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2016+ Mazda Mx5 Miata Swaybar Package

Price: $459.98
Price in points:  What are Points? 460 points

Track tested and racer approved, the CorkSport MX-5 Miata Front and Rear Swaybar Kit is a great compliment to the daily driver and the track rat. Get your body roll under control with the CorkSport 3-Way Adjustable Front and Rear Swaybars. Watch us test the Mazda MX5 Miata with the swaybars installed at Portland International Raceway. #ZoomZoom!

The swaybar kit is priced at 10% off.

Made a huge difference! Major stiffness now in cornering compared to stock, chose the middle position for both and may tweak in future if under/oversteer crops up. It is like driving in a slot car.
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