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Mazdaspeed 3 Cat Back Exhaust

Price: $749.99
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We have the best looking, sounding, and performing exhaust for the Mazdaspeed 3. You have come to the right place to get the best cat back exhaust for the 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 on the market. We are not exaggerating, check out the 7+ pages of reviews on the exhaust, materials we use in construction, dyno performance, and great customer service.

New Options! You can now get the optional no rear resonated version of our cat back to take the sound level to the next level. We made this option available due to customer feedback on those wanting a cat back which really captures the Mazdaspeed 3s flat exhaust note.

Get optimal flow and minimal back pressure with the CorkSport Power Series Cat Back Exhaust for the 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3. The CorkSport exhaust features mandrel bent 80mm piping and a straight through high flow muffler for a smooth flow, increased power, and faster spool up. Corrosion-resistant T304 polished Stainless Steel construction with 100mm stainless steel tips ensures long life; stainless steel muffler packing means no worrying about burning out and rattling. As with all of our CorkSport brand parts, the Power Series exhaust is precision TIG welded, making for a solid connection, cleaner look, and powerful presence.

Thoroughly tested, this exhaust has peak power gains on the dyno that demonstrate an increase of 14 wheel horsepower over stock with only an added CorkSport Short Ram Intake modification on the tested vehicle.

The CorkSport Advantage

  • Options allow you to get the exhaust you want, loud or over the top loud.
  • Stainless Steel T304 construction with 100mm stainless tips for corrosion resistance and clean stylish look.
  • Mandrel bent, true 80mm piping for increased flow and more power from your engine.
  • Stainless steel muffler packing for a deep tone and long life.
  • CorkSport service and support: Receive a 2-year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone support.

Install time                  3/5 Difficulty               2 year warranty       No CEL

I've had the CBE for a few months now, it was the first mod I did to my car, and all I can say it I love it. Unless I decide to go single exit at some point I don't think I'll ever be getting rid of this exhaust. GO WITH THE NON RESONATED VERSION! It'll give you a much better sound and I wouldn't call it obnoxious at all, it has a very mature sound to it.
I searched long, hard, and patiently for the perfect exhaust. The stock exhaust was already louder than many stock exhausts out there for a passenger car. I wanted something that was louder but not that much louder. I’m a musician and i wanted something that SOUNDED good. I saw YouTubes of this exhaust and loved that it sounded rumbly. I emailed Corksport and asked all my questions. They responded quickly and were very helpful. I decided to take the $750 plunge. SO GLAD I DID. This exhaust is amazing. Especially with the windows down. Ahhhh it sounds so juicy. Don’t even play the radio anymore. It’s not ridiculously rumbly like a Subaru but still enough. Also, not loud on highway. Actually I hear it almost a little less when cruising. No drone whatsoever, less drone than stock. Surprisingly less annoying when engine braking at city speeds. My MS3 has >100k miles on it but I feel that it’s a new car now :D
This is a great product. I fitted the single exit CBE (which I don't see listed now) a year ago and it still looks like new. The sound is great, especially the occasional pop when changing up under hard acceleration. They even include my car in local autocross videos now where they never used to because the stock system sounds so boring. No problems fitting. Noticeable increase in performance, maybe partly due to the weight saving of the single pipe compared to twin.
Please read in full. I was very iffy in buying this exhaust because I wanted something loud and that would give me great performance. I at first did not think that the Corksport exhaust would do that for me, until I saw the reviews and a buddy told me I wouldn't regret it. So I bought it.... Not only does my turbo spool faster, and gen 2 speed3 have an increase in power, but it sounds sooooo freaking awesome!!!!! I seriously could not stop smiling or hitting the steering wheel out of excitement! I could drive for hours listening to this exhaust, and actually I love it so much that I forgot I had a radio lol. I am not one to give many reviews unless truly deserved but this deserves for than a 5 star rating and it was easy to install with my grandfathers help on a floor jack and 2 jack stands. So if you were iffy like me, all I have to say is don't be!
I got the cat-back with no resonators since in CA, I still need to pass smog I couldn't replace the factory cat. It's certainly much louder than stock, but it seems louder on the inside than out. Had a smile all the way home.
Purchased non resonated and I am more than impressed with the results! The sound is unbelievably amazing! Thanks for another quality upgrade Corksport!
Great exhaust....when I first installed it,the tips were uneven and had exhaust leaks. I contacted Kim and Vincent,they helped me with instructions for adjustments and resolving the leaks. These folks are GRADE A.....Great customer service.... they really care...quality products...Corksport's THE BEST!!
I purchased the version without the rear resonator, it sounds like a dream and my speed definitely seems faster with it installed. I was a little worried about it being too loud but it's just right, it's not too loud when just cruising. The removal and install was easy except for rusty bolts.

