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Mazdaspeed 3/ Mazda 3 Race Rear Motor Mount

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Race Rear Motor Mount for the Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3

Get improved handling and road feel while maintaining a comfortable ride with the CorkSport Rear Motor Mount for Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3. Designed as a direct OEM replacement, the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Rear Motor Mount maintains OEM fitment while adding a large urethane thrust surface for added stiffness and improved driver responsiveness. CNC machined from billet aluminum and hard anodized black with the stylish CorkSport logo this mount is the new leader in quality and design.

The corksport advantage
Rear Motor Mount Close Up

Perfect Feel

95A durometer urethane for a smooth ride, minimal vibration, and a huge decrease in engine movement.

Rear Motor Mount Surface

Large Thrust Surface

for reduced vibration versus other aftermarket motor mounts.

Race Rear Motor Mount Connection

Black Anodized Finish

for a durable, lasting finish. Aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant for longer lasting strength when compared to rusted steel.

Mazdaspeed Rear Motor Mount

Race Fitment

Designed as an upgraded replacement with worry free install

Check out our blog on the Mazda 3 Race Rear Motor Mounts!

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  • In some cases, if the stock mount attached to the engine is worn or damaged, this product could contact the stock mount under heavy acceleration.
  • NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) in automatic transmission vehicles is heightened more than manual transmissions. Customers with automatic transmissions may find the NVH unsuitable.
Additional Features
  • Compatible with:Mazdaspeed 3, FWD Mazda 3
  • Designed & Developed in America: CorkSport Mazda Performance is resides in Vancouver, Washington and is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: 2 year limited warranty, full color installation instructions, all necessary components, and knowledgeable telephone support at (360) 260-2675.

How To Install the Race Rear Motor Mount

It will take you 1 hour to install the CorkSport Rear Motor Mount with our easy-to-use instructions.

1 Hour Install Time

1 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 2/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



How to install Mazda 3 Rear Motor Mount

Bought this for my 2010 Mazda 3 S the initial vibrations are a bit surprising but the changes in drivability are well worth it. Worth it
I bought this and took me a year to finally put it on. The car feels completely new now. The shifting is so smooth and it actually handles better. Everything feels much tighter. I would pay $300 if i knew how good it would be and no other companies made this.

It should be a mandatory upgrade.
My Mazda: 2010 MS3, Stock(not anymore!), 99k Mi

The provided instructions are Army proof, with pictures and easy to follow descriptions galore. Heed them and you won't even be in the bay long enough to eat those crayons you brought as a snack. They shipped to my APO in an unheard of 4 business days. Crazy fast.

As far as the performance increase, lets just say it stomps the OEM part into the dust. Your shifts become tighter, your engine doesn't feel like it's sloshing all around the bay, and why they didn't install something like this on our cars to begin with, I'll never know. Significantly reduced wheel hop, confidant launches, and hard pulls through the powerband are now at your command. The dollar to performance level is off the charts. Spent a total of 30 minutes on this install, and if you are a total noob in the shop, this is a good way to get your feet wet and build confidence at the same time.

On a side note, the increased NVH in the cabin feels badass and I'll fight anyone who thinks otherwise.
I like this mount a lot - big improvement in solid pull while accelerating from the OEM unit. It is a bit rough at idle, especially when the A/C is on. Luckily I had read the reviews before installing or I would not have been prepared for the initial vibration level which is VERY harsh at all RPMs. After a few hundred miles it settled down as other reviewers state. Installation was fairly straightforward and it appears well built. This is a good upgrade. I also installed the shifter bushings and the two upgrades really improved shift feel and solid feel while accelerating.
I bought this nearly a year ago and have since removed it because of excess noise from vibration. Maybe vibration isn't the best word to describe it, more of a banging noise. And it's not a confidence ensuring noise. What I'm talking about occurs mainly occurs when AC cycles on - it was as if there was too much clearance somewhere in the mount and what I heard was the result of .01-0.03 inches of travel. That's not quite inaccurate either. The difference inner diameter of the sleeve in my mount and M12 major diameter was over .005 inches, where I would have expected a RC6 Engineering Fit or tighter.
If you experience this, try buying a 12mm ID, 19mm OD, 45mm long SSTL Bushing from McMasterCarr. I'm going to give that a shot.

