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2014-2020 Mazda 6 SkyActiv Non-Turbo Power Series Short Ram Intake 2.5 Engine

Price: $199.99
Price in points:  What are Points? 200 points

Dramatically reduce intake restrictions and get an impressive improvement in power throughout the entire RPM range with the Mazda6 SkyActiv Short Ram Intake System.

Mazda 6 performance air intake

Gains up to 6 Horsepower MAF housings engineered to exact tolerances and manufactured using the latest in computer-aided techniques. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.

  • Designed Specifically for Mazda: All CorkSport parts have been designed and tested specifically for Mazdas.
  • Velocity Stack Design: Smooths the incoming air flow and increases the flow rate of air and reduces turbulence.
  • Durable Dry Flow Air Filter: Reusable and water resistant, this unique non-woven filter media does not require oil to filter and trap dirt and actually sheds dirt under engine vibration unlike cotton-gauze which holds contaminates until you clean the filter.
  • Custom Reinforced Silicone Connectors: Constructed from multi-layer nylon braid to provide more strength and power and a smooth internal transition for less turbulence and optimal flow.
  • Replacement Air Filter is: Available Here
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.

  • **How to find your build date of your 2014-2020 Mazda 6. Open the drivers door and locate the vehicle identification sticker. It will look like the picture below. There will be a location which says date shown with the red arrow. That is what you need to find your build date. As you can see on the example below the Mazda was built in November 2012.

    CorkSport SkyActiv Intake Install Video

    How To Install Your CorkSport Short Ram Intake

    It will take you three hours to install the CorkSport Mazda6 SkyActiv SRI with our easy-to-use instructions.


    1 Hour Install Time

    1 Hour Install Time

    Difficulty: 1/5

    1/5 Difficulty

    2-Year Warranty

    2-Year Warranty

    No CEL

    No CEL

i've had this on for a couple of days, and i LOVE it! due to my own mistake, i had ordered the wrong one. no issues now though and customer support/service was amazing!
Easy install, great efficiency increase for my mpg!
Just installed this on my 2015 Mazda6 Touring and in in love with it. I have only driven it for a day or two but it's awesome.
My car is hitting 2nd gear very hard since i put this on? i put back the stock air box just to be sure. whats up? it pre shifts 2nd at low RPM and need to know if i am missing something?
Is this CARB certified?
What is the ACTUAL estimated gains in mpg and horsepower?
When will this product be available for the post-March build date 6?

CorkSport Reply:~3 weeks.
First engine mod I've ever done, went well easy to install. Very good product. Throttle response much better it sounds sweet and there's a little more pull in the higher rpms. Can't wait to order the exhaust
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When will the blue filters be available again?

Asked by ISRAEL RODRIGUEZ | 06/02/2021, 10:37 AM | 1 answer(s)

I have a 2018 Mazda 6 with the 2.5L Skyactiv G (non turbo) engine. Just to confirm will this work on that engine?

Asked by Michael | 03/27/2021, 11:16 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a 2016 Mazda 6 2,5L. I'm considering buying this but I've read somewhere that the 2014-2018 Mazda3 & 2013-2017 Mazda6 Cold Air Box starves the engine when used. Can you verify this or did you do test with both the CAI and CAB? Also, to you ship to Belgium? Kind regards

Asked by Mike Brunet | 05/18/2020, 10:35 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on my 2018 Mazda6 non-turbo 2.5i

Asked by Wes | 03/28/2019, 10:44 AM | 1 answer(s)

Does this work with the 2013 Mazda 6 manual 2.2L diesal turbo?

Asked by Ant Bates | 01/06/2019, 12:40 AM | 1 answer(s)

When installing this I have read that you have to get your computer flashed. Is this true?

Asked by Leon | 08/20/2018, 06:02 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this effect the Mazda factory warranty?

Asked by Matt | 02/11/2018, 07:20 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hello some catalog for sky-diesel engines AT 175hp stage 1. Thanks

Asked by Ricardo Ribeiro | 12/14/2017, 06:44 AM | 1 answer(s)

I need to replace the filter, do you guys sell replacements and if not what are the dimensions of the filter itself?

Asked by Todd | 12/09/2017, 07:46 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on a Gen 3 Mazda 6 MY2017? 2.5L Skyactiv engine

Asked by Yu-Chi Lu | 10/05/2017, 07:45 PM | 1 answer(s)

I just got rid of my 2010 Mazdaspeed3. I still have the mass air flow housing from my corksport intake. Is this the same mass air flow housing? If so can I order the silicone elbow alone?

Asked by Ratana Ny | 08/03/2016, 12:39 PM | 1 answer(s)

does it fit the two types 2.0l and 2.5l engine?

Asked by Saud Alharfi | 03/25/2016, 02:25 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will you guys eventually make a heatshield for this intake ?

Asked by Jasiel  | 02/15/2016, 11:49 AM | 1 answer(s)

Any updates for a 3rd gen Mazda 6 CAI?

Asked by Kim | 12/28/2015, 10:46 PM | 1 answer(s)

someone is selling this short ram on craigslist... does it fit a 2013+ cx5?

Asked by Rae | 09/03/2015, 09:35 PM | 1 answer(s)

Are you working on a CARB SRI or CAI?

Asked by Eddie | 04/14/2015, 11:03 AM | 1 answer(s)

I saw an option to put on your built day when you select the intake but now the option isn't there anymore. Does it matter when you put in the order?

Asked by Sam | 02/02/2015, 10:25 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is the SRI CARB legal?

Asked by Rich | 11/25/2014, 07:32 AM | 1 answer(s)
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