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Mazdaspeed DISI Silicone Bypass Valve Hose

Price: $39.99
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Mazdaspeed DISI Silicone Bypass Valve HOse
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Mazdaspeed 3 silicone bypass hose with t-bolt clamps

Specifically designed and tested for the Mazda MZR DISI 2.3L turbo engine, the CorkSport DISI Silicone Bypass Valve Hose is made from four-ply reinforced high quality silicone for a strong flexible connection that will allow for ideal flow from the bypass valve to the turbo inlet pipe.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Fitment:2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6.
  • Custom formed for perfect fitment: Molded in the shape of the OEM hose, the CorkSport Bypass Valve Hose is designed to be a clamp-in replacement for the stock non-reinforced rubber hose
  • Five Layer Silicone Part: Contains four layers of reinforcement for a strong yet flexible connection that will not deteriorate over time and crack like the conventional stock rubber hose
  • Available in three color options: Complete the look of your engine bay by matching the hose color to your CorkSport SRI silicone connectors and boost tubes
  • Replacement Clamps: Includes 2 durable replacement T-Bolt style clamps.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support

NOTE: **We do not recommend installation with the COBB turbo inlet pipe*

How To Install Mazdaspeed DISI Silicone Bypass Valve

It will take you approx. 1 hour to install.

1 Hour Install Time

1 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



Link to a step installation instructions for the Mazdaspeed DISI Silicone Bypass Valve

Just fyi for you CX-7 guys this part doesn't fit quite right. I got it on but the tube is a tad bit pinched.Try at your own risk. Good quality though.
This product would probably be great if you could get the stupid thing on! Love CS but they done goofed this one up
5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for communication, 5 stars for build and durability. I purchased this as a replacement rather that an eye catching upgrade. The rubber housing of my OEM factory hose was wearing out and ripping. The hardest part was getting the OEM one off. Instead of pulling the old one off with all my might and causing collateral damage when it did come off, I ended up using a razor and literally cutting it off. Then I used a small amount of dish soap to place on the new part and it fit right it. I did have to cut off 3/4” from the proximal end in order to make it fit. They make them longer on purpose. Better to have it too long and need to cut a small amount off than too short and not have any connection at all. Oretall pleased. With the trouble taking off the OEM one, overall install time was about 1-1.5 hrs (I don’t regularly work on cars).
Damn this tube is tough. It is super high quality and looks really good in black.
I bought the 3" intake and pushing this tough bugger over the pipe flare was quite difficult. Had a rest, drank a beer, then deep breath in, and wrangled it on eventually.
I don't care what anyone says this is a great product. Looks great and is sturdy as a rock. It is true that the coupler for the turbo inlet pipe side doesn't fit but that is not an issue. I had to trim an inch or so but they made it long enough to fit a FMIC. It is hard to push on but what hose isn't. Just spend the extra 15 minutes to work the hose onto the turbo inlet pipe with no lubrication, corksport tip of course. I'm running over 20 pounds of boost and it hasn't moved one bit. I literally couldn't ask for a better part.
I just installed this along with the BPV on my 2008.5 Speed 3; straightforward installation, but the experience made me really want to have a CS SRI instead of the stock breadbox of an intake! Oh yes, it will be mine...
This is a superb item it looks so much better than the factory hose and it married up to my Turbosmart Kompact bov perfectly!

Love the extra length and tight fit, no cutting to fit just a bit of spit to lube it up!

Thanks very much guys!
I bought this as an upgrade to my current one since I bought the bypass valve as well. To make things short, this is sitting in my garage as a 40 dollar paperweight.

First the product looks and feels good compared to the stock hose. But i had to trim mine to even fit into my corksport Sri and inlet pipe. Secondly the hose itself is nearly impossible to insert into the inlet pipe. The use of a lubricant was needed to insert it.

The biggest thing that annoyed me and literally made me waste more than 4 hrs on this hose was the fact that it was impossible to tighten onto the inlet pipe. Everytime I get close to tight the tube itself would somehow slide off the inlet pipe, it was not staying in place. I eve removed my battery box to get more room and leverage and the tube and clamp would still separate. I also tried using the stock clamps but the corksport tube is too thick for the stock clamps....

Not very satisfied with this product.. Everything else has been great but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth

*** CorkSport Response: We will have out customer service tech get in contact with you to help you out with this part. ***
Only issue I had was it is a little small for on & kind of a pain :-(, if it was just a bit larger diameter ( people are saying it should be about 1 1/4 i.d. ) it better :-)

Had to trim some length also but no biggie
I didn't have any of the issues listed in other reviews about being to long or hard to install. Top tip for easy install use dish soap to lubricate , NOT soapy water just plain dish soap, goes on super smooth took about 10 min.
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Does this fit the corksport inlet pipe

Asked by Angel Aviles | 04/10/2021, 06:05 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit on the 3.5” intake?

Asked by Walter | 04/17/2018, 07:11 AM | 1 answer(s)

I have a Cobb Inlet Pipe, and I want to use this Bypass Valve Hose. Why is it not recommended to use this hose?

Asked by Nik Esatto | 02/08/2021, 04:35 PM | 1 answer(s)

Why is this not recommended with the Cobb Turbo inlet pipe?

Asked by Josh | 08/09/2016, 11:30 PM | 0 answer(s)

Will this work with a corksport front mount intercooler?

Asked by Kevin  | 02/26/2016, 07:38 PM | 1 answer(s)

This can be used in a Mazda CX-7 2.3 2008?

Asked by Andrés Castro | 02/08/2016, 05:58 AM | 1 answer(s)

what is the diameter on this hose? looking for a 3"

Asked by Felipe Valdivieso | 12/30/2015, 12:04 AM | 1 answer(s)

Is the hose the same length as the jbr? I ordered that one and it didn't fit on my corksport intercooler it was to short. Thanks

Asked by Julio figueroa | 04/30/2015, 05:46 PM | 1 answer(s)
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Fits: Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazdaspeed 6

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  • Mazdaspeed 3 2008
  • Mazdaspeed 3 2009
  • Mazdaspeed 3 2010
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  • Mazdaspeed 3 2012
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