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2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 and 2004-2009 Mazda 3 Urethane Exhaust Hangers

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Mazda Urethane Exhaust Hangers for Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3
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Keep your new exhaust firmly in place with CorkSport Urethane Exhaust Hangers. Combining a new exhaust system with the stock rubber exhaust hanger allows for movement under normal driving conditions and can cause a thumping of the exhaust touching the underside of your car when going over bumps or navigating potholes. Autocrossing or high performance driving can also result in movement during aggressive steering maneuvers. Installing the CorkSport Mazdaspeed3 and Mazda3 exhaust hangers will limit the excessive movement of your performance exhaust and keep you system tightly in place.

The CorkSport Advantage

  • Fitment:2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 2004-2009 Mazda 3.
  • Made from firm, long lasting polyurethane
  • Stylish blue color molded to an exact fit
  • Works with the CorkSport exhaust system, stock exhaust, and most aftermarket exhaust systems that use stock exhaust hanger diameter
  • Set contains four hangers for a secure, precise fitment on your Mazdaspeed 3 or Mazda 3
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions and knowledgeable telephone installation support

Technical Article: The Benefits of Polyurethane

They work great and keep my Corksport catback exhaust from banging around the bottom of my car like the stock exhaust did. It was a pain in the ass to install the exhaust in the hangers, but that's just a necessary evil due to the hardenss of these hangers.
Awesome and easy install with quick shipping I couldn't be happier thanks Corksport !
Installation was pretty much a breeze, noticed less knocking and vibration. These are far superior to the stock.

I have one question. I'd like to complete the upgrade by replacing the downpipe hangers. Why are these not sold as well? The only way I see replacing those is to purchase two more sets of hangers.

CorkSport Reply** Put this question in the FAQ and we can get it answered.
Installed these along with the Cork Sport cat back exhaust. Install was a bit tough but nothing that a few squirts of WD40 and a set of channel locks didn't solve. The system is much more controlled with these hangers, a good thing since I participate in track weekends.

Very good product and I am pleased with the results.
Installed these with my cnt catback, replaced my end links, and took a little bit of the heat shield foil out from the resonator portion, my car finally sounds like a new car, no clunking or bangs, these help tremendously in stiffening my exhaust and keeping it from tapping anything.
These hangers are much stiffer than the stock ones. I have an 07 Speed3 with 85k miles on it with a modified exhaust, and the originaly hangers were so flexible the exhaust tip would hit the bumper cover.

After putting these on, the ride is much quieter. I definitely recommend these, especially for modified exhaust.

They can be a little tricky to install because of how rigid they are, but that's good in the end.
is there a warranty on these?

CorkSport Reply:There is a 2 year warranty on the parts. Give us a call at 360-260-2675.
Question! I have 3 solid engine mounts, so my engine doesn't move a smidgen even in the high RPM range. If i buy the power series exhaust, do you recommend still purchasing these too? or would the stock ones be alright since there's barely any engine movement? Thanks!!!!!

CorkSport Reply:You should be in good shape with the mounts.
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I'd like to complete the upgrade by replacing the downpipe hangers. Why are these not sold as well? The only way I see replacing those is to purchase two more sets of hangers.

Asked by Donovan Madden | 07/27/2020, 04:27 PM | 1 answer(s)

My 2005 M3 SP23 sedan takes 2 of the oblong hangers and 2 of the twist in. Does the picture reflect the contents correctly (1 oblong and 3 twist in)?

Asked by Corey Frost | 10/05/2018, 12:58 PM | 1 answer(s)

i bought some 08/17 and one these have a warranty or do i have to buy new ones

Asked by Alonso Vllarreal | 03/22/2018, 03:30 PM | 1 answer(s)

I have a corksport Turbo back exhaust and it rattles against the rear bumper, if I buy these hangars will the rattling stop?

Asked by Bryce C Sponsler | 01/15/2017, 11:46 AM | 2 answer(s)
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Fits Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2009 and Mazda 3 2004-2009

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