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Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley for Mazda 3 Skyactiv Engine

Price: $169.99
Price in points: What are Points?170 points
Reduce the rotating mass of your SkyActiv engine with CorkSport's crankshaft pulley for 2014+ Mazda 3 and 6.
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Add style and performance to your SkyActiv-powered Mazda with the CorkSport lightweight, crankshaft pulley.

The thoughtful design improves the throttle response and power of your Mazda, while adding a little more detail to your engine bay. Our replacement pulley fits the 2.0 and 2.5 Skyactiv-G gas engines for the following models:

  • 2014-2018 Mazda 3
  • 2014-2017 Mazda 6
  • 2013-2017 Mazda Cx5
  • 2016-2022 Mazda Cx3

It does not fit diesel engines.

Check out the video and outline of benefits below. Be sure to share a review of the pulley once you've installed and tested it out.

The CorkSport Advantage

CorkSport's Mazda 3 and 6 replacement crank pulley overtakes the OEM pulley.

Lightweight: The aluminum Mazda3 performance pulley weighs just 1.37 lbs, which is 2.88 lbs or 68% lighter than the OE Mazda component.

An overhead view of CorkSport's crank pully for 2014 Mazda 3 in the engine bay.

Performance: By decreasing the mass of the engine's rotating assembly, it helps increase throttle response, horsepower and torque.

Mazda aluminum crankshaft pulley

Material: Manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Finished with black anodizing for high strength, extreme durability, and sweet looks.

Additional Features

  • Computer-aided design: (FEA) Finite Element Analysis shows our pulley is tough and dependable, with a safety factor of 3.21.
  • Made in the USA: Engineered and manufactured by CorkSport in Vancouver, Washington.
  • SkyActiv Friendly: Designed to work with the latest SkyActiv engines the Crank Pulley is compatible with 2012-2013 Mazda 3s with the 2.0L SkyActiv Engine also.
  • CorkSport service and support: Includes a 2-year limited warranty, full-color installation instructions, and all necessary components. We provide knowledgeable telephone support at 360-260-2675.

Want to experience even more from your engine? Pair the crankshaft pulley with our Power Series exhausts, tailored for Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and Cx5.


How To Install The Crankshaft Pulley For Mazdas

It will take you 45 minutes to install your CorkSport Mazda crankshaft pulley with our easy-to-follow instructions.

I wouldn't say this is a "must have" modification, but you can definitely tell a difference coming up from idle that the engine is slightly more responsive. It seems to spool up just a tiny bit quicker but not a huge amount. It is noticeable though. A very well made piece as well.
This was one of my last bolt-on mods that I did to my Mazda 3. I was super impressed by this pulley upgrade. I immediately noticed significantly better throttle response and faster revs. I recommend replacing your belts while they're off to save yourself time in the future. Also, as others stated, an impact is a must, but at least Mazda made accessing the crank pulley super easy.
First tip to this mod: Impact gun. The breaker bar attempt cost me a day and kept me up far too late on a work night.

Other than that, belt removal and installation is relatively simple. This part is significantly lighter than the stock unit. Butt dyno recorded slightly better acceleration and the motor reacts a bit quicker to throttle inputs, especially from a stop. Unfortunately, the 2.0 is still slow, but a bit more fun to drive.
I've been looking at this for a while, but decided to pull the trigger when I had to replace my belt tensioner. My first drive with the new pulley was way better than I expected. After reading the reviews and talking to a few people I wasn't sure if I would notice anything, but the bottom end acceleration feels like it has a little life, finally. Not sure how this would do on an auto trans, but with my MT with the OV tune, short ram intake and the Corksport axle back exhaust it's definitely worth the $170.
Easy install and great quality, directions are pretty straight forward. Car responds better taking off which seems a bit less effort than before. I have about 5 Corksport parts on my car now and so far loving all of them.
Great lightweight design very easy to install. Very little on "gains" but can feel better throttle response
It's a light weight pulley. It's constructed well, very easy installation. I don't feel much gains from it. I'd say Very slight acceleration gain it's almost not even noticeable. Id say it's an expensive little part for such insignificant gains. What can you expect though, it's just a cool looking pulley.
First off, Corksport and the customer service is outstanding. I have most of the mods available for the 3rd gen Mazda 3.

