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2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 Short Shift Plate and Shifter Bushings

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Shorten your shifter throw, and make shifting a tighter, smoother experience. With the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Short Shift Plate you can improve the precision and performance of your shifter, and the included shifter bushings keep the Speed3 shifter from moving excessively while changing gears. Designed for both generations of Mazdaspeed3

The CorkSport Advantage

    Mazdaspeed 3 Short ShifterLess Movement: tighten your shifter base by replacing the stock rubber bushings with solid aluminum pieces.

    Feel the difference: Reduce the throw by 20-40% to improve your shifting experience for your driving style.

    The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Counterweight Included: choose the lighter counterweight for added responsiveness, or your stock weight for a heavier feel
  • Shift Plate Made from CNC Machined Steel: with powder coated finish for durability
  • CAD designed and precision machined: for exacting fitment
  • Adjustable: Reduce the throw by 20% to 40% to customize your shifting experience
  • Self Locking Bolts: Pre-applied locking patch bolts included with shifter plate
  • Bushings Made from billet aluminum: for a long lasting durable finish
  • CorkSport Support and Service: Receive full 2 year warranty all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support. Takes 15-20 minutes to install

  • Short Shift Plate Instructions

    Shifter Bushing Instructions

highly recommend getting the short shift plate and bushings. Very easy install removing the old bushing a little annoying. but its worth it. Feels great smooth short shifts love it. I honestly wish i did this sooner
Absolutely worth, close to S2000 feeling!
Installation of the SSP and the bushings was totally easy, like 20 mins, maybe 30 in total.
I've set the throw to the middle position, which should be about 30% shortage. LOVE it!
I was surprised how much of a difference this made
I just installed these on my 2011 Mazda speed 3. I love it, the throw is a lot better and you can deff get into gear much faster. Was an easy install but the instructions was to clear on how to install the plate. There’s no good videos in your tube on how to do it but if you have any mechincal skills you’ll be fine.
Yet again another excellent product from Corksport. Shifter plate was extremely easy, now the bushings...huge pain in the ass with lots of cuss words. Patience and needle nose pliers are a must! I set my shifter plate to 40% and used stock counter weight for a more solid feel. Shifts are short and precise and gear box is tight and secure for aggressive shifts. A must buy especially for the price!
Great product, super easy to install both the shift plate and the bushings took me about 30 mins total. 40% reduction feels great and the bushings add a good touch to the shifting. always loved what you guys do. Keep up the great work????
Absolutely wonderful product. Like so many other customers, the rear bushings are the toughest. If you push on the bushing while installing it, it'll click into the shifter base, making install so much easier. The short shift plate is wonderful and easy to install. I went straight to 40% reduction and used the supplied weight and I love it. This should be your first upgrade in my opinion since you are always shifting. Great job CS.
By far the best kit to buy lighter throw accurate shifts. When paired with all 3 motor mounts missing gears do not happen. My shifting has also gotten considerably faster especially from first to second. Great quality product.
such a nice mod! it works amazing and make shifting so much fun.
Worth every dime. Should've done this a long time ago.
Shorter throws and smother solid shifting, you get used to the changes quick and hardly notice the difference anymore but it's worth buying for shifting better I think
A must have mod for your MS3. Great quality product. Very easy to install. I highly recommend the leather shift knob with this setup, just takes shifting to another level.
I installed both of them this past weekend on my 2010 Speed 3. Instructions were pretty straight forward. Like many have said, the bushings were a pain but I managed to get them in without losing any washers. Shift plate went in without a hitch. I tried it with the lighter shift weight but didn't like the feel, so I switched back to the stock weight and now its golden! Shifting feels much tighter now, no more slop!
Both the SSP and Bushings are very easy to install and provide instant feedback and response even if you start out at 20% shorter throw, work your way up to 40% and find your sweet spot. Try both the OEM shift weight and the CS weight with the SSP, using a heavier or lighter weight is a very personal thing.

