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The Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide

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Finally, someone made it easy to figure out exactly how to get the most performance out of your Mazda .
Written with the beginner/intermediate enthusiast in mind, the Ultimate Mazda Performance guide shows you step by step how to build the Mazda of your dreams. With detailed pictures and input from industry experts, this guide gives you the latest information available complete with the latest available technologies in the performance market. Everything from what to modify and why is covered, along with topics such as: the history of Mazda, styling, technical and production facts and where to get the items you want and need. From Rotary to SkyActiv, the Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide will show you how to get the very most out of your Mazda.

The CorkSport Advantage:
  • Informative: THE book on Mazda performance. The only current Mazda performance book on the market designed specifically towards building exactly the car you want.
  • Handbook Format: With a convenient size and a spiral binding, this book is perfect on the go or on your tool chest
  • More than just mods: A comprehensive source of vendors, forums, terminology and technical data
  • Staged Upgrades: Outline your mods in an easy to follow path to maximize your bang for the buck
  • Comprehensive: Over 160 pages of in-depth knowledge you can actually use
  • Mod Cards: Easily allow you to learn about popular mods and what they do
  • Full Color: Hundreds of photos to show you exactly what to look for
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Assurance that you are getting THE resource on Mazda performance and backed by CorkSport

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Would this book cover the 2012 Mazda 2?
After I read it I notice that this is a book for rookies. A bit disappointed.
This is a book for tuners starting out. Content covered is done very well and organized. Derrick is the one to listen to if you want or need advise. He is here answering phone...the owner answering questions! Where else could you have that kind of committment from a tuner/ r and d shop? I dont know of any. Derrick is not going to steer you wrong. He will give you the best advise for your mazda and for your budget. What ever it may be. Corksport knows more about mazda then mazda. I work for mazda and i call corksport for knowledge and advise. Derrick...a mazda hero...and everyone else that works there.
Does it specifically covers the 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6?
Love to read your input on new gismos for my MS6.I am going to get the new book so I can see what to do next.
Great information for the DIYer! Just one problem: it lists a cold air box as a non-turbo stage II upgrade, yet I can only find it for the Mazdaspeed 3 (which is turbocharged). Am I looking in the wrong place? Please help!!
Does it have a section on 2013 Skyactiv

CorkSport Reply:The Skyactiv models are discussed.
I am in the UK and have a CX5 2.2 litre diesel 175bhp.20013.

I want to fit the axle back Cork Sport exhaust but need to know if it will fit the right hand drive car?

Please advise

CorkSport Reply:Our exhaust fits RHD but we have not been able to test fit in a diesel model, they are not available in North America yet.
Very short but informative read. I think you did a good job briefly explaining how some mods offer more in pairs than if added alone. Thanks for taking the time to write. Great read for those teens out there just getting into cars or getting a Gen1 of their own.
2004 and up, damn I'm not covered. 2003.5
Does this guide help with the regular 2010+ MZ3 or just the 2010+ MS ?

CorkSport Reply:It helps out with all models of 2004 and up.
Does it cover the CX7?

CorkSport Reply:The book does not have a Cx7 specific section.
It is a Nice guide for mazda parts !!
Wish I had this book 6 months ago. Derrick is to be commended for a very well laid out and informative read. Thanks.
As usual I have nothing but good to say about a CS product. Just finished reading this book and It covers almost anything a "novice" or "beginner" would need to know. (maybe even a refresh on some "seasoned" tuners) Was very happy to see a break down of each mod and an explanation of each as well. Thanks CS (or maybe derrick? lol) for a great read and also helping me plot out my next mods from CS!
Very informative. Great starting place for anyone who is thinking about modifying their Mazda. This book investigates both the pros and cons of each mod which is sometimes hard to come by. One of the guys from Corksport actually personally delivered this book to me in order to save me money on shipping. It is this kind of behavior that showcases their dedication to customer service. Thanks!
Great read. Very informative and the quality of the book is superb. Recommend this book to any Mazda fans out there.
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