tested, and validated in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2-year warranty, full-color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.
  • The vehicle shown in the above images has Advan GT wheels in 19x8.5 +38 size with Kumho 235/35 summer tires.

Product Advisory Note
  • Springs were designed for the US market Mazda 3 equipped with the 2.5L Turbo engine.
  • Fitment and ride height has not been confirmed on non-USDM models or models without the turbo engine.
  • If you have a Non-Turbo Mazda 3, please check our catalog for those specifically.
  • Ride height for turbo springs on non-turbo models has not been confirmed.

How To Install 4th Gen Mazda 3 Not-So-Low Lowering Springs.

It will take you 4 Hours to install the Not-So-Low Lowering Springs.

4-Hour Install Time

4-Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 4/5

4/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



Link to a step installation instructions for the 2021+ Mazda 3 Not-So-Low Lowering Springs

Easy to install and looks great. Car people will know its lowered but doesn't look silly lowered. The ride height makes it look sporty. Stiffens up the ride feel just enough to have some fun without sacrificing your spine. Perfect for someone who enjoys their car but also drives it every day (or in my case shares the car with my wife)
Easy to install lowered about 1.5 inches
Nearly perfect!

I previously had installed the original CS lowering springs; and while they were great, they lowered the car just a bit too much for my liking. These are a wonderful balance between those springs and OEM! The ride quality and handling are fantastic; aesthetically they make the car much more appealing; and the install was smooth, without any noteworthy issues.

I recommend!
Eliminate huge wheel gap on this model. It looks "right" not lowered. Body roll is almost gone. You feel bumps more, but it is a fair trade off, and if you aren't focusing on ride quality, you probably won't notice. Kudos to corksport for getting the front and rear drop ratio right.
Functional drop for all you boys and girls who still have to drive through the state of Ohio. Won’t slap the ground as much, can’t stuff a shoe in the gap. Chefs Kiss. Ride quality is stupid good, they nailed the frequency and spring rate, a marked improvement over stock.
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Are there any plans to test this on the Non-Turbo FWD Model? Or any plans for a model that fits the Non-Turbo FWD?

Asked by Jordan Smith | 07/22/2023, 10:06 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on a 2022 non turbo?

Asked by Bradley Zoshak | 02/16/2023, 09:26 PM | 1 answer(s)
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