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2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and Manual Mazda 3 Shifter Bushing Set

Price: $39.99
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Mazdaspeed 3 billet aluminum shifter bushings

Eliminate side to side compliance and remove the slack on your shifter by replacing the rubber OEM shifter bushings on your Mazdaspeed 3 or six speed Mazda 3 with the CorkSport aluminum black anodized shifter bushings.

Over time shifting gears can cause the soft rubber bushing found at the anchor point of your shifter assembly to deteriorate and fall apart. Replacing the shifter bushings will provide a noticeable difference in the way your car drives and improve shift responsiveness for years to come.

Fits: 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3, All Six-Speed Mazda 3 (will not work on SkyActiv Mazda Models)

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • CAD designed and precision machined for exacting fitment
  • Made from billet aluminum for a long lasting durable finish
  • Black anodized with laser etched CS logo for custom look
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.

  • Install time                  2/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

    Install Video

Just got them installed on my car, installation was a breeze, the most difficult part was getting the stock rubber bushings off.
Staff at Corksport was very helpful, wasn't expecting to get installation advice while I was calling to check on the order status.
And I agree the washer falling under carpet problem is something not everybody expects but does need some extra attention to prevent.
Figured I'd have to replace the bushings one day anyways we'll mine weren't even bad for 65k but I put these corksport bushings on tonight and omg it's amazing, no more clunky feeling that the mazdaspeed3 is known for the gears are so easy to get into it's really a bang for your buck I mean for what $40 and a 15 minute install it's worth it!
Absolutely amazing product. If you're driving down the street you will feel more "feed back" from your shifter going into gear, but where this product really shines, is running the 1320. No more of that horrific grinding when quickly snapping into 2nd gear, and when throwing into 3rd aggressively(you know what I mean), no longer does the shifter keep pushing and have that "I'm about to break my shifter" feel. Easy install, quality materials(as expected from CS), and amazing customer service(also expected with CS).
They are only worth it if your stock rubber bushings are very worn. If they aren't you won't notice that much of an improvement.
Just installed and must say very big improvement. The shifter base feels more solid which in turn makes the shifting crisper. Plus my bushings were worn so this made the perfect replacement. This combined with Corksport short shifter will make the difference in your shifting game. Must have and the price is worth the result. Only took me 25 min by myself.
Received these as a gift. After installation, cranked the engine and immediately noticed a difference. The clutch felt smoother and shifting more direct. Overall, the cabin felt quieter. Not even sure if that's supposed to happen but it was ver noticeable. I would highly recommend.
My 2gen MS3 has 80k on it, but the OEM rubber bushings were just like new when I pulled them out. So dropping in Corksport solids unfortunately didn't make almost any difference... Perhaps a slightly crisper shifting with barely noticeable "metallic feedback". I guess the OEM bushings have to be really messed up and the shifter has to have a lot of wobble for you to feel significant difference with these bushings. Other than that - a high quality part. As always from CS. Will be installing CS short shift plate, CS mid-chasis brace and CS rear strut bar this weekend. Will review)
I arrived home from a hard day at work only to find a corksport package anxiously awaiting my arrival. I quickly jumped on my cell and assembled my crew and rolled to the shop. I installed the bushings and my homy did the short shift plate. All said and done it took about 35 minutes between the two of us. Very simple! and what a drastic improvement! I recommend those two products from corksport to anyone that has little money but seeks a very good upgrade for the price. If I had 4 hands it would be 4 thumbs up!! Awesome products corksport! Also awesome customer service! Keep up the good work!
Easy install.... if you ordered these, you might as well get the short-shifter too... very happy and looking forward to slamming through the gears and getting crisp shifts
Very quality product like everything else from corksport. Installation was a little harder just because the video wasn't as descriptive as id like but I was able to pull the metal part out of the oem bushings then press the rubber part out threw the bottom of the housing then the CS bushings just set right in. with the addition of the CS short shift plate my 6 speed feels better than brand new!
Took two of us 28 minutes to complete including back tracking a bit. Advise you really do take all 4 bolts out and start with the harder 2. Things are definitely less mushy and when you hit the end of your shift it doesn't bounce off like a sticks!
This was the first mod I installed by myself, instructions were bang on and the bushings really made a difference. Money well spent :)
Easy to install, and now I dont miss second when im in a hurry. Less mushy too. You can do it in the non-speed 3 without removing the shift cables in under an hour.
Installed on my 2013 Mazdaspeed3 today and it feels great! The instructions were a little vague but worked fine nonetheless. Like some other people have said, take your time. It is very easy to drop those little things.
Improved shifter feel, feels less "mushy" now. They were easier to install than I thought they'd be.
When installing these bushes would it be best to install the short shifter linkage with it...
When installing these bushes would it be best to install the short shifter linkage with it...
This is install was seriously tricky... It was frustrating. A lot of patience and small hands are good for this install. It is however a great product. Very happy with the results. I recommend them to everyone who owns a speed. Thank you Corksport!
2013 Mazdaspeed 3, Just installed the shifter bushings and now the shifter feels like it should have from the factory. My shifter no longer feels sloppy and detached from the car. Thank you Corksport for a high quality product.
I think this was a good modification to tighten up the shifter. The area is tight, so you must take your time otherwsie you will definitely drop a bushing or washer between the exhaust well and the carpeting (this happened a few times during install). Great product.

