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CORKSPORT License Plate Frame

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Personalize your Mazda with your favorite Mazda performance company by adding the CorkSport License Plate Frame. Made from stamped stainless steel and featuring matte black powder coating with painted lettering, the CorkSport license plate frame will provide a more durable, good looking finish than the stock license plate frame.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Stainless steel construction:more durable than a plastic frame and won't rust like chrome plated frames.
  • Matte black powder coated finish: Goes with any paint scheme
  • Stamped logo painted letters: Provides a genuine, durable, long lasting finish
  • CorkSport Service and Support: The CorkSport license plate frame is easier to install than stock and takes just 5-10 minutes with basic tools.

Looks great, nice thicker material than most plate frames so it's durable. Love it
Great metal frame quality, I love looking back at it knowing it was a good investment! Got this on my 2021 Mazda 3 AWD Turbo and love to support this company with the effort of their hard work and passion for the Mazda community!
Have to give these a 2-star. I bought 2 of these over a year ago for the front and rear plates. The front one is still is near perfect condition, even with it being hit with everything here in the Pacific Northwest. The rear one had paint peeling off within 2 months and was not sticking to the plate frame at all. I don't know if i just got a bad one or what, but I was not too pleased with that one. I'd give the front plate at least a 4 star though for lasting so long. Haven't had the rear one for 9 months or so now. =[
Quality of the plate itself is great. But, giving it a 2-star because of how easy the painting chips off. Have one in front and back and the back one is about 40% chipped off after 6 months.
Great quality, better than expected.

I've never felt as cool as I did after installing these bad boys.
Loved the look when it arrived. Super clean and good bold coloring. Only problem is that when I took my car to the car wash (self wash bay) the paint came off very easily when spraying soap off my rear bumper. This happened the first time I took it to the car wash. I am now left with what just looks like a chrome bracket around my plate. Apparently need to go back to just washing it in the driveway with a garden hose.
Not a big fan. It went through a pretty rough winter, and after about 3 carwashes over the course of two months, most of the paint has completely chipped off.
Great quality. Finished nicely. Arrived quickly. Arrived with a small chip in the finish other then that flawless. Hoping it holds up well through the rough winter weather.
Very nice looking plate! Great logo coloration and solid metal. Only problems are that it needs cut sections (similar to the top inside corners) so it won't cover up the state decals and that the paint peeled right off around the screws heads when installing. Almost there, just needs to fine tune the little things as good engineering practices usually go.
Awesome I love it gives the license plate area a nice look

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Could you please tell me the dimensions? Im from Australia and need to know if it fits my number plate.

Asked by Joshua Meli | 08/17/2017, 06:20 AM | 1 answer(s)

Does the bottom still cover the registration stickers? I saw that was a previous issue but those posts are from several years ago.

Asked by Dan Cox | 02/29/2016, 04:03 PM | 1 answer(s)

What are the dimensions for this please?

Asked by Mark | 06/03/2015, 05:31 AM | 1 answer(s)
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