As long as you pull your stock airbox out (or your filter with a SRI) you will have plenty of room to install the SSP, it's simple, CS's directions/instructions are the best in the biz.

The Shifter Bushings are a little more challenging to install, just because you have less room for the 2 rear Shift-Cage bolts. Remove the 2 center console panels, and just be careful not to drop any of the 4 mounting bolts, the old (rubber w/ metal collar) or new (aluminum) CS bushings, or any of your tools. Use a screwdriver and pry from inside of the stock bushings to get em out. and carefully install you CS bushings and bolts to make sure everything lines up and you don't drop anything.

The solid aluminum shifter bushings take out almost all of the rubber slack or 'give' in your shift cage, and with motor mounts, this all adds ups significantly to reduce shift throws and the spongy feeling of the stock bushings is gone.

For $80, this is one of the most noticeable and constantly used upgrades you can get for your MS3. Regardless off what kind of driving you do, you are ALWAYS shifting up and down, you will love this product, it makes your MS3 feel almost like a mx-5, every gear is a wrist flick away..
Excellent product. I got the bushings and the short shift plate and I can't believe the difference in shifting feel. It feels brand new and at 30% reduction shifts are fast and short with no grind. I did prefer the feel of the stock weight and ended up putting it back on, but overall I definitely recommend this product.
Great hardware set and it definitely made a nice improvement in shifting and stability of the base. I currently have mine set to about 35% reduction, but will probably go all the way to 40%. Easy install but those bushings can be a bit tricky and slippery on the chassis. I ended up using a bit of glue just to keep the bottom bushing from sliding around and lined it up with the bolts before securing the whole assembly. Removing the entire shift housing could've made it easier, but the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Definitely a worthy mod. Shifts are dramatically shorter, mine is set at the full 40, even the girlfriend loves it! It is a little more stiff when engaging in gear but its nothing to steer you away from the product. The toughest part was getting the factory bushings out, still not a very difficult install. Get it!
This should be one of the first if not the first thing you should do to the Mazdaspeed 3! It's cheap and it makes the car so much more enjoyable to drive. At the max reduction, throws are comically short (little difference between 1st and 5th) but rewarding to shift. There is a little more effort required to shift, but the bushings help the the gears snick into place; second gear audiblly makes a snicking noise. Installation of the short shifter couldn't be easier, but the bushings...well make sure you have a way to retrieve any washers or bushings which fall down (at least one will). I have a corksport washer lost somewhere between the carpeting and metal of my car.
Just installed the shifter plate and bushings. The shifter plate install only requires the removal of the air box. This install took me about 20 minutes to get the vehicle on the road. The bushing were also an easy install. Both of these products really changed the way I shift and I love it. I set my plate on 40% reduction and now do not have to raise my are off of the arm rest to shift through all gears. Love both of these products.
Had these installed and wow! Can you feel the difference! Much solid shifting and locks in a lot better. I had it set at 40% and it was perfect! Thanks Corksport for a quality product!
For the short time that it was installer I enjoyed this piece alot. Had abit of problems getting some gears in, after adjusting about 2-3 times I decided to look elsewhere and realized that my shifter cable was broken. Had to remove the SSP and off to the dealer we go.
I installed this on my 13 speed 3. I installed both shift plate and new counter weight. The shift plate is great and you can definitely tell a difference when going through the gears. The smaller counter weight I just switched back out with the stock. If you like the lighter shifting then I recommend the lighter weight. Just preference really. Great product though and definitely recommend it.
I know this is à dumb question but will this fit on mazda3sport 2010

But they look the same . I really like to know it this setup will fit ! I hope it will .
Every Mazdaspeed needs this! You can't complain about the price for both of these products. The shifting is nearly perfect now. Installation was very easy, Corksport provides very simple, step-by-step instructions. When installing the shifter plate, I recommend leaving the stock counterweight on, it makes shifting more smooth. When installing the bushings, push the stock rubber bushing through to the other side with a screw driver. Very simple and quick install. Buy the rear motor mount from Corksport to go with it!
Hi, i instal the SS plate and at first i set it up to about 25% with no counterweight. It was ok not more. I had problem to get into 4th gear sometime. Today i instal the CS counterweight and set my plate all the way to 40%. This is perfect. Wow
will this fit for mazda3 sport 2010 ? cause i really like the short shift plate.