Always hesitant when it comes to buying a cat-back. Want something you can hear, but not obnoxious. This cat-back is perfect. Loud enough when you get on it to hear it but quiet and smooth while cruising. Thrilled to have this product on my car.
Just installed today! Great quality and awesome welds on every piece. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great sounding CBE!!!
I've had this exhaust (+ Corksport racepipe and intake) for over a year now, and it's a crime I waited this long to talk it up. Love the sound--not sure it can get any better than they've made it, and it is beautifully constructed. And not that it matters, but when it was brand new it was possibly the shiniest thing I've ever owned. Very happy with it and the other Corksport components I've ordered/installed! Also, the cat-back and racepipe (with stock downpipe) combination has passed emissions tests twice in Texas, which is a huge relief. I may end up getting the upgraded urethane hangers because going over bumps I can sometimes hear the exhaust give a little clunk - not a fault of this system, just a recommendation for those making the upgrade!
I have a 2012 Mazdaspeed3 and chose CS because this exhaust is just too bad ass! The exhaust is beautiful, the nice deep tone is fabulous and the power is amazing. Installation was extremely easy, did mine myself and I have very little experience. Again this exhaust is bad ass and anyone considering this should stop and buy this already, worth every $...thank you CS!
What can I saw after reading on researching on every possible exhaust for my Mazdaspeed I picked this one. Have to say it didn't disappoint especially after pairing it up with the corksport long downpipe. Starting it up I get a silly grin on my face everytime lol. The sound is amazing and the exhaust is just so well put together. Wish I bought it sooner is my only complaint. Hey corksport any chance of making some larger exhaust tips to fill out the exhaust holes??

Wow. I purchased the resonated version. Install was fairly straight forward (had some trouble removing the factory exhaust due to bolts stuck). The sound is incredible; no more exhaust drone on the highway then the stock. Tone is deep, without being annoying. When you punch it, the engine wakes right up and you can really hear it sing. The quality is awesome. Just buy it.
Excellent exhaust system. Not the loudest, but by far the best sounding. Extremely deep tone. All my friends and co-workers compliment me on it. Has a very Subaru like note. Welds are beautiful and bolts in super easy. Definitely recommend!
Corksport's CBE is practically a straight-through setup, the second tip is more for looks than anything. It doesn't use the OEM muffler placement, it has a muffler mounted in the mid pipe section, just like their gen 1 CBE, you shouldn't have any flow disadvantages this way. The fit is perfect, and the sound is very nice.

