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Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 License Plate Bracket Relocation Kit 2010-2013

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2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 license plate relocation kit

Give your 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 a visual boost and improve airflow with the CorkSport License Plate Relocation Kit. By offsetting your factory license plate and moving it to the drivers side, the CorkSport license plate relocation kit will allow for better airflow and improve the overall look of your 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Impact and temperature resistant: The CorkSport License Plate Relocation kit brackets are made from machined smoked lexan
  • Improved airflow: Allow for better cooling performance for the cooling system and aftermarket front mounted intercooler kits by moving the factory plate from obstructing airflow
  • Billet machined aluminum mounting base for added strength
  • Upgraded hardware and mounting brackets: The hardware is made from stainless steel and the mounting bracket and base are anodized black to resist the elements and corrosion

  • Install time                  1/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions, all of the needed hardware and two bumper plugs for the stock location holes.

I bought this about a week ago and the threads on the bolt supplied in the kit are flat, while the female threads on the bumper of my 2010 Mazda 3 Sport are tapered, so it goes in a few centimetres and stops. Not very impressed at all.
This product worked very well for me, since I knew I was going to be moving to a state with only a rear license plate, and I did not want holes in my bumper. The only improvement I would make to the product, CORKSPORT PLEASE READ THIS, would be to drill a hole right in the center of the plastic plate mount, so that the main bolt through the bracket can be accessed without taking the whole thing apart. This is exactly what I did on mine, and it makes the mount much easier to install, adjust, and make level. Aside from the 5 minutes it took me to drill that hole, excellent product!
The only thing that would keep this from being a 5 Star rating, is that I had to go to home Depot to buy washers to stop the provided license plate screws from going right through the license plate bolt openings (Horrible wording, but I think it gets the point across). Canadian plates seem to have a gaping opening for those bolts. Maybe include those for future puchases? Otherwise, thanks for the great product!
the directions suck on there. All I ended up with was a stripped bolt. Never lined up the way it should have. Now I got a bolt sticking out of my grill with no way to get it out.

CorkSport Reply:Matt we would like to help you out, give us a call 360-260-2675
does it work on 2013 Mazda 3?
Why has this price gone up soo high? Last I saw it was around 60$...
Any chance of this fitting a '10 RX-8 R3?

CorkSport Reply:Not this kit but this one will. Look at the description in the main listing 09+ Rx8s is a fitment.
Looks great. Easy to install. It takes a couple tries to get it straight but only takes a few minutes at most.
Actually i have a question.. does it fit with japanese license plate?
Actually i have a question.. does it fit with japanese license plate?

>>CorkSport Reply: You would have to re-drill the Japanese plate to get it installed.
LOVE the product, looks great, just wish there was a way to minimize the gap space between the bumper & license plate holder..but nonetheless looks good!
this product looks great, super easy to install and fits basically flush with the grill. i'm a proud corksport customer
A bit pricy but easy to install. Gret product really fast shipping and it looks awesome...corksport has yet to let me down
Just installed my License Plate Bracket Relocation Kit and I'm very happy with the look and CorkSports quality. Install took me about 30mins due to the adapter bolt. I strongly feel that this piece of the kit could be better but it's not to bad.
Good product, poor execution... Shipping was fast. Part looks amazing. Instructions said i needed a 19mm deep socket when actually i needed a 17mm deep socket. ***Lexan is easily stripped! Be careful when installing the plate onto the bracket!*** Didn't come with any washers to make up for different hole sizes on different plates. IMO the angle of the bracket goes a little to far toward the drivers side. Looks awful if looking from an angle from the passenger side. Will likely be returning the product. =/
looks great on my sedan, the plugs fit great and hide the old holes from my stock bracket, really love the look and im the only one in my town of 200,000 to have this on their mazda 3. i didnt have the proper tools but i still got it done and its great
Fairly easy install. The positining of the adapter is a bit tedious, but can't be's just part of the process. The bad part is, the dealer used too long of plate mounting screws and put two additional holes in the grill. I contacted Corksport for two additional plugs and they are on their way. Thanks guys!
I love the look that this gives my 2012 Mazda 3. Was a simple install after finding the tools I needed, went together and everything in about 30 minutes. I decided to add some small washer behind the plate screws to cover up the odd shaped holes in my Texas plate. Looks very clean and professional. I will probably modify it a bit so that I can put a smoked plate cover on it by drilling out the top two holes so that I can insert two bolts through it to mount the plate and cover on it.

I just wish I would have known about this before I bought the car so that I could told the dealership to not mount the stock plate holder in my bumper.

Great product and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have a different look that just the norm of the center plate!
The product is solid. Very nice aggressive look on my 2012 Mazda3. I did have questions while installing and l called their customer service and their service was excellent. Shipping was also very quick. I will be doing business with CorkSport in the near future for most of my aftermarket goods. I would recommend their product to any Mazda owner. I do wish they would design DRL's for underneath the fog light on a 2012 Mazda3 for a perfect fit.
Love the look of the relocation kit. Pretty simple install also. It's a no brainer of a mod... DO IT!
No more getting pulled over for no front and a pretty easy install.
I had no problems at all with the install and the end result was awesome. My 2011 MS3 looks amazing with it on!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was the first mod I made to my 2011 Mazdaspeed3. I agree with Derek with how hard it was to get the bolt properly torqued all the way. Take your time with this, if you just slap it on then you will have to answer many questions as to why your license plate is always slanted a different direction

Great quality product
As soon as I bought my 2010 GT I ordered the relocation kit and demanded that the dealer did not drill or screw the standard plate mount into my bumper. The kit is made out of super durable materials and looks great plus it doesnt take away from the technology mazda used in the design of the bumper and also it is easy to wash around. It was a little tedious to get it torqued so that it would sit straight and not move at all but in the end the 25 minutes was well worth it and it has not at all since install.
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Will this product fit the gen 1 mps ?

Asked by Jarrod | 11/02/2018, 01:01 AM | 1 answer(s)

I been using this for over a year now, it looks great. I will be instaling a Treadstone FMIC kit soon. Will this still work with their crash bar?

Asked by Eric | 05/12/2018, 02:54 PM | 1 answer(s)

The car plate size in USA is 6in x 12in (152.40mm x 304.80mm). The car plate size in Australia is measured in mm and this is 107mm x 372mm (14.65in x 4.22in), given this... I acknowledge that Corksport is an American company focused in Mazda cars in America but.... Do you guys are aware that there is a considerable amount of Mazda's owners that are interested in purchase this upgrade for their car... if you do, is something that you can do about it??. Regards... J.P. (Sydney, Australia)

Asked by J. Palomino | 01/06/2017, 12:52 AM | 2 answer(s)

What are the Lexan Plate dimensions itself?

Asked by Juan | 01/03/2017, 03:59 PM | 1 answer(s)

Is this a universal sided tow plate? (Ie; will it work correctly in australia or will the plate not fit properly due to the different side of figment)

Asked by Korey | 01/18/2015, 11:14 PM | 1 answer(s)

Would I be able to use a license plate cover in conjunction with this mod?

Asked by Truong Nguyen | 11/12/2014, 07:11 PM | 1 answer(s)

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