Other than that movement and resulting noise, I like the increased stiffness and throttle response. I'm on the fence about recommendation until I could verify a tighter bushing fit would eliminate shortcomings.
This should the first upgrade on your Mazda. Installed it in Feb 2018. Took a bit longer to break in maybe due to cold weather. Upgrade was immediately noticeable with eliminated torq steer especially on slippery snow slush. I was driving with Hankook i-Cept Evo2 ...but did notice more slip before upgrade.
Traction feels solid and smooth...Luv the extra engine noise
Installed this on my 2013 MS3 and works great! It has a little more vibration but it is getting better the more I drive it. I had the CP-e stage 2 Rear engine mount before this one and the vibrations were overwhelming and never changed after 1000 miles of driving. Don't buy the CP-e mount if you don't like vibrations. The corksport stage 1 does all the things the CP-e mount does without all the vibrations! Great part and easy to install!
Wow! So I bought this after riding in my buddies CooperS with high expectations. First of all, I hadn’t been under my car yet and I found out I had a Cobb RMM. Corksport totaly crushes them, this mount is absolutely amazing. Gear shifts are way smoother, torque steer is almost completely gone (you’re actually in control). This is my third upgrade from Corksport and there will be many more to follow. Buy this!
Major improvements to driveability! 2011 2.5 manual. Give it a few 100 miles to break in and any harshness will be gone. Only con that remains is minor vibration when the air compressor kicks on and car is stopped. Vibration is not noticeable once driving again. This beautiful upgrade cuts engine movement, making hard accelerations and shifts much smoother! Other mounts out there are known for being too harsh, being designed for the race track. CS hits the mark with this one!
this mount makes my speed 3 great to drive with! high quality!
Bought the mount a couple of weeks ago. Looks very well made and it was very easy to install. I had the corksport inserts but I wanted to give the full mount a try. Awesome results! I dont feel the engine moving during gear changes, the car feels more responsive and the shifts feel smoother. I drive a 2010 Mazda 5 with the 5 soeed manual and this mount fits no problem.
Definitely the first upgrade that should be done on the Mazdaspeed3 for performance. Just like many others I'm not one to believe the hype in a modification before doing some research of my own and learning about the pros and cons, but believe me when I say just get this. You will not be disappointed, the pros FAR outweigh the cons! The install was easy, would be almost effortless on a hoist. So far I have done around 1000km of mixed driving on the 80 Duro (black insert) mount and I can say first hand it makes the car launch a lot harder with little to no wheel hop or noticeable drivetrain movement. Shifts are way smoother and tighter and I no longer hear/feel the drivetrain moving around when shifting, and best of all it pretty much eliminated torque steer in my otherwise stock '12 Speed3. I would not be surprised if all these drivability improvements shaved some time off of the cars 0-60 and handling numbers just due to the car being more capable of putting the power down. As for NVH there was a increase after installation as expected, but give the mount some time to seat and "break in" and within 150-300km 90% of the added NVH will disappear. I notice a slight vibration when idling warm below 800rpm give or take, and a slight rumble on cold start-up, other than that it is comparable to the OEM mount. Corksport nailed this mount! I haven't tried other manufacturers' RMM's but so far I am Glad I went for CS over the others on the market.
This mount should be the first thing you buy for your Mazda 3 and definitely if you upgrade to a short shifter. You will notice immediately the difference in shifting and transfer of power to the ground after installing. Takes about 100 miles or so to break in after that you only notice extra vibration on start up.
Dude!.... this is the best mod I've ever done to any car, even better then the one on my Mazda 2 makes it so much more drivable, cleaner shifts, cleaner takeoffs, it made the car almost more fun to drive then my rx7. I'd say this a good place to start if your unhappy with shifter feel/ pedal response.
Its as easy to install as it is influential on the car. And by that I mean VERY much so. I was able to remove the old one and install the new RMM in a matter of minutes. Upon startup, there is a bit of vibration, but it isnt bad! In fact, I love it! You can feel it throughout the gears even somewhat at high revs. It definitely feels more raw and mean. Not to mention my launches have never been better! This is a great mod if you really want to feel an increase in performance!
Great rmm no wheel hop, get ready for the heavy vibrations, 15 minute install
I use my 2010 mazdaspeed 3 primarily as a commute vehicle, 90 mile round trip each day. Luckily, I'm one of the lucky people that actually get to drive on a smooth, scenic, curvy highway each way. The Corksport Rear Motor Mount is a joy to own and is most appreciated when shifting. It eliminates the lull between shifts, so you reduce the 'head-bobbing" effect that occurs when you are between gears. When you start the car, there is an increase in cabin rumble that is only audible to people inside the vehicle. This rumble may or may not be for you, but it definitely gives your car a more raw feeling. My female roommate (who is a female) mentioned that the car felt more primal. It is slightly more annoying with the AC is on because that causes more shake when you are at a light. But everything above 700rpm is completely within range of reason. Part of me hopes my girlfriend borrows my car again only to declare that my car sucks and she no longer wants to drive it ever again so I can hog it to myself. Install this part and declare your manhood.
I just installed this today & already love it .. When you rev the engine you can feel the power through your steering wheel. I was a little bit nervous about the "vibration" that I had read about .. But even fresh out of the package I love the feeling of it. Torque steer is 99% gone which is an added bonus, plus WAY cleaner shifting .. for $125 you literally can not go wrong .. This is this the first upgrade I'd do if I hadn't done it yet!
Just installed it, and, well, that 'clunk' I heard after 1st-2nd shifts is now gone. I had been restraining myself from hard launches with the stock RMM, and babying the thing going into 2nd gear. Can't wait to see what my used Gen1 MS3 can do. Subjectively the car now feels, how can I say it, 'lit', and more purposeful- the bark upon starting is louder and meaner; the idle and exhaust note seem more alive yet smoother. I suppose I can get on the throttle a bit more now.

