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Mazdaspeed 6 License Plate Bracket Relocation Kit

Price: $99.99
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Give your Mazdaspeed 6 a visual boost with the CorkSport License Plate Relocation Kit. The CorkSport license plate relocation kit will improve the overall look of your Mazdaspeed 6 by offsetting your license plate to the factory tow hook location requiring no permanent modification to the front bumper of your vehicle.

The CorkSport Advantage:
  • Impact and temperature resistant: The CorkSport License Plate Relocation Kit includes a machined ¼” smoked lexan and billet machined aluminum mounting base for added strength
  • No Permanent Modification: The easy to install relocation kit has been designed to utilize the factory tow hook location and includes bumper plugs for the orginal location for a no-fuss install
  • Upgraded hardware and mounting base: The hardware is made from stainless steel and the mounting base is anodized black to resist the elements and corrosion
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions, all of the needed hardware and two bumper plugs for the stock location holes

Mazdaspeed 6 License Plate Relocation Kit FAQ and Install Instructions

My review will be excessively verbose for a little license plate bracket, but I going to anyway, LOL. The main plate frame is plexiglass. The screws to actually hold the plate are installed by screwing into threaded holes in the plexiglass. I'm not sure I'm so fond of threading screws into plexiglass. But I know they wanted the screws to not touch the bumper. Still, they include thin lock nuts for holding the bracket, I think that would also work for holding the plate. (I've never actually seen thin locking nuts before, nice touch.) I might at some point switch to using thin locking nuts instead of threading into the plexiglass.

The plate screws are tamper-resistant TORX screws, I guess to discourage someone from stealing your plate. But, c'mon, if someone is going to steal your plate, they'll break the plexiglass if they have to. Using the special tamper-resistant TORX screws just means it will be a PIA if you ever misplace the driver bit and need to change your plate. So that is just a nuisance.

They should have put a hole in the center for you to be able to feed the main screw through the plexiglass. If you don't do that, if you ever need to remove it, you have to remove the screws for the bracket before you can remove the main screw. So, that is my main mod to this mod, put a thru-hole in the plexiglass for the main screw!

It comes with some big, long bolt-like thing that is supposed to be used in conjunction with the tow-hook for towing. But I can't for the life of me figure out what I might do with this thing. I've never actually used the tow-hook, but if I ever did, I'd remove the plate and use the stock hook. What do I do with this extra thing they have included? I have no clue. LOL.

I had a tow plate from another vendor, they no longer make theirs for the 6. I took it off the car when I was upgrading my intercooler, then misplaced it, LOL. I found it, but overall I like the CorkSport better and will keep it and sell off the other one. The other brand is made from painted common steel and mine has rusted somewhat. And the other brand is on the heavy side since it is steel. But, the other brand moved the plate even farther to the side than the CS does. The CS actually still blocks my intercooler a little, but only trivially. Sill, if I was making one from scratch, I think I would make it half-way in-between the two, somewhat farther over than the CS but less than the other brand.

So there you have it, the most overly long review of a little gizmo ever.
Bolts right up, nothing funky in the installation, and a free and open grille for all that lovely fresh air.
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