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2014-2018 Mazda 3 Lowering Spring Set

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2014-2018 Mazda 3 Lowering Springs ensures a comfortable, yet sporty ride.
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The 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Sedan & Hatchback is a great looking car inside and out, but here at CorkSport we think a bit more “low” only makes the Koda design that much better.

The team at CorkSport Mazda Performance has a solution with our Version2 Sport Lowering Springs for the 3rd Generation Mazda 3. The lowering springs were designed with the enthusiast in mind by providing a spirited and comfortable ride with a 1.75 inch Front Drop and 1.75 inch Rear Drop. Spring rates were increased 52% & 77% over OE, respectively.

Shown Vehicle Setup: 2018 Mazda GT 2.5L MT – Enkei GTC02 18x9.5+40 with 255/40 Falken RT510 with 2.8deg negative camber


The CorkSport Advantage


Performance Handling:

The CorkSport lowering springs improve your Mazda 3’s cornering ability by lowering its center of gravity and stiffening the suspension. This reduces body roll in hard cornering which gives you confidence to enjoy the backroad.


Style & Comfort:

1.75 inch drop in the front and a 1.75 inch drop in the rear provide exactly what the Mazda 3 needs to stand out from the crowd. We accomplished the new lower height without compromising daily driving comfort. While it may sound like a lot, the 52% stiffer front springs and 77% stiffer rear springs ride great due to the optimized natural frequency of the CorkSport Springs.


Design, Testing, & Validation:

We tested a number of spring rates and lowering heights to determine the best suspension setup for your 3rd Gen Mazda 3. The natural frequency of the suspension with the different setups was also analyzed to optimize ride quality and handling. The final setup of 3.8K front springs and 6.5K rear springs are fantastic whether you just want the look or are all about handling.


Fitment & Usability:

As with all CS lowering springs, these are an easy install directly onto the OEM suspension components. The only modification is trimming the bump stops to make up for the decreased suspension travel. You may notice a slight rake to the ride height. This is to ensure the car sits level when loaded with passengers!

3rd gen mazda 3 springs

Materials & Manufacturing:

The springs are manufactured from high tensile strength spring steel to ensure long-lasting quality and consistent performance. In addition, the springs have a CorkSport blue powdercoating to ensure durability and rust protection.

advisory notice
  • Performance aftermarket struts & dampers are suggested for optimal performance.
  • Aftermarket front camber plates and rear camber arms are suggested for optimal performance and vehicle suspension setup.
  • Vehicle alignment and camber/toe must checked and adjusted after lowering springs are installed.

Additional Features

  • Vehicle Fitment: 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Sedan & Hatchback.
  • Designed & Developed in America: Designed, tested, and validated in Vancouver, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest.
  • CorkSport Service & Support: Receive a 2 year warranty, full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support at(360) 260-2675.

How To Install 2014-2018 Mazda 3 Performance Lowering Springs

It will take you 3 hours to install the CorkSport Mazda 3 Lowering Springs with our instructions.

3 Hour Install Time

2 Hour Install Time

Difficulty: 3/5

2/5 Difficulty

2-Year Warranty

2-Year Warranty



2014 to 2018 how to installation instructions for lowering springs for the Mazda 3

*** Update ***

Added CS Rear Sway Bar and Front Strut Mount and it raised car about 1/2 an inch. Must haves if doing suspension. Stock the chassis flexes and bends under compression. Bounces like a pogo stick. I thought it was the springs at first, but it's the flimsy chassis.
Insane drop in ride height.
2016, Mazda 3, iTouring Sedan, w stock 16" OEM wheels

Completely eliminated all wheel gap
Front - about 2.5"
Rear - about 3.0"

Paired w Koni Special Active (orange) shocks & struts

- eliminated 90% of bounce in suspension
- eliminated car lurching back/forward w hard acceleration
- increased acceleration and easier-to-maintain high speed

- only con the occasional scrap, only has about 6" of clearance from the pumper
I had these on my 2018 for almost 30,000 miles before switching to the corksport coilovers for further adjustment options. The lowering springs are a fantastic option for street and back road driving that don't sacrifice comfort in pursuit of a sporty look and feel. Combined with the rear sway bar the car transforms into something way more fun to rip around back roads or an autocross course.
I've had the springs on my car for a little over a year now, roughly 15k miles since install, and I couldn't be happier.
The drop gives the car a nice fresh, aggressive stance but is not so low that you scrape.
They give a good boost to handling performance without greatly sacrificing ride comfort. The perfect spring for a sportier daily driven car, and paired up with a solid set of shocks/struts is a night and day difference. 10/10
I highly recommend these springs. They improve the handling drastically. The fitment on the front is perfect I can not fit a finger. The only downside is I would have liked the the rear to be a little lower. It still looks and feels amazing though!
Purchased these for my 2017 Mazda 3 hatch and the installation instructions were easy to follow and everything looks great, makes some clunking sounds over bumps but I assume that’s just because I still have the rest of my suspension stock and the shocks probably don’t like that.
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It says it will drop your car 1.75 inch but that is with 18 inch wheels on, will it have the same drop with 16 inch wheels on?

Asked by Cameron | 05/05/2023, 11:46 AM | 1 answer(s)

Are these progressive or linear springs ?

Asked by Brent  | 03/16/2023, 05:53 AM | 1 answer(s)
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Headlight adjustment may be necessary with the installation of the springs to give better road visibility. For non-adaptive headlights you can manually adjust them. For adaptive headlights we offer an adjustable link available Here


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