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Valve Cleaning Kit for Mazdaspeed and Mazda

Price: $59.99
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Make your Mazda & Mazdaspeed Intake cleaning kit.
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The CorkSport Intake Valve Cleaning Tool makes cleaning those pesky intake valves on your direct-injected engine cleaner and easier.

The specially designed silicone attaches to most vacuums and provides a good seal to your vehicle's cylinder head to remove media, carbon deposits, or cleaning chemicals. The offshoot provides a good path for an air hose or media blaster without having to permanently modify your vacuum hose.

Have you been putting off cleaning your valves? Pick up a CS Valve Cleaning Tool and make the job much easier.

Mazda DI valve Cleaning Kit

The CorkSport Advantage

Mazdaspeed valve cleaning kit


The CorkSport Intake Valve Cleaning Tool was specifically designed to make cleaning your intake valves as easy as possible. The cone shape was chosen to ensure fitment on a wide variety of vacuum hoses ranging from 1.50 inches to 2.50 inches in diameter as well as seal securely using the included clamp. On the other end of the tool, the opening is sized perfectly to work on the small and large ports of the DISI MZR. Lastly, the shape of the tool and angled offshoot were designed to allow one hand to hold the tool in place while the other easily operates a media blaster within a tight engine bay.

Mazdaspeed 3 intake port cleaning tool

Material Functionality

The CorkSport Valve Cleaning tool is made out of multi-layer reinforced silicone. This material is strong enough to hold its shape when in use yet still has a little bit of flex which is ideal for this application. The flared shape on the engine side of the tool compresses slightly while in use to create a seal for great suction for your vacuum and to prevent messy media and cleaning chemicals from getting all over you and your engine bay. The included hose was chosen for its abrasion resistance and sized to fit well on media blaster nozzles. This means your hose won't fail you in the middle of a valve cleaning plus it can be easily removed for refilling the blaster.

Mazdaspeed 6 valve cleaning kit

What's in the Kit?

  • 2-ply reinforced silicone cleaning tool to interface with the media blaster, vacuum hose and seal against the cylinder head
  • 1.50-2.50 inch worm gear clamp for vacuum hose retention
  • 3/8 inch ID abrasive resistant hose for media blaster attachment

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment:2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6, 2007-2012 Mazda CX-7 Turbo. Can also be used on any direct injected vehicle, but fitment is not guaranteed.(Will not work with Mazda RX8)
  • Designed in America: Designed and tested in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2-year limited warranty, full-color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675


  • Designed and tested on DISI MZR engines. Usability on other direct-injected engines may vary.
  • Ensure you go through the proper steps when cleaning your valves to ensure the valves are totally shut during cleaning. Reference your vehicle's service manual for further details.

How To Install Your CorkSport Valve Cleaning Kit

It will take you one hour to install the CorkSport Valve Cleaning Kit with our easy-to-use instructions.

2 Hour Install Time

1 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



installation instructions

Used multiple times and has made it a cleaner operation to clean the valves. 100% worth every penny
Worth every penny. Put this thing on the end of your vacuum, connect you blaster and bam, that is it. The silicone tube sealed very well against the head when cleaning my valves, sometimes I didn't even need to hold it against the head. The suction from the vacuum would keep it in place. The blaster tube is very handy, lets you change the depth so you can blast all of the areas of the cylinder head runners. When I used this tool, I only taped over the cylinder head ports that I wasn't cleaning at the time. This thing works well for cleaning valves, as well as containing the walnut and reducing the risks of getting walnut where you don't want it.
This tool made the job sooo much easier. Without any leaks my little 4.6 gallon air compressor did the job in spades. No mess either with the walnut media going everywhere. Definitely worth it if you are going to clean your valves at home and don't want to pick away at each valve forever. Each valve took 15-20m after letting them soak overnight in B12. Recommend!
Hands down the best tool for the valve cleaning, works much better than tool pics, was able to get all around the valve with ease and it was easy clean up with the vacuum taking out all the debris on the other end. Thanks CS! Made the first valve cleaning job easy.
Ok so I had high hopes for this tool but I honestly don't think you need it. All you really need is a good shop vac and a media blaster with a 12" flexible extension and you will get the job done just as good. I mean it meets the CS build quality but it's usefulness is negligible I still ended up with Walnut granules everywhere. Take it or leave it but I think I could have done the job without it.
I have seen some of the half-as* tape jobs people use to try and keep the media from going everywhere and save yourself the trouble. Just get this, it works and is worth the money.
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A general question for DISI MZR intake valve cleaning: Some online tutorials mention using a scraper tool and soaking the intake valves with chemical solvents first, before media blasting. Does Corksport recommend using this pre-treatment step before using the media blaster? Or is the media blaster sufficient for cleaning the intake valves?

Asked by Sven | 11/07/2019, 12:16 PM | 1 answer(s)
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