The mount was an easy install. The vibrations were a bit much in the beginning but as it breaks in they go away. I absolutely love how it changes the dynamics behind shifting, especially from a stop to first gear. There is no wheel hop and the torque steer is all but gone from first and second gear. The old motor mount was actually kind of scary looking considering my car has just under 65000km, If you're looking to start modding, start with this.
I bought the RMM inserts first. While it did improve the shifting and wheel hop a bit, this mount is in a completely different class. Shifting is a dream and with the rear sway bar, this car is glued to the road. I love it.
Great motor mount. A bit rough and noisy when the engine is cold but completely worth it for better shifts and take-off. Quiets down after the car is warmed up. Very easy to install, took about 10 minutes with basic hand tools. I would definitely recommend this product.
Got it for Christmas and just installed it on my 2013 sky hatchback. It feels amazing!!! When I step on the throttle from idle the climb from idle rpms to 1000rpms shakes and shudders the whole car, it's a bit harsh but It feels awesome, I'm assuming it'll probably die down a bit once it fully breaks in. I have the CS SRI and the growl that the Sri gives you is now turned into something you can feel not just hear. Throttle response is much improved and shifting is smoother than ever. Definitely a must buy for anyone who is a driving enthusiast!!!
must have for the speed3. of everything I've done so far this was the most influential. best bang for your buck. couldn't be happier with it
Installed this part in 35/40 minutes. My car certainly rumbles at stops and switches gears a lot better then before. A lot less lagging now!
Incredibly easy to install. INCREDIBLE difference.