Shift plate super easy to install, bushings was a bit tricky but got them all in at the end. Don't remember if its recommended but I would recommend just unscrewing all the stock bushings and lifting the whole shifting cage. Love the feeling over stock.
Installation of the SHIFT PLATE was very easy and straight-forward. The bushings are a little trickier, especially since the directions don't step-by-step explain how to remove the old bushings.

Grab a pair of needle-nose pliers and a large flat head screwdriver. Once you have removed the 10mm bolts, grab the metal inner piece of each bushing with the needle-nose pliers. This will allow you to use your flat head screwdriver to fold in the top of the rubber OEM bushing and push it through the bottom. Then, simply install the CORKSPORT replacements as indicated by their instructions.

My only real gripe with this combination is reverse feels a bit vague, but with more use, you'll adjust to the short clicky sensation of the shift plate.

I have mine set just a bit beyond 20%.
Just installed the other day! Took me about five minutes to install the shift plate and counterweight, and about 10 minutes to install the bushings. Both are very easy to install, and it makes a world of difference in shifting!
Easy install and gray part from corksport now shifting feels more solid and not sloppy.
Another great product from Corksport. Easy installation and very good material. Shifting is now as stiff as it should be :)
Got my 2007 Speed 3 in October 2012. My only real complaint about the car has been the shifter; it was stiff, had a long throw, and was sloppy. You simply must install these bushings (removes slop from giant, squishy stock bushings) and the plate and the lighter counterweight (creates short, crisp shifts). Combine this with some Motocraft synthetic transmission fluid (reduces stiffness) and it absolutely becomes the shifter it should have been from the factory. Initially I put it at about 30% when I first installed the plate, but then adjusted to the full 40% and that is the sweet spot. Now shifting is a joy. Many thanks.
Great products! Shift plate was super easy install! Bushings were a little more difficult to put in but still easy to do. 30 min install for both products
This kit works great! The shifts are shorter and more positive. This kit offers you the flexibility to adjust the weight and throw of the shifter just how you like it. The shipping was super fast and the quality of the parts is top notch.

If you have an SRI, the shift plate install is a breeze. However grab a friend to help you with the bushing install, it makes it much easier.

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Will this kit still fit with stock airbox set up? I had a JBR one currently that won't let the car shift into 5th & 6th with the stock airbox pushed all the way down into place.

Asked by Michael Barnes | 06/30/2018, 10:26 PM | 1 answer(s)

Well this fit the mazda 3 as well or it just for the mazdaspeed 3

Asked by Victor | 01/28/2018, 09:23 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hello just wondering if this will fit on a 2005 Mazda 3 2.3L thanks!

Asked by Kevin Kelly | 09/23/2017, 07:08 AM | 1 answer(s)

Hello, I have a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. My 2nd gear pops out sometimes under deceleration because of bad synchros im sure. If i install this entire kit, will it help, hinder, or not make a difference in how easily it stays in gear?

Asked by B. Bailey | 11/25/2016, 12:14 PM | 1 answer(s)

Can I use the stock shifter.

Asked by Kyle  | 02/10/2016, 06:06 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a 2012 skyactive 3?

Asked by Tyler | 06/06/2015, 06:25 AM | 1 answer(s)

In the instructions, it says not all cars can run the 40% reduction. Just curious, which cars won't be able to? I'm wanting to get this for my '13 MS3 USDM

Asked by Steven | 05/07/2015, 07:56 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hi there, does this fit a Japanese imported RIGHT Side Driving Mazda?

Asked by Jackson | 01/23/2015, 02:45 AM | 1 answer(s)

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