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Mazdaspeed MZR Bypass Valve

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Add performance and style while protecting your turbo with the Patent Pending CorkSport Mazdaspeed MZR Bypass Valve. Using an innovative patent pending design utilizing a wave spring, we were able to reduce the spring height of the OEM Bypass Valve by 50%. This size reduction provides the same amount of force, while accelerating the speed of the valve. By increasing speed the Bypass Valve effectively increases the life of your turbo by preventing premature wear since the BPV can safely move at speeds 33% faster than stock or other valves. With the extra space allowed by the spring we were able to increase piston size by over 30%. The increase in size means the bypass valve has a larger venting area, which reduces the time it takes to vent air, allowing larger turbos better venting. Together the smaller size of the spring, and the piston redesign means the body of the valve was reduced. This means you don't have to worry about interference with key parts such as airboxes, custom turbos, intercooler kits, or other modifications that might need the room. Thanks to these innovations the patent pending CorkSport Mazdaspeed MZR Bypass valve will be a welcome addition to any turbocharged engine bay.

*This kit comes with everything you need to upgrade from your factory BPV*

The CorkSport Advantages:
  • Larger Piston Area: Increased piston area allows greater venting.
  • 50% Decrease in Spring Size: Smaller spring is 33% faster at reacting
  • Made from billet aluminum: For a light weight and durable build.
  • Compact Size: Patent pending design uses less space compared to the OEM bypass valve means you have more room for modifications.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a two year limited warrantly, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support.

  • Patent Pending

    Install time                  1/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

Worked fine for about 2 years, then the wave spring broke in 2 places. still sort of worked and took a bit to figure out why the release had become so sudden. MS6 is stock except for SRI, and boost is never over 15.5. Unreliable.
Happy to have purchased this gem, very easy to install; I drive a 2008.5 Speed 3. I also purchase and installed the silicone bpv hose at the same time.
I have a 2012 Mazda 3 MPS (Mazdaspeed 3). Installed this about 10 months ago and did around 15,000km on it. I've got a stage 1 custom tune with intake mods only. About a week ago, I noticed a drop in performance with an audible whistling noise whilst on the throttle at low RPM (which I'm pretty sure was boost leaking from the BPV). Venting sound of the BPV also became more drawn out (as opposed to a quick, efficient whoosh). Removed the BPV and opened it up to have a look and found that the spring for the piston was completely broken into 3 parts. My car is driven sensibly and not thrashed. Not happy at all with the quality. Purchased a Turbosmart Kompact BPV and installed today and the car feels great again. Puts me off buying more stuff from Corksport. Don't usually like to leave negative reviews but this really irked me, sorry. Better off buying a cheaper valve in my opinion.

***CorkSport Reply: Kev W contact us so we can help you out via telephone or via email contact here on our webpage ***
Quieter than stock, but wow does it perform!
Super easy to install, make sure gasket is lined up and just torque down to 7 ft/lbs(80-85 inch/lbs), transfer the vacuum/boost hose from the plastic OEM BPV nipple to the CS metal (super strong never gonna snap) nipple along with the bypass hose and yer set for s\anything but a crazy 10k engine/turbo build.

Fast response, good reliability, some increased turbo life. And full Sleeper Action. Gotta love it!
LOVE the new sound this BOV and SRI added to King_6. I only wish the blow off could be louder... Thanks CS! Next in line is my fuel pump internals.

Awesome product. Much crisper pressure release and sound compared to stock BPV. Very happy with this BPV. Highly recommend!
Great product. Way better then stock. A must have upgrade.. Click Buy!
Great looking piece of kit. I dig it. Love the sound of it. The buttometer says the throttle response is more linear, particularly at the lower end, and the power seems to come on a bit stronger and carries through the revs nicely. Recommended.
Worth every cent! better response and with more mods I do, I don't have to worry about issues the stock unit may cause like leak and slow response with higher boost levels.
The BPV installed in about 5 minutes with no issues. The car is also running a CS SRI with turbo inlet. Everything else is stock. The car holds boost better into the high RPMs. The car also spools back up between gear changes faster which makes the car faster overall. The sound is slightly sharper than the stock BPV though no louder but with a muted whistle on low-pressure discharges. This was an excellent upgrade to my 2012 MS3.
Was so easy to install, and made a difference for holding boost at low throttle. Wish I had bought this sooner!
Holds boost, sounds like a canary at part throttle, comes apart easily for cleaning.