I can't imagine going back to how my car was without this. It feels so much more controlled and peppy. Also adds a raw feeling that I was missing from the older cars I used to drive. I'd call this a definite must have for any GEN2 MS3 owner.
Awesome addition to my car. Shifts are much smoother and I didn't notice any increase in NVH. This is the easiest and most beneficial modification you can make to your car at this price point
This should definitely be everyone's first mod! The benefits gained from the mount are unbelievable. The cars factory mounts are pathetic. When I was removing my factory mount, it was completely destroyed. So I certainly felt a difference after installing this mount. One difference I noticed was that the NVH increased inside the car, especially when using a/c. However, it is bearable and so worth the benefits. There is definitely less torque steer and more power to the ground!
I was worried about the increased NVH before purchase but wow! I really love this thing! Any increase in NVH was a welcome addition and not to mention the very smooth shifts. As always the quality from CS was excellent.
Of the few mods I've done to my car, the increase in performance from this RMM has definitely been the most noticeable so far; gear changes immediately became much smoother and there's hardly been any increase in can feel that the engine is staying in place much better. Install was so quick and easy that it's almost like cheating to see such a difference.
Just writing to give an update on the motor mount after almost a year and 3 months of my purchase. First of all I totally regret on not installing the 80 duro from the beginning. Today I took my car to the dealership for passenger motor mount under warranty an I went ahead and asked the mechanics to swap in the 80 duro since the other mount was being replaced under warranty. To my surprise the 70 duro was starting to fail on the inside so we went ahead and replaced it with 80 duro. My impressions, the vibes are practically very minimal but pleasant. The car performs way better under wot and it gives a race car feeling on the cabin. To be honest, I don't want it to break in because I love the way the car feels and the very tiny vibes makes the car feel more robust and more connected to the ground. You would not believe it but after I drove of the dealership, it felt like a totally different car, a true high performance car. All you that are worried and un-decided on whether to get this 80 duro rmm because corksport no longer offers 70 duro,

