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Mx5/Miata Tower Brace for 2006-2015

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The one piece Mx5 front strut bar helps increase the stiffness of your chassis by tying load points together. The reduction in chassis flex during hard cornering results in improved handling and steering response for your NC Miata.

CorkSport strut bars are a great value. The quality is comparable to those from Mazdaspeed and Cusco but around 1/2 the cost. This strut bar is built from T6061 aluminum and polished to a high luster. Each bar is TIG welded for strength in construction.

As is the case with nearly all CorkSport brand parts, this strut bar comes with installation instructions for the Do-It-Yourselfer and any necessary additional hardware to complete installation quickly.

We recommend this front strut bar for anyone from the slight performance enthusiast to the hardcore track-day racer looking toimprove the lap times of an already great car.

If you have the Factory Sound Enhancer on your Miata the CorkSport Front Strut Bar could interfere and removal of the sound enhancer may be required.

Optional brackets are available for cars without a factory strut bar which are pictured in the product listing.

WARNING: If your car has been in an accident, even a minor one, the installation of this part could be difficult.

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