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Mazda 3 Shifter Bushing Set SkyActiv Manual Transmission

Price: $39.99
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Eliminate side to side compliance and remove the slack on your shifter by replacing the rubber OEM shifter bushings on your manual transmission Mazda with the CorkSport aluminum black anodized shifter bushings.

Over time, shifting gears can cause the soft rubber bushings found at the anchor point of your shifter assembly to deteriorate and fall apart.

Replacing the soft OEM shifter bushings with CorkSport's durable billet aluminum shifter bushings will provide you a noticeable difference in the way your car drives and improve shift responsiveness for years to come.

  • CAD designed and precision machined for exacting fitment.
  • Designed to fit the 2014+ Mazda 3, 2014+ Mazda 6 and 2013+ CX-5 with manual transmissions.
  • Improves the feel of the shifter by reducing the front to back and side to side "slop" found in the OEM bushings.
  • Made from billet aluminum, black anodized for a long lasting durable finish.
  • CorkSport Collectable Case for keeping those special things stored away or to brag and place it on display.
  • CorkSport Service and Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support.

CorkSport Shifter Bushing Set2014 + Mazda 3 / 2014 + Mazda 6 / 2013 + Mazda CX-5

I installed these on my 2017 Mazda3 GT Sport a few weeks after installing the Short Shift Plate. See my review there. Get both. The shifting is way better than stock and I'm very glad I installed the bushings as well as the Shift Plate. Installation was not effortless but was well worth it. The instructions are not accurate for a 2017. The console does not dismantle as described and the shifter does not remove as described, at the least. If you are handy with mechanics, it just takes some figuring. Not giving top marks due to the instructions but I'm glad I installed these.
Wasn't really aware of the design until I went hands on and realized how these play into the actual shifter. Took about 10 minutes to install (pull off some interior trim, take off some nuts and replace the old rubber/metal combo with this metal/metal set. Both just tighten down the shifter plate assembly (nothing to do with the knob) so you won't notice any difference unless you were missing the nuts to begin with. Looking back, it was a waste for me to purchase it but it helped me understand more about the shifter assembly/my vehicle.
The stock shifter in the gen 3 Mazda 3 is great, they really do make some of the best feeling shifters in the industry, but I wanted to see if I could improve it a bit. Once I installed Corksport's Mazda 3 shifter bushings, I noticed the shifter seemed to engage with a more positive feeling, and the shifts felt really crisp. The shifter is even more satisfying to use, and for $40 and 30 minutes, why wouldn't you want to install these bushings?

I plan on installing Corksport's short shit plate and lower engine mount in the future too. From my experience installing those parts on my old Mazdaspeed 6, I'm sure they'll make the shifts feel even nicer.
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