Only gripe is that the 6 screws that hold it together were rusted within 6 months...

All I have to say is WOW. Huge difference. Get rid of your stock valve and get this bad boy. My turbo pulls strong throughout the entire powerband now, didn't know what I was missing out on. Another fantastic part from CS.
This is definitely an outstanding product!!!!! You get performance and sound at the same time. My car is running much stable in boost. Really quick boost recovery due to fast operation of valve. The beautiful black stealth finish is really nice and looks good on the engine bay. I was surprised on how great this valve sounds. For being a bpv not a bov, it sounds pretty pronounced and very aggressive when wot. For those of you who want best performance drivability and a touch of sound, this is the valve for you. I regret not buying it before! No other valve is faster on the market right now! Don't think about it twice, just pull the plug and purchase this valve for your MS3, trust me, you won't regret it. The guys at corksport have an outstanding support, I was called by Spencer a few days after, just to make sure everything with the product was going as expected and this speaks for itself about the outstanding customer service they have. Spencer, Dereck, Brandon etc. they all are great at what they do. Corksport keep on making top notch products.

Thumbs up for corksport for such great bypass valve for the ms3.!!!!

Ok, you have read all of this review and the rest of the reviews so go do yourself a favor, pick up the phone and place an order for this valve. When you get it, you are going to regret not ever buying it before.
Installation was incredibly easy. Looks great, feels great, sounds incredible with my CorkSport SRI. Must buy!
Another great product from this fantastic performance parts specialist. A lot better than the standard BPV, sounds cool too.
Great looking product. Easy install. CorkSport had me sold by telling me this product increases the life of my turbo. With all the performance mods, I wanted to take every precaution to keep my engine safe at the same time. Make sure you transfer the stock rubber gasket to your new CS MZR BPV.
I have enjoyed all my corksport upgrades, and this one is no different! Boost holds firm and releases in a very mature sound, quality is superb, and is a super easy install! Buy this for your MS3!
Very nice piece of equipment, stock-looking (which was a prerequisite for me), and comes with everything needed. Installed in under 5 minutes, since nothing needed modification, moving or altering. In my case, the noise is even more quiet than the stock (though my stock BPV probably had a small leak due to increased boost levels, which caused some noise under certain circumstances). The new BPV holds boosts better, which allows the car to start pulling harder, better and in lower rpms than before. So in my case it was two birds with one stone, fixed the leaking stock BPV and at the same time achieved better performance and boost curves!
So easy to install that I did it on my 15 minute break in the parking lot of my office. This thing is a quick as it is advertised. very responsive. Holds boost very well and looks great. Its got a really nice low profile look and makes a pretty original sound above 10psi. Way better than the Forge sword clanging sound, in my opinion.
Another kick-ass Corksports component. Far better than stock and improves the efficiency of the turbo without a doubt. Not loud and obnoxious at all, just does it's job so you can do yours. Parts like this should have been stock in the first place! Can beat the performance, size, and price for what you get! A+
Just installed this in the driveway today, extremely easy to yourself. Instructions were as always spot on and helpful ;)