Thanks again Corksport!
Installed pretty simple until I dropped the right front bushing and it went down between the exhaust tunnel and carpet. Other than that pretty simple install.
Any estimate on CS bushing for 2.0l 5-speed non sky?

CorkSport Reply:We are not working on them currently. Are you located near our location?
One of my first mods to my car. Instructions were very clear and easy to install. The outcome was as expected. Tighten up the loose feeling.
Had the stock bushings for about 5000 miles, then put these in. I've had them in now for 12,000 miles and they are very good at taking a good amount of slop out of the stock shifter assembly.
Easy install, I agree, getting the factory bushings out is a pain, especially the one underneath the shift linkage. Excellent feel to shifts after the install. Much cleaner, positive feel to shifts.
The shifter bushings came in a very cool aluminum case and the bushings well made and attractive looking. Too bad you can't see them. I combined the bushings with the short shift plate and the difference is immediately noticeable. You get more precise shifts with this combo and it makes the transmission feel totally different in a good way.

The install tool around 40 minutes and was a little tricky. Make sure you have long extensions so that you can remove and install bolts with ease. Also, using a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the stock metal bushing sleeves, and push the stock rubber bushings through the bottom of the mounting holes. It also helps to disconnect the shifter linkages from the shifter mount.

Great price! Quick to install. The shifter bushings pairs with the short shifter plate makes the shifting in my 2010 mazdaspeed 3 feel better than new. It is a world of a difference than the rubber factory ones that come installed . I would recommend this to any one that wants a way to get a better shift.
First mod on my 2012 Mazdaspeed 3, it was kind of hard to install, but I guess is because I have never work on a car before. Excellent!!! Product is a most have, I have own my Speed3 for 8 months now and I notice the difference right away after the installation was complete I would recommend this Shifter Bushings to anyone you would not be disappointed at all. Great Job Corksport!
2010 Speed 3. I've had these installed for about 2 weeks now. Freaking love these, they made the shifter assembly much more stable, shifts are crisp and accurate now. Recommended for the price, can't go wrong, especially for people who like to drive in a spirited way once in a while!
I have a 5-speed mz3 would these fit? Sorry I am new to cars

Thank you

>>CorkSport Reply: They will not fit the 5-speed models. The shifter base is different.
Quick easy install. And look great its a shame there hidden. lol I noticed a slight difference but my car was fairly new upon install so my rubber mounts were still in good shape.
WoW just installed bushing new Corksport bushing night and day difference. Well worth every cent !
Haven't had the chance to install yet but shipping was incredibly quick. I ordered them this past Friday night and I received them this afternoon. Will definitely be getting more from CorkSport!
Dont know what all the trouble other people had but for me the only thing that was a pain in the butt was removing the factory bushings an yes needle nose pliers are a must for this installation. Didnt find this hard at all only took me about 30 minutes to install and yes DONT DROP ANYTHING .. I find this to be well describe product although all my bushing were the same size i measured them to see but installed them any way had no problems works fine shifter is more soild an feel tighter just by only replacing the rubber mounts to soild who would figure .. NICE JOB CORKSPORT.. AN THANK YOU