The crank pulley has been on my radar for a while, my car has a tune and a throttle enhancement tune, That in combination with full bolt-ons. With all of that already done to my car, really brings out the potential in this crank pulley, the car revs slightly quicker which actually made a change in the tone of my exhaust that was noticeable.

The install is doable but it is a bear to remove the crank bolt, an impact is helpful, i had to heat the bolt and use a breaker bar with a heavy duty screw driver holding the pulley in place.

Tyler, from Georgia
Thanks CorkSport team for observing the ways to improve our Mazdas. I use several modes from them, which I find very useful. But in this particular case, I am not sure, the part as durable as it is said. My first concern is material it is made of. Where is this safety factor of 3.8 comes from? Stress concentrator driven? Obviously, the critical spot is at the interface, where the yield stress is at the highest level. But hey, we are talking about Aluminum + Steel. So I wouldn't look at the VM stress. I'd look at MAX shear stresses vs Shear ultimate value. And that one is lower that the yield even for heat treated to T6.
And of course that is just a pure static loading. But how about durability? Corrosion resistance on anodized Aluminum + Steel is not good. So you will have some corrosions issues with corresponding fatigue crack. Even on the soft 6061.
No, I wouldn't go with it unless it is done from Ti o it has some steel inserts. Or I would leave it as.
Love working with Corksport every step of the way. I recently installed this along with the Rear motor mount on my manual Mazda6 and I have to say it is a hell of a difference. ESPECIALLY if you car is already tuned. Both items only took about 20-30 minutes to install and the results were immediately more noticeable. The engine feels less restricted and revs up a little more freely. The throttle response also improved.
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Will this fit the 1.5L version of Mazda 3?

Asked by Chris | 06/23/2023, 05:47 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit the CX-3 2.0 Skyactiv Engine?

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Will this fit 2017 mazda 3 hatch Grand Touring 2.5l?

Asked by Melvin E Espinosa Jr. | 09/09/2021, 04:38 PM | 1 answer(s)

So, I can't seem to "walk" the water pump belt off the OEM pulley in the way the instructions suggest... any pro tips? I have a 2014 M6 AT. I'm pulling downward with a shop towel, but not able to turn the pulley.

Asked by Jason L | 04/25/2021, 02:45 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have seen that the crankshaft pulley can be installed in a 2013 skyactiv but which one should order the 2014+ model or the cx5 2013+ model

Asked by Byron Medina | 04/19/2021, 12:42 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hey will this fit a non turbo 2018 mazda 6?

Asked by Edward Mikell | 02/20/2021, 09:27 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit the Mazda CX-5 (KF) 2.0 SkyActiv-G 165 Spec ?

Asked by Matthew  | 12/12/2020, 07:29 AM | 1 answer(s)

Does this fit any of the Gen 4 Mz3 models like 2019 or 2020?

Asked by Marshall Janies | 12/12/2020, 10:19 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on a 2018 2.0 Mazda CX-5 KF

Asked by Tsz Wong | 11/20/2020, 08:16 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on a 2017 2.0 mazda3

Asked by Chris | 01/19/2019, 01:40 PM | 1 answer(s)

will this pulley cause wear and tear on my motor quicker? and is it ok to run it with the OEM motor mounts? i know the pros, but what are all the cons?

Asked by justyn | 11/12/2018, 09:16 PM | 0 answer(s)

What guarantee for these item?

Asked by Andrey | 10/14/2018, 02:45 PM | 1 answer(s)

do i need to do any programming modifications on the ECU after i add this pulley

Asked by Yasir Abdulla | 02/16/2018, 01:04 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this only work on a manual transmission or does it also work for automatic transmission (2.0L/2.5L) engine for Mazda 3 2014+?

