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99-03 Protege Aluminum Radiator *Clearance*

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Need to replace the radiator in your 1999-2003 Protege? Look no further than the CorkSport Aluminum Radiator. The Protege Radiator fits 1999-2003 1.8 FP and 2.0 FS powered models including the MP3 and Protege 5.

Note:We only have cosmetic blemish radiator left in stock. They function fine but may have some bent fins, etc. Also note the fan mounting tabs will not line up requiring you to use aftermarket electric fans.

The CorkSport Mazda Protege Radiator bolts into the stock location with the stock Mazda parts including the cooling fans. The CorkSport radiator includes tig welded aluminum end tanks and high capacity 52mm thick core. This is a great upgrade over the stock 16mm thick core with increased heat capacity and cooling surface area.This radiator requires a type S cap style cap.

The radiator can also be fitted to a Mazdaspeed Protege if equipped with non-turbo cooling fans, radiator brackets, and the car does not use the factory intercooler. If you have any questions about fitment in a Mazdaspeed Protege please contact us before ordering.

**This radiator will not work with the stock fan, an electric auxiliary fan is required. **

This radiator comes with detailed installation instructions.

This radiator did not fit in my msp and this company continued to blame the problem on me and will not return the product. This company should not be trusted and has terrible customer service

CorkSport Reply: I'm sorry to see that the radiator did not work, I would love to talk to you about solving this issue and your experience if you want. Call me at 360-260-2675 extension 105, my name is Spencer.
I saw in your previous post that you would have to replace the fans. What type of fans would work as a replacement? I dont see any on here.

CorkSport Reply: Any 10 inch slimline fans from flexalight or Spal should work great.
Hello, I would like to know if this radiator would fit a 03 Protege5 A/T with A/C? With stock fans?

CorkSport Reply >>> The radiator does not have the automatic transmission cooler built in so you would have to install an external cooler for the transmission.
Hi, I am writing to you because I need to replace my radiator on my Mazdaspeed protege. Would I need to replace my fans? >>CorkSport Reply >> You would need to change the fans for the installation of the radiator into a Mazdaspeed Protege.
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What Is the optional radiator brackets about? I would like to know the difference between having optional radiator brackets and without .

Asked by No Name | 10/19/2015, 04:41 PM | 1 answer(s)

I need to change the radiator on my protege5 standard 2.0l. would I need to change my fans to get this part?

Asked by Gideon | 04/28/2015, 06:34 AM | 1 answer(s)

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