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CorkSport Lanyard

Price: $6.99
Price in points:  What are Points? 7 points

These high quality lanyards are made from something we have patented as "Angry Silk". It is silk that has been harvested from CorkSport silkworms that have been verbally abused their whole lives. They produce a stronger silk that has never been produced until now. The tensile strength is well capable of holding your car keys(with a remote!) or even a name tag if that's what you are in to.

*All silkworms were only verbally abused and were not physically harmed in order to make these fantastic lanyards. They were also compensated for their labor.

The CorkSport advantage
  • Quality Key ring for easy key mounting
  • Style Screen printed logo for a bold look
  • Quality and Style Black or Blue. Either way, you have made a solid choice
  • Lanyard is not made of silk** it's a regular style high quality lanyard**

  • Please do not wear to bed **choking hazard WARNING**
    Caution ⚠️ lanyard is not breakaway. Safewords and gestures recommend
    Blue has held up for about 10 months working in dusty warehouses, helps to clean from time to time but the fabric is holding and letters aren't fading.
    People, buy them up before the silkworms unionize!

    Got the black one it's sick, corksport make red one!
    i love you
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