I could tell a very big difference in throttle response, spool time, and lack of traction when I replaced the RP and CBE with CS's products, so I think that it's safe to say that the stock CBE is more restrictive on gen 2 than gen 1. Most of those guys say that they can't tell any difference at all with a CBE except the sound.
AMAZING!!!has that nice deep tone, not the garbage rice burner sound...instant hp boost!!!
Ok. Ultimate Racing can eat my dust...... this exhaust system is crazy SICK. A perfect fit with my Cork Sport intake. My little Ko4 turbo woke rite up. The sound HOLY CHIT. The torque HOLY CHIT. The power gains HOLY CHIT. If you ever think about buying another brand of exhaust for your Speed3 you shoud beat your own ass now!!!!!!! Now I am just waiting for my HKS ssqv3 and race pipe. Im so excited!!! Dereck Ambros. Thank you so much for putting so much love in to this awesome company called Cork Sport.
Very easy install, love the sound and the new look, will recommend this product to every one :)
Another great bolt on by CS. This CBE is so assume. From the sound to the power. Everyone that is modding needs to get this CBE. Well worth the money.
i love it...another great corksport product
I listened to every sound clip on youtube and read every opinion on every blog I could access regarding MS3 exhausts. I did not want an exhaust so loud that it would irk the neighbors and I definetely didn't want the typical tinny "ricer" sound. This product arrived well packaged and the install was drama free. The finish level is so high it seems shameful to bolt it under your car. I am totally elated with the sound of the system. It is raspy, throaty and deep. Comments related to volume are subjective. That said, this exhaust is just perfect music to my ears. Not too loud but definetely significantly louder than stock. I was real worried about freeway drone. Zero freeway drone. I cannot imagine being happier with this purchase.
Looks great! Sounds mean! I was afraid it was going to be too loud, but it is absolutely perfect! Power gain feels substantial as well! Another great product, that I can't help but recommend!
The CorkSport CBE has great tone, is beautifully constructed and packs a performance boost. I highly recommend this exhaust system!
Excellent air-flow, a great deep tone that allows your turbo too breathe. Not like some of these exhaust systems that make you wonder if its cooking rice or if its gonna make glass explode because of the high pitch tones. This CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust system is definitely the only way too go!
Amazing sound. Bolted right up with no issues. Great low tone will cruising, but lights up when you punch it. Has a much better sound then the ricer exhaust I had for my honda prelude. Would recommend this exhaust to every MS3 owner.
Had a little issues getting the midpipe bolted to the Racepipe but other than that this CBE went on so easy! It looks absolutely amazing and sounds even better! even the non corksport believers in my group admitted that these guys make a solid exhaust!!! Love the sound of my car at WOT now!!!
Another great Corksport product. Press the starter and the car erupts into a deep rumble at idle, way louder than the anaemic standard exhaust.

Hit the road and there's an instant response from the turbo as you pile on the revs (full turbo back system with catted DP and de-cat RP), the bellow from the exhaust tips rising into a crescendo. Power gains are noticeable.

I haven't bothered with the radio since fitting this mother, what sweet music it makes !
Installed the Corksport 80mm cat back exhaust, the Corksport series race pipe and alls i can say is WOW, the sound and the power gains from just a cat back exhaust and race pipe are crazy, its a nice deep tone idle so its not obnoxious but when you open it up and at full boost the exhaust is a scene its loud and deep and you can just feel the power, the throttle response is a lot better and it builds boost much faster. My friend has a Ultimate Racing Catback and its obnoxious loud and doesnt feel like it gives the power that the Corksport does. GREAT PRODUCT CORKSPORT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
OMG I patiently waited waited for the racepipe and CBE and I am sooo glad I did not cancel my order. This exhaust is the cats ass for Speed3 exhaust systems. Very deep sound and very mellow cruising 80 down the super slab. And install it took my buddy and I a total of about 2 hours to install the racepipe and full exhaust in my garage just on jack stands and we were definitely not hard at it while installing it. If you can dress yourself you can install this exhaust system and if you are reading this stop right now and place your order. YOU WILL NOT be disappointed.. (Car info- Currently running a corksport specific stage II Flash through my access port 21.5 psi of boost And I LOVE IT)
Very speedy and safe delivery to New Zealand!

This unit is amazing. It looks like a piece of art! It is actually beautiful - I'm not kidding. I had it set up on the floor of my Living Room for a couple days to take it all in. Seems such a waste to put it under the car!

Took me about 2 hrs to fit it myself in my Garage - really simple and a perfect fit! Very impressed!

The sound is angry on startup - but subtle at warmed up idle. Even cruising it is actually almost quieter inside than stock. But when you put your foot down, it unleashes The Beast!

I have the CS Catted Downpipe, as well as the CS Stage II Intake and the Accessport. This is now just about the complete package.

But is it ever enough?...

