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CORKSPORT Bronze-Oil Shifter Bushings

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If the shifter in your car is getting a bit loose or sloppy the CorkSport Shifter Bushings are the answer.The bushings are machined from a special alloy (Bronzoil) containingoil molecules for self-lubrification (oil is released as bushingwears).

Machined to much closer tolerances than the original ones, thesebushings will provide more positive shifts and will eliminatesluggishness at the expense of a bit more vibration on the shift lever.Another key advantage is the self-lubrication that provides year-roundreliability. *does not work on all after market shifters.

The kit contains 4 bushings (2 front - 2 rear) to replace the 4 OEMbushings on the shift linkage.

These bushings fit the 90-03 Mazda Protege, Mazdaspeed Protege, 92-97 Mx3, 90-95 Ford Escort/Escort GT.
The shifter bushings include full installation instructions.

Check out our techincal article on short shifters here.

Excellent quality, fits perfect if left in freezer overnight (follow the instructions provided, no need to force them in). Fixed the "loose" feeling in the shifting mechanism MUCH better than the plastics OEMs. Thx again CS! Soon will get the 3rd Link ones.
I waited about a month after installation to write my review to give the shifter some break-in time. Installation was performed These bushings absolutely exceeded my expectations, and the difference is very noticeable going from worn plastic O.E bushings -> high quality bronze bushings that meet O.E tolerances. A very small amount of grinding (took about ~2 min.) was required, but was expected. Shifter feels just as I hoped it would. Thanks to CS.
This made my 1988 323 feel brand new in the shifting department
(95 escort sedan)... These bushings worked amazing!!! I no longer hit my fiancee in her left leg for 5th gear!!LOL But I agree be careful not to over tighten the linkage, it WILL get stiff.. But they wear in nicely after the first couple shifts... THANK YOU CORKSPORT!!
Purchased these for a 1992 Mazda MX3, easy to install worked great feels like a real shifter. Before I had about 6-8 inchs of play before it would go into gear and was difficult to get into reverse sometimes now it feels great, and has a shorter throw due to no slop in the shifter anymore. Will purchase from CS again. Fast service and great product. Thanks CS
makes the shift linkage stiffer and feels more aggressive. great bushings. I had to do some grinding on one of the shift arms to get them in.... not a fault of the bushings though. thanks for a great product.
I just wanted to say that these bushings fit perfectly on my '89 Festiva! I was just going to throw on some factory bushings but once you figure in dealer pricing (or shipping from e-tailers) these ended up being about the same price and will last a lot longer!

Just one tip - make sure you don't overtighten the shifter rod. Since these have no 'give' it will make the shifter very stiff. I had to loosen mine to just barely more than hand tight so I'll be investing in a self-locking nut in the near future.

Good job guys! I've very impressed!
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