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2004-2013 Mazda 3 Rear Adjustable Swaybar

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Remove the tendency to overpower the front tires under hard cornering and minimize traction robbing body lean with the CorkSport Mazda 3 Rear Adjustable Sway Bar. Compressing inside suspension, the CorkSport Mazda3 Rear Sway Bar effectively increases the spring rate on side of the suspension which is compressed most and its adjustability allows you to fine tune the handling. Each Mazda 3 swaybar includes machined 6061-T6 aluminum swaybar brackets which are more durable than the stamped steel design common with other swaybars and look sharp with an anodized black finish.

The CorkSport Advantage

Mazda 3 rear swaybar adjustable end points

Adjustable: Two endlink attachment points to change the stiffness between 94% and 175% stiffer than stock.

Single Piece CorkSport Swaybar

Single Piece: A single piece is used to create the Mazda3 rear swaybar which adds strength by removing weak points such as welds.

Bushings are included with CorkSport's Mazda swaybar brackets.

Billet Swaybar Brackets: Superior bracket design with grease fittings for easy servicing with 90a durometer polyurethane, CorkSport brackets and bushings are the last you will need. Once installed, the reduced bar movement gives you extra confidence when taking corners.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Extra Value: Includes Billet Swaybar brackets, at $79.99 value.
  • One piece design: CNC bent for precise fit and made from 25mm 4130 Steel.
  • Adjustable: Two adjustable locations for the end links to install allowing you to change how much the bar uses the other side of the suspension. 94%/175% stiffer than stock on the Mazda 3.
  • Made in the USA: Engineered and manufactured by CorkSport in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Durable blue or black powder coated finish: can survive the winter driving in areas where roads are salted for snow and ice.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a two year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support.

  • Install time                  2/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

After multiple suspension changes on my '12 Skyactiv hatch, I settled on this bar on the firmer setting and Bilstein B6 shocks with stock springs. The bar alone makes a dramatic difference in handling, significantly reducing body roll while still taking two wheel bumps like speed bumps etc well. You will definitely feel single wheel bumps more, but the confidence and balance are well worth it if you are at all "enthusiast" inclined.

Caution! Be very careful with the soft, weak threads that you'll be bolting into the subframe. It's not uncommon to strip the threads, as I did on one of the 4 mounting points. A torque wrench is a must.
A great bar that included some of the nicest brackets I have seen, which makes this a great value. THEY JUST FORGET TO MENTION THAT THIS BAR IS DRILLED FOR THE LARGER MAZDASPEED END LINKS. You might as well replace the links anyway, so make sure you buy the right ones. Thankfully I called Corksport and an actual employee with actual knowledge answered the phone, they overnighted the right links to me just in time for my track event!
I experienced a noticeable change in handling but nothing dramatic. I also paired this swaybar with whiteline adjustable endlinks since the stock endlinks looked like they needed to go.

This might be common sense but since it is quite stiffer, it will magnify any weak points in your rear suspension that you might already have just couldnt notice. In my experience, my rear shock mounts are rusted and rattle more with the swaybar on than before. Hopefully I can get rid of that rattle when I have enough for the corksport coilovers.
I installed his product about 2 weeks ago combined with the Corksport front sway bar and I must say the suspension feels so much grounded and the amount of road feel is amazing. Best part is that this stiffened my coilover suspension so everything feels tight and I've gone auto X with this product and it truly makes a difference in your steering! Must have
All I can say is if you want to improve handling, if you want to improved control this is what you need. You will immediately notice the change as soon as you start driving it is worth every penny and that's why I'm buying the front Swaybar ASAP. Get it you won't regret it.
I have had this in for around eight months and it has been decent. It was a bit harsh over bumps and it wore out my stock endlinks, something I knew was a Mazda weak point. This product is well made and easy to install, but it came I've once I got the mid chassis brace a few weeks ago. I guess this bar was so sturdy, that it brought out the weak point between it and the front, causing more flex than the factory brace could handle. Now my car seems to only be limited by the factory tires and springs.

This took a little while to install because of Mazda's endlink design, I replaced them with Moog heavier duty ones, but only because Corksports were out of stock at that time. With the quality of the mid chassis and this rear swaybar, I think I'll be picking up a few more pieces that make my car a go cart.
From the factory, my '12 Skyactiv 3 hatch had an annoying amount of understeer, so I bought this bar to replace it. Installation was easy and trouble free except that a bolt stripped the threads at the spec'd lb'ft with a torque wrench. Replaced with same size bolt and nut, set the bar to the stiffer setting, and done.

The difference is immediately noticeable. Turn-in is more immediate and controlled, cornering speed increases, and the car now feels just much more balanced. Driving a gravel road at speed is great fun. You can easily throw the back end out with some sharp steering inputs, but it's very controllable and never scary. When driving at high speeds in the wet (track) the slip is almost even, making the car almost feel like it's just moving sideways a little, with neither front not back out of balance.

One major flaw is noise. This thing is noisy no matter what I do. I've taken the bar off to regrease 4 times now in under two years. One very helpful fix is USE TEFLON TAPE around the bar where it meets the bushings. Along with a generous amount of silicone grease (I used SuperLube Silicone) this bought me around six months before it started squeaking again. If you don't use the tape, I get maybe a month before it's squeaking away again. It's annoying and embarassing, and the bar will have to come off when the car is sold so people don't think the car has problems.