the best thing corksport did was to no longer offer 70 duro because I had it on my car and trust me, once you move up to 80 duro, you would not want to go back to 70 duro. It is totally different feel, wayyyyyyy better than 70 duro. Much stronger than 70 duro and way better performance on acceleration. Thanks corksport for the 80 duro rmm, it just made my car a totally new different car to drive. I totally felt in love with my car once again!
I held really high hopes for this RMM as I back CS as much as possible. The install was a breeze, almost easier than making a sandwich... Almost... The only issue I'm having is that the engine moves the same amount as the worn stock RMM. It bucks like a bronco sometimes, and on cold starts it almost sounds as if the engine is hitting the firewall. All other mounts are in near perfect condition. Other than the occasional engine bucking and cold start firewall hitting noise (both of these are rare occasions) this mount is great for the price! This does not hinder my thoughts about CS at all. I will always be back for more for my Mazda!
What can I say, but this was the single greatest expenditure I have made for my car so far. Easily stands up to the performance, and makes one hell of a difference in engine feel.
This product made my car perform a whole lot better. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for smoother shifting, better power delivery, and an overall more solid feel to the car. Also this mount compared to my oem mount was literally laughable. The stock mount was a joke compared to this one.
Easy to install, greatly reduces torque steer and puts the power down so much better. I'm really happy with this mount. I could flex the old mount with my thumbs that's how much garbage it was. There is more vibration transferred into the car but I don't mind it at all, make it feel more like a race car
Cold start vibration increased in reverse and below 1500rpm but warmed up and revving its nice and smooth. Power delivery is almost immediate. You can really put your foot down without the engine or tires hopping around under the load. Install is quick and a solo job. Hardest part is lining the bracket up with the aluminum housing and not cross-threading but just take your time. Highly recommended for even lightly modded cars.
Another great product from CS.. This made a huge improvement in the drivability as my daily driver. The shifts are much smoother without having the engine jump around. Installation was a breeze.. Definite upgrade and well worth the cost.
I got tired with my motor smacking the fire wall every time I launched it. I was between this mount and the JBR. Went with this one after testing riding in two other Speeds with the Corksport and JBR mount. JBR mount may be a little more stiffer and causes more vibrations but at the end of the day the Corksport mount kept the engine where it should be at, at all times and the vibrations were not as harsh which still makes the car easy to daily drive.
A must have product if you want your power to hit the ground. It completely changed my car and power delivery is 100 times better. Install was 5 min literally. took more time getting it on the lift then to install this. Vibration was harsh at first in 1st and 2nd gear but after about 100 to 150 miles that will disappear so don't freak out. A great product from a great company.
Easy install, and definitely worth it. A little vibration in 1st/2nd gear when in lower RPMs. Even gives me better shifts. Havent missed 3rd since the install. 175 miles since the install, and the mount has broken in. Car feels solid now.
Yes, there are some minor friction noises mainly in first gear or reverse.. who cares!? A little more road noise, no biggie. It really makes it feel like you are in a race car! I love it! Much more stable and you can feel that its grounded a lot better. More solid with acceleration, even feels like it boosts harder due to less play in the mount! Highly recommended. It took longer to get the car on the ramps without tearing the bumper off than it did to switch out the RMM. Way to go Corksport
Believe it, the hype is real. My first mod and completely changes how the car drives. I drive a 2013 Speed3 and this reduced torque steer immensely, and eliminated the clunk from hard shifting from first to second. Love it! Vibes are bad at first, but after a couple hundred miles you can only feel them on cold starts, or sometimes taking off in first gear. It's my daily driver and they don't bother me at all, I would never go back to stock.
I replaced the upper motor mounts shortly after I bought 2008 Speed3. 6 years later I replaced the rear. The car puts out 400hp and I had some wheel hop and lots of torque steer. I shouldn't of waited 6 years to do this. Wheel hop is gone and almost all of the torque steer is gone. Great Product.
Install was easy. Has made a difference in shifts, and keeping the power to the wheels on hard acceleration. Idles rougher; but also have not put much mileage on it since changing, so i would guess that will go away once it is broken in.
The quality is top notch and Installation was easy and straight forward. I will say after installation my first drive produced a knock from 1-2 gear and at idle. I would over torque the bolt that bolts both Corksport and transmission mount together. This help reduce play between the two mounts and stiffens the mount. After break in I didn't notice any more vibrations than the stock mount or clunk. This Corksport mount is well worth the purchase.
Second product from CorkSport and the quality is top notch. Installation was easy and straight forward. I will say after installation my first drive produced a knock from 1-2 gear which i figured was settling and break in of the mount and CorkSport customer service confirmed my theory on this. I haven't notice any more vibrations then the stock mount and i am using the 70 dur. It feels like the stock car but the shifting and the feeling of the car are enhanced greatly. Feels more direct and connected with the road and driver.

I will say as a parts manager at a large dealership group the customer service blows me away. I hold my employees to a high level of customer service and i'm always impressed with CorkSport's level of customer service. Really looking forward to doing more business with them. Can't wait to get the race pipe and HPFP internals next.
I got BOTH the 80 Duro and the 70. I installed the 80....

One of the single best upgrades I ever made to my MS3!!

Fantastic and easy to install. With this accompanied with the lower arm bar, my wheel hop is GONE and no gears missed.
I got BOTH the 80 Duro and the 70. I installed the 80....

One of the single best upgrades I ever made to my MS3!!

Fantastic and easy to install. With this accompanied with the lower arm bar, my wheel hop is GONE and no gears missed.
Installed this on my 2013 Mazda3 Skyactiv and the installation was very easy. Not noticing any additional vibrations (70 durometer) over the stock mount and the shifting is sooo much better. Honestly Mazda should make this their OEM RMM!

CorkSport FTW!!!