The CBE is an excellent product. Installation was a breeze and it looks good and sounds awesome! You can't go wrong with Corksport!
I bought the CBE and Catted Downpipe.....lets just say theres nothing like a full Turbo back Exhaust from Corksport....absolutely love it
Absolutely love the look and sound. Very little resonation, if any. Great product.
ok so after reading these post I bought a race pipe with no cat a access port and a cat back exhaust and let me tell yall these are the best sounded cbe ive ever hearded. the power is way more than these guys tell you ur going to get this is not bs im barking 3rd ran a 12.4 with just add cold air intake too. best 1500 dollars I spent here just order 600 dollars more they need to sell carbon dash trim kits at corksport with turbo timers and maybe get in to the upgrade turbo game too
This product is awesome. Nice deep tone!!
This exhaust is nasty I've bought it stocked out and loved it so much I bought it again
i just installed this on my speed 3, but thought it would have been alot louder. I dont have the corksport downpipe or racepipe. will either of those help?

CorkSport Reply:Either the downpipe or the racepipe will get you more volume but the same deep tone.
I agree with Dylan in the previous remarks. This exhaust is very quiet. Fits great and looks good but the sound isn't much better than stock, just a little deeper. With minimal gains in HP, CBE's are used primarily for sound, which makes me wonder why CS went this route with the quietness of a pricey exhaust. The video is deceiving.
Well I posted a review in November when I first put it on my speed 3 and I rated it a 5 star. One thing that I did notice is that the bolts that were used as well as the hangers are starting to rust. I paid almost 1500 for the full system and it still sounds awesome, but I was very disappointed in the rust that I saw on the bolts and hangers.
This exhaust sounds mean...... I hopefully will have it shortly. A buddy of mine has the turbo back, its a" lioness" at grandpa speeds but a "mean #$$" lion at WOT! Puts sabarus to shame.
Just installed. Very nice deep tone. Would definitely buy again.
Sounds good nice deep sound and looks very nice
Very mis leading, i bought this exhaust and installed about 3 months ago, and its not even close to sounding this loud. very very misleading and not worth the money
Gave Spencer a call and placed the order for this exhaust. I took months to choose an exhaust that sounded like something I would like and let me tell you this is it!

Install was a breeze with all the included hardware and zero issues.

By the way Corksport, my friend helping me install the exhaust was so amazed by the quality of the system and the sound that he'd buy a cat-back from you guys for his 2012 ralliart if you made one. And he's picky!
Had this on the car for about a month now. Beautiful product, it's a shame placing this under the car where no one can see it. Noise is not bad at all when just cruising (which I like since this car is my DD) but when you hammer it down it growls and has a great throaty sound. This with the catless racepipe adds great low end torque. And as always great customer service from Corksport.
WOW! The car sounds amazing! I coupled the Cat Back exhaust with the DP w/ high flow cat...such a great sounding exhaust. The CBE is an easy install with the great instructions supplied by CS. I added the CS urethane exhaust hangers...I was afraid the stock hangers would not be able to keep the exhaust from rattling. I am very impressed with the exhaust. I agree with's a shame such a great looking product is hidden under the car!
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how db do both resonated and non resonated produce?

Asked by Francis  | 05/10/2019, 06:04 AM | 0 answer(s)

I have this exhaust can i run a cp-e QKSpl Downpipe CATLESS with this exhaust.

Asked by Gregory M Roy | 04/16/2019, 09:11 PM | 1 answer(s)

How many dB make the resonated version ?

Asked by Desbois Julien | 10/18/2018, 01:21 AM | 1 answer(s)

How much louder is the exhaust with the resonator deleted? I want a deep crisp sound and with the resonator sounded great. so with it being gone does it make it significanly louder as to bother others? or does it just have a more aggressive sound to it?

Asked by Derrick | 12/06/2014, 09:26 PM | 3 answer(s)

Hi is the non resonated version of this just a straight pipe from the cat is the mid section still resonated and just the rear axle section non resonated

Asked by Glyn | 06/05/2018, 09:55 PM | 0 answer(s)

How many dB is a resonated cat back system? I need to be under a certain limit for autocross!

Asked by Jake Stafford | 03/13/2018, 09:54 AM | 0 answer(s)

Hello, I already have a Corksport Down Pipe on my 2012 Mazda Speed 3! my question is, to complete my Cork Sport exhaust system all iI need to purchase is the Cat Back Exhaust correct? Thanks!

Asked by Gonzalo Mendoza | 02/08/2018, 09:44 AM | 0 answer(s)

If I already have the car back exhaust Can I do a 80mm downpipe or no?