This is the hardest thing I have ever worked on in any car in my life. I have given up on trying to disconnect the shifter cables. Bottom line: Mazdas are not to worked on without proper tools or training. Do not get this product unless you take it to dealer. I will take it to dealer for them to install. Corksports usual instructions are poor and lacking detail. Understandably, because this is very difficult or impossible. After this, I will never work on this MSP3 again.
I bought these shifter bushings for my 2012 Mazda3 Hatchback Skyactive with the MT. Only the two smaller shifter bushings fit into the housing the way they were supposed to. I will be calling and asking for new ones. The original shifter bushings were a pain to take out so I have to improperly install the larger shifter bushings until the new ones come in. I did however, notice a better shifting performance even when installed improperly.

>>CorkSport Reply: Dave, we would love to get you taken care of, give us a call 360-260-2675. We have not had anyone experience a fitment problem with the bushings in the SkyActiv model 3.
Don't underestimate the simplicity of this mod, or you'll be digging around the shifter looking for lost bushings. Other than a bloody knuckle from digging around, and a bit of frustration, the mod is very easy to install. Take it slow and do everything carefully and you'll have it done with no problems. After install, it feels like the shifter just knows exactly where the gears are. Super smooth and precise shifting; a major improvement on the stock bushings.
2012 with 13000, Install was easy but I have one thing to say. ( Needle nose pliers). With these you will have the job done in min. Take your time and you will not lose anything. Thanks Corksport.
The install was no problem at all. Getting the OEM bushings out was a little pain however. Overall, feels much better and I couldn't be happier for the price.
2010 with just over 22k on it, these made a huge difference. I used to miss 3rd constantly when I'd take off quick, but not anymore. Feels much more solid than the stock rubber ones.
ok my first post was not a good one I was so mad after droping 2 of the bushings down into the tunel I threw the bushings into the garbage, after calming down and thinking about it I fished them out and went to the hardware store and found some thick washers that were pretty close to the washers provided so I changed the way I was looking at things and the whole job took 10 min , two words for anyone doing this job SUPER GLUE I know that sounds funny but it worked great and saved a lot of time all I did was used the same 13mm wrench I used on the short throw shifter (another great product) and poped off the linckages , there are two tabs that hold the shifter cables in place if you force up on them they pop out once that was done I unbolted the shifter and took the whole thing out , I then removed the factory bushings out and installed the new top bushings look at the instructions to make sure you have the top bushings in the right place I then took the bolts and put them through the top bushings and let the bolts hang so I would have a good idea where to line up the washers that go under the shifter I then put a little super glue on each washer and put the shifter back into place everything lined up perfect I bolted everything down and put everything back into place , went for a ride as soon as I got them in and all I can say is wow what a diffrence the shifts are a lot smother and do not feel as vague as the factory bushings so far everything I have bought from Corksport has been top notch , now im just saving up for the cated downpipe , access port and fuel system upgrades .
Makes a big difference, simple, inexpensive mod. Well worth it.

The install is a bit trickier than the instructions would lead to you believe.

The stock bushings are made of rubber and are incredibly difficult to remove unless you have very small, very dexterous hands - give yourself some more time than just 20-30 mins for this.

Otherwise, awesome.
I was very skeptical about these but figured for $40 why not... I was extremely shocked at the difference these make. Shifting is a lot smoother and the overall assembly feels so much more solid. Well worth it.
bad design when it comes to the washers on the bottom should have raised surface to help with hole alignment and to add support on the lower half of the shifter lost two of the washers finally got fed up and put the stock bushings back in in my opion waste of money
Very amazed with this simple mod. This is for sure a mod to a weak link with hard driving the MS3. Love it
2012 with less than 2000 miles, these bushings still made a noticable difference. Shifting is much more precise and satisfying under any circumstance, and helps prevent missed gears during hard (or even mildly spirited) driving. Just be sure to combine this with an adjustment of your shifter linkage for maximum effect. You will have easy access to the linkage during the bushing install.
My car has 23000 on it. this made a big diff. Some times i would miss 3rd. With the bushings in not anymore.
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Will these bushings fit the 2010 mazda 3 it is only the 5 speed manual. But I am assuming it will fit that shifter just fine but with one more bushing.

Asked by Jordan | 01/26/2017, 12:34 AM | 1 answer(s)

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