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Mazda 2 Strut / Spring Combo Set

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Improve the ride and handling of your Mazda 2 with CorkSport Adjustable Struts and Shocks. The CorkSport Mazda 2 Struts and Shocks are 15 way adjustable allowing you to customize your ride to your driving style and limit body roll to make your car more predictable and stable even without the addition of lowering springs. CorkSport Shocks and Struts change both rebound and compression damping simultaneously for a greatly improved ride quality. The variable tuning range makes it possible to use for daily driving, Track days, and auto-crossing.

Give your car the performance appearance and edge you have been looking for with the CorkSport Lowering Springs. By reducing ride height approximately 1.5" in the front and 2.0" in the rear, adding the CorkSport Lowering Springs to your Mazda 2 will result in a much better experience in daily and spirited driving. With the CorkSport lowering springs your Mazda 2 will gain much better turn-in, quicker transitioning, and a much better look all while maintaining a much improved ride.

Derick Ambrose Racing the CorkSport B-Spec Mazda 2: Racing the CorkSport Mazda 2 on the Adjustable Struts and Shocks.

Live testing on the track at the Portland International Raceway.

For More information and installation instructions on each product visit their page directly.

I was looking to get the car lower without sacrificing ride quality because I drive a pretty rough highway to work. Glad to find out the car rides even better.

and the adjustments are easy enough to get to.

couldn't be happier.
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