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CX-3 Power Series Short Ram Intake 2.0L

Price: $184.99
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Designed Specifically for SkyActiv 2.0 Gasoline Engines
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One of the easiest and most beneficial performance enhancements you can do for your vehicle, the CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake replaces your factory airbox with an open intake system allowing more air into the intake chamber. Engineered with exacting tolerances, the CorkSport SkyActiv Short Ram Intake includes our precision machined MAF housing made from billet aluminum, a durable dry flow air filter and custom reinforced silicone connector. #ZoomZoom!

Check out the installation instructions below. Share your performance review with the CorkSport community once installed!

The CorkSport Advantage

Designed Specifically for SkyActiv 2.0 Gasoline Engines*

CorkSport has developed a new power series intake that will perform with the all new SkyActiv engine used in the Cx3.

Avoid Unwanted Check-Engine Lights

The MAF housing is precision machined from billet aluminum to prevent air leaks and inaccurate readings.

*Made for gasoline engines only. Will not work on diesel engines. With the CorkSport Intake installed on the SkyActiv engine, at higher RPM's you may hear a slight ticking from the opening and closing of the injectors. This is completely normal and is what helps increase torque and fuel economy.

Durable Dry Flow Air Filter

Reusable and water resistant, this unique non-woven filter media does not require oil to filter and trap dirt and actually sheds dirt under engine vibration unlike cotton-gauze which holds contaminates until you clean the filter.

Custom Reinforced Silicone Connector

Constructed from multi-layer nylon braid to provide more strength and power and a smooth internal transition for less turbulence and optimal flow

Additional Features

  • Compatible with:
    • 2016+ 2.0 CX-3
  • Engineered in America: Designed in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2 year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.

How To Install Your CorkSport CX-3 Power Series Short Ram Intake

It will take you one hour to install the CorkSport CX-3 Power Series Short Ram Intake with our easy-to-use instructions.

1 Hour Install Time

1 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. It took me around 1 hour to install it.

My average mileage jumped up to 37 mpg (Grand Touring AWD). The engine feels like it breathes much better when accelerating. In my humble opinion, it feels like a gain of around 5 HP. I can also hear what the engine is doing much better, so manually shifting is a lot easier now too.

Highly recommended! Well designed. Excellent machining, top notch materials and hardware.
Tremendo servicio, excelente producto. Se nota la diferencia de antes y después de instalado. Lo recomiendo.
If you are looking for a good racing filter for your CX3, I highly recommend this one..All the parts mentioned are all in good quality. Sounds of the engine when you put it in Sport mode is really deep, where in you it makes driving more interesting.. Easy to install took me 30mins. Good buy for the prize..
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About how much mpg and power gain?

Asked by Vaughn Metz | 11/02/2016, 02:45 PM | 0 answer(s)

What are the actual "performance enhancements" that my CX-3 will get with this intake?

Asked by Rod | 03/26/2016, 01:21 PM | 1 answer(s)

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