Asked by Alec | 03/16/2018, 01:57 AM | 1 answer(s)

After install this will involve our engine mounting or NVH? Currently our Mazda3 Skyactiv have slightly vibrate when engine idle (mine idle at 700rpm) or make a full brake (20 to 0km/h) when acceleration, I'm sensitive with those vibrations if this can solve my problem (minimum vibration) that was a great choice for us.

Asked by Vin Poh | 10/01/2018, 06:53 AM | 0 answer(s)

Will this part fit on the 2016 cx3 AWD?

Asked by Joseph | 10/30/2017, 07:56 AM | 1 answer(s)

I've just installed CS crank pulley. Do I need andy considerations before using it? Can I force it to 6000rpm (Drag race for example)

Asked by juan manuel ingar | 06/03/2016, 09:28 PM | 1 answer(s)

Do you have seen the failed car that was fitted with a lightweight crank pulley shaft ?

Asked by Mr.sonic flied potato | 05/16/2016, 01:36 AM | 3 answer(s)

how do you remove with a auto transmission if you don't have access to an air gun? as you cant just push the brake like you can in a manual transission

Asked by Sam Martin | 06/20/2015, 05:27 AM | 11 answer(s)

Do I need to buy a new torque to yield bolt for installation?

Asked by John | 10/23/2015, 05:14 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hi does this fit Mazda 5 2.0L engine? Year is 2014

Asked by Brian | 10/23/2015, 01:47 AM | 1 answer(s)

Hello Team CorkSport, What is the diameter of this pulley?

Asked by Sonny | 10/15/2015, 03:36 PM | 1 answer(s)

Just curious. When I search Mazda 6 parts this doesn't show up. But under the mazda 3 page is says this part compatible with a mazda 6. Why doesn't it show up under the mazda 6 parts?

Asked by Mike Ashford | 07/19/2015, 09:39 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this work for the 2.5L in the 2014 Mazda 6. BTW I love how the car handles with your springs:-)

Asked by william | 05/28/2015, 07:02 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this cause an increase in wear on the engine (bearings, etc) since you're removing the factory harmonic balancer/dampener?

Asked by Gary | 05/19/2015, 01:21 AM | 1 answer(s)

Any point to purchase this for the automatic? Or will only for stick? Thanks!

Asked by Mikhail Radchuk | 03/24/2015, 11:28 AM | 1 answer(s)

with this pulley not having a harmonic balancer and being lighter will it have a negative affect on the engines idle especially in a automatic as they idle at 500rpm

Asked by Sam Martin | 03/21/2015, 09:46 AM | 1 answer(s)

Would this part be recommended for an Automatic? Being that the new part is 68% lighter than the original, will this cause the computer to start coding?

Asked by Juan | 03/03/2015, 04:27 AM | 1 answer(s)

Does Mazda 3 come with 1 or 2 pulley?

Asked by Nithiaaseelan | 02/10/2015, 04:46 PM | 1 answer(s)

Can you guys make one for second gen. 2.0L? How come no love for second gen 2.0L? 2.0 in second gen I think is the same as first gen. so you would kill two birds with one stone ;)

Asked by Maciek | 01/30/2015, 02:05 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will you be making one for the 2.3L or 2.5L 2010 models?

Asked by Chris | 01/20/2015, 05:34 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is there any HP or torque gains from this?

Asked by James | 01/18/2015, 07:28 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit the 2013 mazda 3 skyactiv 2.0 ?

Asked by Marcos | 01/15/2015, 04:28 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this light weight pulley the same size as original pulley and is it balanced ?

Asked by Jan | 12/26/2014, 10:01 AM | 1 answer(s)

Does this have a built-in harmonic balancer (damper)?

Asked by Justin L. | 12/20/2014, 09:02 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit on a standard 2.0L for a 2010 Mazda 3

Asked by Bodie | 12/22/2014, 12:16 PM | 1 answer(s)

I notice your answer about but the description says I fits the S models. Does it fit all 2013 Mazda 3 models?

Asked by Joseph | 12/19/2014, 09:05 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a 2012 mazda 3 Skyactiv or will you guys be making one?

Asked by Joshua | 12/17/2014, 05:17 PM | 1 answer(s)
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