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1993-1996 Mx6/626/Ford Probe Stainless Braided Brakelines

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Stainless brakelines for your Rx7
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CorkSport brand brake lines offer a host of features and benefits. All of our brake lines are built to MVSS-1006 specifications (DOT certified). Each set is built specifically for your Mx6/626/Ford Probe.

Constructed from Teflon hose and covered with braided stainless steel, these brake lines limit volumetric expansion thus minimizing or eliminating 'mushy brakes' compared to the OEM rubber lines. These highly efficient brake lines allow you to brake deeper into the corner and get onto the accelerator faster. You'll immediately notice improved pedal feel.So now that you're interested, let us look at the features of the CorkSport brake lines:

  • Zinc coated fittings ensure resistance to corrosion from moisture and road debris..
  • Stainless steel braided lines using hose lined with PTFE, making it compatible with all brake line fluids on the market today
  • All lines have a durable clear coating to protect the stainless braid from dirt. The surface simply wipes clean for easy maintence..
  • The line assemblies are DOT whip tested as well as pressure tested to 3500psi.
  • CorkSport brakelines feature full color installation instructions, all of the needed installation hardware, and knowledgeable telephone installation support. We sell the lines in a set of 4 with the replacement copper crush washers. Installation of the brake lines takes ~2 hours with basic hand tools.

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