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Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3 Urethane Exhaust Hangers 2010-2013

Price: $59.99
Price in points: What are Points?60 points
Our set of 6 Speed3 hangars keep your exhaust in place under acceleration and hard cornering.
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Mazdaspeed 3 urethane performance exhaust hangers

Keep your new exhaust firmly in place with CorkSport Urethane Exhaust Hangers. Combining a new exhaust system with the stock rubber exhaust hanger allows for movement under normal driving conditions and can cause a thumping of the exhaust touching the underside of your car when going over bumps or navigating potholes. Autocrossing or high performance driving can also result in movement during aggressive steering maneuvers. Installing the CorkSport exhaust hangers will limit the excessive movement of your performance exhaust and keep you system tightly in place.

The CorkSport Advantage

  • Made from firm, long lasting polyurethane
  • Stylish blue color and molded to an exact fit
  • Works with CorkSport, stock, and most aftermarket exhaust systems that use stock exhaust hanger diameter
  • Single exit set contains four hangers, dual exhaust set contains six hangers for a secure, precise fitment on the Mazda 3
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions, all of the needed hardware and knowledgeable telephone installation support

Please note the quantity of the hangars in this kit is designed for the CorkSport Power Series Exhaust systems. If you are using the exhaust hangars with the factory exhaust system you will not have enough hangars for all mounting locations.

Install time                  1/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

I got these when I bought the CBE and they are holding up well. Definitely higher quality than the original hangers so why shouldn't you buy these?
A little pricey but an upgrade very worthwhile. I upgraded this while upgrading my exhaust to the CorkSport cat-back system. When I took the stock ones off I was surprised how loose and old they appeared. Glad I did the upgrade. Still... a little pricey.
Absolutely necessary for aftermarket exhaust! I wasn't having pronounced clearance issues, but was getting excess noise from exhaust pipe vibrations under load. These keep the exhaust nice and tight, not allowing for vibrations to propagate down the length of the pipe. Highly recommend.
These hangers are better than the stock. A must if you are upgrading your exhaust. I have the turbo back exhaust from Corksport and the exhaust seems to stay in place pretty well. Only reason I give 4 stars is that it doesn't come with hangers for the downpipe.
Bought this with my CS test pipe and cat back exhaust and I must say its a MUST HAVE when getting an aftermarket exhaust. These keep the exhaust hugging the body as opposed to dangling and it's really beneficial when your low or slammed. And due to them being polyurethane they last way longer than the stock oem hangers.
Bought these exhaust hangers for my 2012 Mazdaspeed3 along with the Corksport Catback Exhaust and I am extremely impressed. OEM hangers are junk compared to these, virtually no movement what so ever and adds a little style underneath your car. An absolute MUST HAVE with any exhaust. No rattling, no banging, no movement, just perfect.
"Blue is the only option" should be your company slogan lol
Another awesome product from corksport! After installing a down pipe, it made my whole exhaust rattle like crazy and after installing the hangers, it all went away. I also installed the 80 duro insert into my CS race rear engine mount which i also highly recommend.
I have a Gen2 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and a few weeks ago I installed an Ultimate Racing turbo back exhaust. When things got warmer I noticed the stock exhaust hangers were too soft and the exhaust was hitting the subframe portion where the pipe goes up and over. The clanking and squeaking was driving me nuts. Even when idle at a stop light, the exhaust would rattle. Today the Corksport urethane hangers were installed and immediately noticed the difference when it was still up on the hoist. Exhaust movement was dialed in better. No more annoying rattles and squeaks. I can now enjoy my ride again! Thanks CS!
Have the UR catback and basically no longer wanted to drive my car because of how bad it banged around and squeaked. Wasn't to sure if I wanted to drop 60 dollars on some hangers, but I'm glad I did. Exhaust fits tight now and does not make any unwanted noises. Thanks corksport. 2013ms3
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Can these be used for Mazdaspeed 6?

Asked by David Hernandez | 11/25/2022, 10:27 AM | 1 answer(s)

Why does the kit come with 6 when there's 7 locations that the exhaust mounts to? There are two that come off the high flow, then one at the cross brace, then the twist in, one on the left side, and two on the right. Do I only need one that comes off the high flow? Seems a bit odd.

Asked by Brad | 11/02/2017, 09:45 PM | 1 answer(s)

Hey I'm installing the dual Exhaust and I'm wondering if you absolutely have to replace the twist-off style hangar, since I'm having a lot of trouble finding it anywhere but at corksport?

Asked by Brett Michael Green | 09/27/2016, 03:25 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a racing best Axel back that still uses all original hangers. Should I order the one with 6 hangers so I have enough?

Asked by Mario | 05/03/2016, 10:03 AM | 1 answer(s)

Can I buy just two hangers? For the header flex pipe

Asked by Nathaniel | 06/16/2015, 03:02 PM | 1 answer(s)
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