For an enthusiast, this bar is great. It gives more control, more confidence, and more fun. Worth every penny. For an average joe who just wants to put parts on their car, be aware that this bar will require repeated maintenance to keep you sane. You've been warned.
Will this fit a 2006 mazda 3?
Three years of driving with the swaybar. Then bracket decided to shear off. hmmm, you guys should provide a thicker bracket next time.

CorkSport Reply:Give us a call, we would like to hear what happened, 360-260-2675
The mechanic said it was easy to install. I still haven't driven hard enough to test things out completely. That will come over time.
Edit to my earlier review. it was not my stock end links that were noisy but the bushings that came with the bar. the grease that came with it wore off after only a few weeks and squirting more in through the nipples till it came out the sides did nothing to quite it down so I replaced the grease with a few rounds of teflon tape and its been quite for months since. Next time I install a bar I am skipping the grease altogether and going straight for the tape.
I just put this in today and WOW. Love the turn it gives make such a HUGE difference over the stock one. Really good instructions as always and would recommend to everyone to get.

Only took about 40 min to install.
I love the turn in this bar gives me. The car is much more responsive now, great improvement at auto X. Only down side is that it makes my stock end links creak and groan like an old man's knees on every low speed turn on the stiffer setting. hoping new end links will fix this. Could not use the stock end links on the softer setting because they were hitting the control arm and making at thunk over every bump.
Noticed the difference right away and only on the softer setting. Didn't like the "Corksport" decal right where I needed to put the mounting hardware, it didn't survive the install. Maybe a painted on one would work better, not that I care, you'd have to be a mouse to be low enough to see it, haha.
Easy install. Took me less than 45 mins with one car jack and a couple of jack-stands.

The handling increase is amazing and on the stiffest setting compliments the CS Front Strut Bar superbly. I handle corners like nothing, anymore.

However I have one question I need to ask of CorkSport.

I'm looking to trade up from my current 2010 Mazda 3 to a 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3. Will this rear swaybar be compatible on the Speed 3?

CorkSport Reply:You can install the swaybar on a MS3 but it will not be much of an improvement over the stock bar. We recommend getting the Mazdaspeed 3 specific bar which offers a bigger upgrade.
Took about 30 minutes to install. Works great. Car feels more solid and very stable around corners.
I got this installed today on my 13 Mazda3 SkyActiv. Great product! The black bar looks like stock, but thicker (and adjustable). Easy install. I am running on the lowest setting, and it has great balance around corners. If you want to swing the rear around, you'll probably need to go for the firmer setting. I can't wait to wear out the stock tires (or run over something sharp) so I can put on some stickier rubber and really take advantage of this bar. Great product, and great support from the CorkSport team.
Got it.

Love it.

One of the most noticeable upgrades on my 3 skyactiv! Amazing response and makes driving more fun! Took about 45 min to complete the full install and it was a breeze. Great product CS!
Love it. Easy install and made a huge difference when turning tight corners with speed. Did an excellent job at tightening the car up.
Made a huge difference. Very happy with it. Well done CS.
Wow!! It took me around 30-35 min to install without lifting my mz3 . There is an instant and dramatic improvement over the stock sway bar. I used to top out at 80mph on this turn I take every day and now 80 mph is nothing on that one turn, I can take it at around 90-95 now with it on the middle setting and the car is still begging to be pushed farther! Great low price mod !! Extremely recommended by me!
Just purchased this swaybar from my local CS dealer. It took about an hour between start and finish and all I had was a single floor jack to do it with. Immediate, dramatic improvement over stock. Turn in is so much more crisp and you can feel the rear suspension working even more efficiently. By far one of the best bang-for-your-buck mods money can buy.
Never thought 15 min of work would change my car this much. It makes me want to speed through corners a lot more because I know that it can take it. the adjustment is great, I am able to change it for the days at the track or regular street driving.
Excellent product...but it came with the "Corksport" logo on the bar in the place directly under the swaybar mount. If anyone is under the car they'll see "Corksp". Why would you not put the sticker right in the middle???
Actual install took less than half an hour. Parts fit perfectly. Weight transfer to the outside front is so much more positive. Really nice.
Install took about 20 minutes even in the pouring rain. The item was not exactly as described in the details. It does not have the stops for the bushings. I took the vehicle out promptly after installing the part and I noticed a world of difference even on the recommended middle setting with stock springs. The car turns like never before and should do well in the upcoming season of SCCA autocross.
If you're on the fence about making the decision to purchase this swaybar, make the plunge. You will not be disappointed.

Very easy to install and it shouldn't take more than a couple hours, and that is from start to finish with plenty of breaks in between. I noticed a dramatic improvement over the stock swaybar and this was at the middle setting. Thanks Corksport.

Turn in is great, feels solid and being able to adjust it is very nice and easy.
awesome turnout on my 2010 mazda3 i 2.0
20 minutes to install on my 2010 Mazda5 (using air compressor). Great turn-in and neutral feel overall. This car also has AutoEXE springs on stock struts. This swaybar was set to the middle setting and is a perfect complement to the car. I like front wheel drive cars with stock front bars and bigger rear bars and this was perfect. Fitment was flawless too.
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