Easy to install, easy instructions to read. The install took me less than 30 mins, it could've gone quicker but the OEM bolts needed some time to soak in some lube to be able to loosen. Now I have little to no movement in the engine when switching gears. I felt a huge difference immediately. Going from 1st to second I still feel a slight jerk if I let the clutch go too soon. I've purposely let go of the clutch too early switching from all other gears and had no movement at all. GREAT PRODUCT made by a great company.
I installed this part (70 durometer) last weekend. Took about 30 minutes. Shifts seem smoother. No jerkiness feeling. No noticeable vibrations with AC on and off. Definitely recommend for your daily driver.
1st of three items I bought this week. Easiest install of a performance part I have ever done. Can't believe Mazda puts such a crappy motor mount on. Biggest advantage I felt was during power and shifting. That "clunk" when you shift and come off and on the power is gone feels solid.
It took longer to get the tools and jack the car up than the installation itself. Torque steer under hard accelleration are nearly eliminated and wheel hop is gone. It also shifts much smoother, the engine bucking when shifting is gone and the 2-3 upshift no longer misses on occasion. great product.
Had RMM installed today (70 Duro). As soon as I rolled away after the install, I could notice a big difference in shifting. Much more solid shifts, especially 2nd to 3rd, and engine is finally nice and firm with better throttle response. Vibration is minimal and I hardly notice it with this mount at 70 Duro (other mounts are still stock).
Very easy to install, purchased a few months back, had little to no vibrations then and still don't. Definitely makes a difference. Now to save up for the rest of the mounts.
Without a doubt the best mod for the speed 3. Wish I would've done it first!
i purchased this for my mazda 3 sedan and i love it. i would highly recommend to anyone. there is no torque steer and with the 80a very slight vibrations only in the cold but no more than the factory plastic rattles
This is the MUST have 1st thing you buy for your Speed. Wheel hop gone! Missing 3rd gear no more. The OEM part is the weak link in the drivetrain and this is the fix. The CorkSport mount is a top quality part. Thanks.
Great mount have had other mounts in the past but this one is one of the smoothest and perfectly machined to fit without any issues just have to make sure to remember the locktite would recommend to anybody that has a mazda mzr platform with manual transmission cannot say anything about the automatic as I have not owned an mzr with the auto but works perfect on my 400hp 12' mazdaspeed 3
I just installed it on my 2010 MS3 and it makes a world of a difference. I felt like driving a different car! I hated the jarking motion between the 1st and 2nd gear with the stock rear motor mount but this took care of that problem as well as the TORQUE STEER! my shifting is so much smoother now and I'm actually considering buying more parts from the CS ahah thanks CS!
Just installed on my 2013 Mazdaspeed3 and its made a world of difference. No NVH and very little movment from the engine during shifts. Glad this was my first mod, and it was easy to install. Thanks Corksport!
Installed on an 08' Mazdaspeed3. Installation is very easy, although if you use a torque wrench you may have to get your car high enough to be able to use it with out it hitting the ground, or use a shorter wrench. I was not able to notice ANY increase in NVH. Shifting is tighter and wheel hop is reduced though perhaps because of other reviews my expectations were too high and I didn't see the improvements I was hoping for. The when I removed the stock motor mount the rubber insert was torn all the way through, so it's still a good thing to replace.
Exelent perfect fit no vibration at idle.
Is the 80 durometer OK to use for daily driving?
Just installed this on my 2009 Mazda 3 2.0 liter automatic have noticed minor nvh but noticed a better ride and shifting. Install was 25-35 minutes no wheel hop anymore as well. First real performance mod and its definitely worth it.
I should have bought this mount BEFORE buying the car. Really great product. A must have for a Speed3 owner. Easy installation in few minutes. Directly bolt on. 12 out of 10 !!
This shouldve been my first mod and Mazda should've produced this from factory on the MPS.

Absolutely no vibrations at all. drives smooth and gear changes are like brand new. I think I may install the 80 duro even!

Thanks corksport.
Hey, i want to keep the NVH to minimum as possible so whats the best one to go with (70 or 80)? also will i notice the NVH much?
this should have been put in from the start my car shifts so much better and I now have no wheel hop , I had the inserts on the stock mount and they worked good but this mount is far better I highly recommend it.
Absolutely beautiful. Was actually laughing at the difference this RMM made over stock. Like someone previously said, this RMM makes the stock on look like a wet noodle. This car should have come off the line with this. Thank you guys!
Will this fit to 2010 mazda3 2.0 5 speed automatic ?


