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Mazdaspeed 3 Downpipe

Price: $699.99
Price in points:  What are Points? 700 points

Get maximum turbo performance and dramatically increase torque with the Mazdaspeed 3 Power Series Downpipe. The CorkSport downpipe has been expertly designed to replace the restrictive element in the Mazdaspeed 3 stock downpipe. Mandrel bent piping is used to create smooth exhaust flow for dramatic increases in power. For lasting corrosion resistance and reduced heat transfer to the engine bay, the CorkSport MS3 downpipe uses polished 3 inch 304 stainless steel and features TIG welds that offer superior arc and weld puddle control for a cleaner appearance and precise weld bead control.

Our all new catted-downpipe option includes two O2 bungs and includes a high-flow metallic flexible catalytic converter and the CorkSport Power Series Racepipe for additional horsepower and torque without running the risk of an unwanted check engine light.

The Catted downpipe option is configured with a factory style donut exhaust available in two diameters. A 65mm fitment to the stock exhaust or 80mm fitment to accommodate your CorkSport or other aftermarket cat-back exhaust.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Minimal exhaust flow restriction
  • Polished 3” 304 stainless steel piping for corrosion resistance and reduced heat transfer
  • Unique Divorced Waste-gate Design: Reduces exhaust flow disturbances related to waste-gate operation and boost spikes
  • Mandrel bent for a smooth exhaust flow and solid power increases
  • TIG welds for a stronger more seamless connection
  • Genuine CorkSport Look: Stylish etched stainless steel CorkSport logo plate
  • Gains in power up to 21 WHP when installed on otherwise stock Mazdaspeed
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support

Catted Downpipe Option*:

  • High Flow Cat: Includes a high-flow metallic flexible catalytic converter and CorkSport Power Series Racepipe. Get added horsepower and torque without running the risk of an unwanted check engine light
  • Factory style donut gasket: Available in a 65mm fitment for the stock exhaust and 80mm fitment to accomodate your CorkSport or other aftermarket cat-back exhaust

*Installation of the CorkSport Downpipe with High-Flow Cat replaces the downpipe and racepipe.

*Installation of the downpipe without the high-flow catalyst option will activate CEL on 2010+ models and is not legal for street use.

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Awesome dp. Just be ready for a lot of cussing getting the stock dp out. What a pain in the a$$.. installing the corksport dp was a cinch after that. Took me half a day just to pull the stock dp. Took about 1 hour to install cs dp.
awesome product... the install is annoying but get a buddy and the time really flies by... only issue i had was it seemed the instruction weren't all there, theres a change between the online one and the one mailed to me so i had to switch between the too

overall though, super happy with the exhaust, now just need to finish my bolt ons and get retuned and i'll be more than happy with my red beast
Corksport, I have just finished my full Corksport turboback exhaust. Is there any danger to my car being that I do not yet have a Cobb accessport to monitor my engine? I already installed the Corksport fuel pump upgrade and my other mod is the Corksport SRI. I plan on getting the AP as soon as possible. Thanks!
Hey corksport this might be a dumb question but something in the description make it sound like the race pipe comes with the down pipe if I get the downpipe without the cat, is that right or do I need to but the race pipe separate? And you guys got 5 stars because I love the Intake and the instructions were SUPER SIMPLE!
Don't be afraid of this install...I had read how terrible it was, but it wasn't TOO terrible. It's definitely an install that requires a little patience, but it didn't take as long as I expected. Spencer at CS told me the hardest part was taking the stock DP out...he was correct. The CS DP goes in so easy...I used crow's feet with my torque wrench to tighten the bottom bolts, but other than that, I followed CS's great instructions.
If I have your Corksport race pipe, does the high flow cat option get rid of the race pipe or does it hook right up?
Just installed this along with the CBE. I love it. It's like my car was sleeping and this came along and slapped it in the face and told it to get moving.
Hey corksport, I would like to install the catted down-pipe on my MS3. I understand I need to upgrade the fuel pump internals with this pipe but I don't have know of any tuning shops in my area. Im in chester county Pa. Any recommendations? Also what intake would you recommend that I could use all year round including winter? Thank you!!!
Hey I was wondering if I would need the 60mm or the 80mm I have a m2 performance test pipe with hks hi-power cat back. Can't wait to get order this and hpfp internals from you guys. Great work.
i have a question is it worth spending $600 for the dp or just $150 for the racepipe performance wise how much more do u get with dp
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