I had absolutely no idea how bad that plastic oem bypass was leaking...this should be your very 1st purchase performance-wise, don't shop around or look anywhere else just add this to your cart and you can thank me later with corksport points. ;)
Great improvement to the smoothness of the power. The stock unit must have been trash. Power was surging and erratic. Installed this valve and the difference is night and day. So smooth and holds boost strong and steady. Makes driving the car a joy.
Can I combine this with my SRI stage 1 ? Did I absoletely need the accessport ?
Definitely a must especially with the SRI & TIP. Mine sounds a little different from the video, might have a small boost leak since don't have the stock gasket on. Maybe? Either way love it and you could definitely feel the difference. Even my girlfriend like it. #everythingcorksport
Sounds awesome. I combined it with the SRI/TIP combo and it sounds awesome and can tell a huge difference. Must buy.
Sounds awesome. I combined it with the SRI/TIP combo and it sounds awesome and can tell a huge difference. Must buy.
Wow! what amazing product from CorkSport. Many of people are convinced that the stock bpv hold boost better. Well there wrong. CorkSport bpv is 100 times better than stock. The build, the sound, and how it holds boost. I don't know how the one dude gave 3 stars. The feel and sound is notice. Thanks to another great product CorkSport!
Just installed. Fit and finish is top quality. I think it took 15 minutes to install. Sounds great and feels better then the stock. Holding boost better then the stock. Thanks Corksport.
I could not beleive the improvement over the stock BPV. The spool up is so much quicker and the sound is great. it holds boost all the way. I am very impressed with this product. Not to mention the price is very good.
Does this bypass valve recirculate ?
just installed the MZR bypass valve on my mazda 3 mps,thankyou lads from corksport it sounds great.much better than standard one.

ive ordered the MZR bypass valve,is it lounder than the stock valve ?
Has held up perfectly to 21p.s.i. for me, and much more for other users. Far quicker boost recover over OEM. Super quick dump to re circulation. You won't find a better performing BPV for this price point, even for ones costing over twice as much.
I have the same question, if this BPV is better than de Forge, i have Corksport SRI
Will this BPV make any sound change with the stock air intake system?
To tell you the truth i did not see or feel much significant change after i install corsport bpv
wow, this lil sucker is quiet! as quiet or quieter than my stock bpv. very well designed and compact too. lots of space left for a big intake or something of that nature. install took less than 5minutes too. so easy!! thanks CS!! you guys rock!
Amazing product!! Easy installation and it sounds great! The video doesn't serve justice to this bypass valve. It sounds very good in person. Highly recommended for anyone that has a Mazdaspeed3/6.
Amazing product!! Easy installation and it sounds great! The video doesn't serve justice to this bypass valve. It sounds very good in person. Highly recommended for anyone that has a Mazdaspeed3/6.
Super easy install, quality sound but yet not too loud. Holds boost well: my cobb log said I'm hitting 16.79psi, on a stg1 tune for 93oct thats suppose to peak at 16.5psi. Keep on making speed3 parts for the 1st gen! thanks yet again corksport for your excellent products and support!
Has this been tested on the corksport fmic? How does it sound and perform with the fmic?

CorkSport Reply:It has been tested with our CS FMIC and it works great. The sound is a good sounding whoosh.
Is this CARB legal?
Again another awesome product from Corksport. High quality, easy install, big improvement, now that this is on my car the BPV leaking has stopped, So I am getting much quicker spool and alot better holding of boost.
I cant believe how much boost my stock valve was leaking! I thought my boost gauge was just crappy but after I installed this, I finally hit target levels! not only that, but I love how small this is!
does it require tuning???...I plan on getting the bypass valve along with stage 2 intake...

CorkSport Reply:no tune required with the valve install.
Is this better than the forge bpv? Which one has a louder noise? I still have the stick intake.
Would this BPV work better than the Forge with my Corksport SRI?

CorkSport Reply:Give us a call, the term work is pretty broad.
It sounds sick I want to try it!

Oh guy with the GT turbo, it worries me that your not to sure why your bov isnt opening ... the only way im saying that is because 1. Its bad if it isnt opening

2. It probably hopefully is just guessing youve got a bypass hose hooked up and u just cant hear it

3. Do you have any supporting mods to backup your not stock turbo, or who did you get the car from I'll trade you for a ko4 with a workin hks ssqv lV :)

4. If you some how managed to put that in your self just take your bov/bpv off only takes like 5 minutes to take it off, squish squish the piston ands see if it moves, then loosen the top bolt till its not so hard (lol).

5.get a oil catch can!!!

6.or you can sell the turbo just sayin, cough/nudge/wink/wink.