CorkSport Reply:The mount fits all models.
It blows my mind how such a simple item can make my car so much smoother! there is absolutely no bucking from the engine after shifts now. super easy to install if you have the right tools. the RACE rmm is an absolute must have mod for the mazdaspeed3. no extra vibration what so ever. Thank you corksport for an amazing part!
Install took me about 20 minutes, and made a very noticeable difference in the feeling of the car under power. No NVH change whatsoever. The stock part looks so weak when you take it out and see it next to this beefy part.
What a great addition this was. Install was super easy, and took about 30 minutes total. The race rear motor mount takes almost all of the driveline lash out of this car and gives a very direct feel when putting the power down. If you are on the fence about getting one, don't hesitate and do it. Way worth it.
This motor mount made my stocker look like wet noodle. I was stunned by the change that this mount made...makes my MS3 feel like a new car. I love it! Absolutely fantastic product and company.
Awesome mount! I went with the 70a and noticed no more NVH than stock. Much better launches with no wheel hop! Easy install and great instructions.
With the 70 and 80 will I be able to burn out without hop?
Hey whats the nvh on the 80 and will the 80 eliminate wheel hop? Thanks

CorkSport Reply: The NVH is not too bad for daily driving when used by itself. Wheel hop is greatly reduced.
Will this help for my launch?

CorkSport Reply:Yes it will
How is the NVH with the A/C on at idle with this mount? Thanks.

CorkSport Reply:Minimal with the 70 durometer urethane installed.
2013 MS3. Love it. Puts those ponies on the pavement and keeps ' em there.
installed on my '13 genpoo. No NVH whatsoever. Definitely feels smother and handles a lot better. Install only took about 30 mins, it's pretty much dummy proof.
Hands-down the most satisfying mod I've installed on any of my Mazdas. Corksport has once again exceeded my expectations.
What an awesome product! I am in Australia and the service from the guys at corksport has been second to none. Mount arrived quickly and with no issues, was a breeze to install and they even sent me a decal. Didnt notice any excess noise or vibrations but wow what a difference this mount makes over the stock unit! Thanks again, I will be shopping again that is for sure !
Just installed this today. Fantastic is all I can say. Took me about 45 mins to complete. That's including jacking the car up and putting on stands. Super easy install and noticeable improvement in power response. No extra NVH! A must have for the price.
Wow!! I expected the shifts to be better but this mount is smoother at idle then the stock mount ever was! NO NVH whatsoever! The car feels so much more responsive! Thanks Corksport!
Such a great investment. Absolutely no added nvh . My speed3 is so much more responsive. Low rpms are no problem and my car drives as it should have when i bought it. Mazda should really put these in stock. The actual install took me no more than 25 minutes. It was a breeze. Thank you so much Corksport you guys really hold up to a high standard. I will be ordering so much more!
I Installed this Rear Motor Mount a few days ago. I was worried about increased Vibrations and noise in the cabin, But let me tell you... This mount was just as quiet if not quieter then the Stock mount. I am so glad I made this purchase. Not only is this the Best RMM on the market, Corksport also has the best Customer Service that I have seen. You cannot go wrong with this Mount
Had this mount on my car for a few weeks now and it's awesome. Absolutely zero noticeable NVH when driving, but there is certainly a difference in responsiveness from the engine. You need this RMM... so why are you wasting your time still reading and not ordering? GET IT!
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Do you still offer 70 Duro Rear Motor Mount for 2011 Mazdaspeed 3? I notice that your website only shows the 95A Duro one.

Asked by Keith | 12/28/2019, 03:13 PM | 1 answer(s)

Where do i get the replacement durometer?

Asked by kyle wikel | 12/30/2015, 07:12 PM | 3 answer(s)

I have an automatic transmission and I'm needing to replace all my motor mounts, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy this one in conjunction with the others I'm replacing or should I just keep it stock?