Asked by Mike king | 11/30/2017, 09:07 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will it pass state inspection I live in ri and it’s my daily driver. I can take getting my balls busted but jw if I’ll have to swap out my exhaust every time I need an inspection?

Asked by Michael Masood | 10/13/2017, 03:49 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a Curt class 1 hatch for towing my sport bike. Will it interfere with the axle back exhaust hangers?

Asked by Robert Bradley | 10/18/2015, 08:15 PM | 2 answer(s)

I Purchased the Axle Back Section a few years back and it was non-resonated/non-muffled at the time, i currently still have only the OEM Mid-pipe with the resonator in there. I have a suggestion for you guys at corksport, if you welded in a wireless controlled butterfly Valve to the driver side exhaust outlet then this can be marketed as a Valved exhaust system and would also be a great addition to your current lineup adding more robust exhaust system choices. Please let me know if this interests you!

Asked by Jonathan Shafer | 07/29/2017, 09:21 AM | 0 answer(s)

Will this pass California smog?

Asked by Chris | 01/24/2017, 08:41 PM | 1 answer(s)

I currently have a racepipe and a resonator delete on my MS3, with my resonator delete does it matter if I get resonated or non resonated? If I get the resonated version can I just take the pipe off and connect it straight to the racepipe with the resonator if I really wanted to?

Asked by Jonathan | 07/09/2016, 12:52 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will i need an AP for running non-resonated and i have no other mods at all will this still bolt up to all factory?

Asked by Scott | 09/29/2016, 06:33 AM | 1 answer(s)

Do I have to buy an upgraded flange for the new catback exhaust (non Resonated) or does that come with the whole package?

Asked by Julio Tejada | 08/15/2016, 01:28 PM | 1 answer(s)

What is more popular, the non resonated CBE or the resonated?

Asked by Julio Tejada | 06/16/2016, 03:55 PM | 1 answer(s)

Does this exhaust directly bolt on without doing any modifications to it?

Asked by Jorge | 05/23/2016, 04:02 PM | 3 answer(s)

Will this work with the cp-e downpipe? also what is the piping and outlet size? 3"? thanks

Asked by Nic | 04/17/2016, 01:09 PM | 0 answer(s)

Will the CBE version bolt up directly to the stock downpipe/cat? I have a 2010 MS3, no other exhaust mods.

Asked by Jordan Ramira | 03/06/2016, 05:42 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will this cbe work with my cobb do?

Asked by jose | 01/25/2016, 01:43 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a Cobb DP will this cat-back fit

Asked by Jose | 01/22/2016, 05:15 AM | 1 answer(s)

I live in California. Are there CA. Legal papers included with this exhaust? And will there be an issue with smog? I believe this question was asked but is there any updated information? Thanks.

Asked by Robert | 05/23/2015, 08:41 AM | 1 answer(s)

Will getting the mid section only make any difference and will it fit the oem exhaust?

Asked by paul | 05/04/2015, 08:02 PM | 1 answer(s)

There is a large price difference between midsection resonated and full resonated. What are the differences? I am running completely catless.I''d Like to avoid highway drone. Curious what I'd Get with partial vs full restonation.

Asked by Robert Hillyerd | 05/02/2015, 09:51 AM | 1 answer(s)

My car is currently all stock. Would I have to buy an access port and get a tune if I was to put this exhaust on my car?

Asked by JP | 03/27/2015, 06:20 AM | 1 answer(s)

when you guys say "Mid Section Only" do you mean the mid section is resonated or you guys are selling only the mid-section? lol

Asked by Jorge | 10/26/2014, 04:20 PM | 3 answer(s)

Can you give a decibel rating for both the resonated and non-resontated tips... Or atleast a good estimate? Also, would I be able to try one tip and exchange for the other if I'm not happy?

Asked by Ryan | 03/10/2015, 11:04 PM | 1 answer(s)

Will you be coming out with a burnt tip option anytime soon? I'm ready to order mine but really like the burnt tip look. Or is it something an install shop can do for me?

Asked by Derrick  | 01/24/2015, 01:32 PM | 1 answer(s)

With the non resonated exhaust will the car still pass inspection? Or will I have to stock out before going for inspection

Asked by martin | 12/08/2014, 03:25 PM | 1 answer(s)

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