Welcome to the brand new CorkSport blog!

The place for up-to-date news and information about all things CorkSport!

CorkSport was founded in early 1998 in Portland Oregon. Mazda performance was almost non-existant except for the Miata and RX-7’s back then. Our original aim was to serve the Mazda brand and offer performance products and support for all Mazda powered vehicles.

We developed a Mazda specialty website and marketed our products throughout North America. Our product line expanded as the market grew and we quickly launched our own brand of products. We continue to strive to be the best resource for Mazda performance for all Mazda powered cars.

We live and breath Mazda’s here, and we know you do too.

There’s a few Mazda’s that were made that we have not owned. However, you can bet we’ve spent plenty of time working on them all!

We’re in it because we love Mazda’s!

What is the Mazda and Mazdaspeed blog about?
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What is the Mazda and Mazdaspeed blog about?
This is the new Mazdaspeed and Mazda blog from CorkSport. GLCs to Mazdaspeeds, we talk about it all here in the blog.
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