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Mazdaspeed Exhaust Donut

Price: $17.99
Price in points:  What are Points? 18 points

Manufactured from quality materials, the CorkSport Exhaust Donut won’t burn, shrink or leak, ensuring a proper seal.The replacement CorkSport Exhaust Donut is made to fit the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3color> and Mazdaspeed 6color> CorkSport Downpipe and Mazdaspeed 3 80mm Racepipe.color>

Note the ID of the donut is 76.5mm

Junk, this thing didn't fit on the CS race pipe properly and started unraveling, I forced it on until I could buy a replacement, I found one on ebay for about the same price that is made way better in my opinion and installed perfectly. Seriously this thing is a couple of metal rings held together by foil and some wire mesh.
hahaha @ Dan Wigglestein
When I installed these bad boys, I immediately noticed a difference in the way my seatbelt latched, the click sounds like a trigger, bang! Now for the donut, I usually prefer glazed but this one was all shiny, I had to get a bite of this! When I but into it, it instantly chipped my tooth, I thought to myself, wait a minute! This is a donut for an exhaust, duh!!!
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