Asked by Michael Bierdeman | 10/27/2018, 06:35 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit a European 1.6L Mazda3 2007 ?

Asked by Adrian | 03/13/2018, 04:11 AM | 1 answer(s)

I saw the post regarding fitment, but just to be sure... That includes the 2012 mazda3 2.0l skyactiv w/6MT? I just want to be double sure before I order this. I'm having issues with the engine feeling like it's sloshing around when i try to accelerate, with occasional clunk starting from a stop. I also have occasional issues "finding" second gear, causing a grind, when I accelerate quickly. I'm pretty sure this part will solve my issue. Assuming it fits!

Asked by Ben | 01/11/2018, 12:15 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this fit an 2007 Mazda 3 i ?

Asked by Darius McGinty | 12/20/2017, 07:51 PM | 1 answer(s)

how many rear motor mount do i have to buy?

Asked by daniel orozco rodriguez | 06/30/2016, 10:20 PM | 1 answer(s)

This this does an amazing job but in my low mileage car my engine starts sound like I'm firing up a big rig it's so rough. At idle it's a crap shoot if it will be a reasonable amount of NVH or absolutely awful. I've tried completely removing and very carefully reseating everything again at exact torque specs just like I did the first time but still the same result. Is there any trick to making this better? Higher torque on the bolts or something? Thanks

Asked by Chris | 09/02/2016, 11:11 PM | 0 answer(s)

Does this fit the 2007 mazda 3 sp23?

Asked by andy | 07/27/2016, 05:20 PM | 1 answer(s)

Do I need to replace all other motor mounts if I install this?

Asked by Matthew Williford | 06/25/2016, 06:42 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will this work on a 2013 focus ST? I know the mounts are almost the same can I use this?

Asked by Kyle | 06/20/2016, 05:09 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this fit 2012 mazda 3 2.5l

Asked by Eric | 08/30/2015, 01:23 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this product fit a 2008 mazda 3 2.0 sport?

Asked by Aaron | 08/28/2015, 01:11 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this fit the 04 sedan with 2,0l engine and manual gearbox?

Asked by Johan Lammi | 08/24/2015, 09:14 AM | 1 answer(s)

Would it matter if your Mazda was an automatic or standard for this kind of motor mount? (Due to the difference of how much your engine moves around) Or would I be better off getting a regular motor mount for an automatic?

Asked by Judyta S | 06/16/2015, 11:32 AM | 1 answer(s)

I don't have the bolt and nut for this, got it second hand, what is the minimum tensile strength that is needed for a suitable replacement?

Asked by Alek | 06/03/2015, 08:14 AM | 1 answer(s)

Was wondering about longevity for engine life. I know your products are all top notch, and will never fail unless you hit something. Does the reduced engine lash cause more strain on vital components, such as timing belt, cam shaft/gears, rocker assembly, crank shaft, and my manual transaxle? Only reason I consider this is because under hard acceleration, the engine lashes back and forth quite a lot, sometimes to where the shifter cannot align the gears, and you grind. Or maybe the engine lash it has now is doing more damage to internals than it not moving... not sure, would like some advice.

Asked by Eric | 04/23/2015, 11:15 PM | 1 answer(s)

I installed the mount on my car and about a day later my check engine light came on. Was wonding if the extra vibration would cause this to happen?

Asked by Erik Smith | 02/19/2015, 04:07 PM | 1 answer(s)

Just want to know which is better? the Race rear motor mount (80 duro) or the rear motor mount (70 duro)? better yet, which would be better suited for a 2013 mazda 3 skyactiv hatchback?...........thanks.

Asked by Varun Maharaj | 02/04/2015, 12:46 AM | 1 answer(s)

I bought this when two durometers were available as an option. Stupid question, but was the black one the 80 or the light blue one offered? Blue one was installed from you guys and as received...

Asked by Ryan Feeley | 01/01/2015, 03:53 PM | 1 answer(s)

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