Project Mazda 2

Project Mazda 2

Aug 4th 2010

Once again CorkSport gets the first Mazda delivered in the US. We picked up the Mazda 2 on August 4th 2010 at noon. My first comment to Mazda is what took so long!? Mazda has been offering the 2 since 2008 to every other market except North America. We get our turn now... (Read more...)

Getting down with the Mazda 2

Sept 22nd 2010

So now that we have the Mazda 2, what are we going to do with it you ask? If you looked at the stock Mazda 2 the first thing that jumps out at you is that monster truck wheel gap. To solve this problem we picked up a set of H&R Sport Springs. The springs lower the Mazda 2 1.5 inches in the front and 1.3 inches in the rear. (Read more...)

J-Spec Tail Lights

October 5th 2010

There always seems to be 2-3 really cool features or parts the Japanese market Mazdas get that the North America imported models do not.  For example on the Mazda 2 we did not get the auto leveling HID headlights or the cool tail lights.  I personally like choices so we imported in a set. (Read more...)

CorkSport LED Light Kit

November 5th 2010

Our next modification to the Mazda 2 was installing the CorkSport LED light kit. The kit includes 5 bulbs which 3 are for the interior and 2 for the front turn signals. Installation of the lights is straightforward and takes about 1/2 an hour to complete the installation. (Read more...)

CorkSport LED DRL

December 1st 2010

To finish off the updated lighting look of the Mazda 2 we installed a set of our LED H11 replacement lights in the DRL/Driving Light housings. (Read more...)

Mazda 2 Gets New Shoes

In an effort to improve the overall handling and looks of the Mazda 2 we sourced some 5Zigen FN01R-C 'Hot Version' wheels. They are an inch wider than factory at 15x7 +25 offset, and really help the looks and performance of the car. (Read more...)

Stiffening Up the Rear

We recently installed our rear torsion bar onto the Mazda 2. We initially developed this product after competing in several local autocross events and finding that the Mazda 2 could seriously benefit from a stiffer rear end. (Read more...)

Retreads, and Stickers, and Hoods, Oh My!

Mazda Recently called us and asked us to have some cars in their booth at the Portland International Auto Show. Since our car was going to be seen by thousands of people we decided we had better plaster our name all over it to make sure people knew who was responsible for such a slick looking car. (Read more...)

Get Lightness

In an effort to continually expand our horizons and venture into making parts that are outside the norm for what we generally develop we have recently released lightweight crank pullies for a couple models. We installed one on our Mazda 2 and are very happy with the aesthetics and the performance of the pulley.

Upgrading the tunes in the 2

The time has come to give our Project 2 a real stereo. Instead of going with the usual tunes only deck we decided to give the Mazda 2 a really big upgrade. We chose the Pioneer AVH P3300BT to install in our project car using the Japanese made Kanatechs Mazda 2, a 2 din installation kit. (Read more...)

Keep the 2 flat

In our Mazda 2 competing at the Oregon Region SCCA autocross events we get a great arena to push the Mazda 2 to it limits in a safe enviroment. This also gives us a chance to see where improvements can be made with the Mazda 2. One thing we noticed was the front of the 2 would dive and roll more than we wanted when turning into a corner at the limits of the cornering capabilities. We set out to resolve the problem and we came up with our new Mazda 2 front swaybar. (Read more...)

Stiffen the Chassis

In keeping with upgrading the chassis we have designed and released two braces to get the most out of your Mazda 2's handling. The first piece is a front strut tower bar which ties the mounting locations of the struts together. This makes the suspension more responsive to heavy loads and quick steering inputs. (Read more...)

End of an Era

So our little Mazda 2 is all grown up. We have turned it into an all-out B-Spec race car and can be seen tearing up tracks all along the West coast (maybe further away if things keep going as well as they have been!) and we will continue to do so. For further developments on how we're doing campaigning our car in the SCCA B-SPEC class, keep your eyes on the blog!