7. Refer to 6.
I just installed the new MZR bypass valve on my 2012 Speed 3 and all I can say is wow! The turbo spool time is significantly reduced and the new bypass valve holds boost all the way to redline unlike the stock one. The sound is not very pronounced, but then again I still have the stock intake. This may change with an aftermarket intake. There were no funny sounds as others have noticed, but I did compress the piston quite a few times before installing so this may have helped. Personally, I prefer function over sound any day, so this was a huge win in my book.
How many PSI for this spring ?
i have a gt3076r my current bov i feel like is not let air go through like its supposed to any reviews on big turbos will this bov be help full
agreed ....sound clip.......also ....does it require maintenance I.E lube
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Can I use a gasket instead of o-ring if desired, the BPV I am replacing uses gasket type. Thank you V/R Anthony

Asked by Anthony | 09/08/2019, 02:55 PM | 1 answer(s)

do i need to get a gasket to place it in between the manifold and BPV?

Asked by DAVID | 04/12/2019, 03:23 PM | 1 answer(s)

heard that bypass valves can affect engine longevity, is that the case?

Asked by Jesse | 06/04/2018, 11:46 AM | 0 answer(s)

Can I use air tool oil to relubricate the piston and rings like the vta valve? Or is there a better option?

Asked by Terrell Blackman | 11/07/2017, 07:43 AM | 1 answer(s)

Can you please tell me if this comes pre lubed? Thanks

Asked by Daniel Blanchfield | 09/26/2016, 04:56 PM | 1 answer(s)

Just to verify, this will pass smog in California?

Asked by Garrett  | 12/19/2016, 12:53 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this bpv better then the mazdaspeed 3 duel vta bpv?

Asked by Eden | 12/20/2016, 06:30 AM | 1 answer(s)

Would this fit my stock 2008 ms3?

Asked by Pascal Cadieux | 10/30/2016, 02:44 PM | 0 answer(s)

I am pretty sure my stock valve is leaking at bout 19PSI. While I am using the stock turbo now I may want to upgrade later and increase the boost. I want to know how much boost this valve is designed to hold. I understand that it vents fast and that is great, but I want to make sure it also holds boost. If it sounded like Stock I would like it better, just not a fan of drawing additional attention. Thanks Jon

Asked by Jon Gatewood | 05/22/2016, 05:17 PM | 3 answer(s)

What boost PSI will this valve hold and is it adjustable?

Asked by Jon Gatewood | 05/13/2016, 07:46 AM | 3 answer(s)

Will this fit on my 2010 Mazda 3 even if it doesn't have turbo?

Asked by Travis Certeza | 04/08/2016, 03:58 PM | 0 answer(s)

Will this bpv work with if I have stock intake with box?

Asked by marty03 | 04/08/2016, 11:43 AM | 0 answer(s)

Will this part fit an 08 cx7 awd

Asked by Joseph | 02/24/2016, 10:35 PM | 1 answer(s)

I do not hear any sound? is this normal?

Asked by Francisco Sanchez | 02/23/2016, 04:26 PM | 1 answer(s)

Do you really have to clean it every 6 months?My stock 2013 which I got with 3 Miles on it now has 9500 Miles in two years has never been cleaned.

Asked by Kirk | 07/22/2015, 11:17 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is it possible under low pressue for the valve to not open up. At idle ill rev to 3k i get a whistle that unwinds as the rpms do almost sounds like compressor surge.

Asked by Stephen Duran | 06/30/2015, 10:17 PM | 1 answer(s)

Would like to know if this particular bpv would fit and work properly on 2006 ms6 being that the Ms3 has the same motor and turbo?

Asked by Damien | 06/15/2015, 08:52 AM | 1 answer(s)

how does the CS BPV compare to the Forge V2 BPV? and why CS over Forge? thanks for the help.

Asked by Michael  | 04/13/2015, 08:39 AM | 1 answer(s)

if I added this bypass valve to my stock car (only have an axle back exhaust from corksport) would I need to get an access port as well as have it tuned or would this function perfectly fine without an access port and or tune?

Asked by Dustin Mauger | 03/03/2015, 07:17 PM | 1 answer(s)

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